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  1. I got my answer from neowin in 5 mins. Vantec top of the line cooling pad.
  2. the inspiron is a dell Laptop. your talking about a PC the inspiron is a dell Laptop. your talking about a PC
  3. How does one slipstream the latest updates to office 2003? security update for powerpoint 2003 kb916518 security update for word 2003 kb917334 security update for office 2003 kb917151 security update for office 2003 kb914455 security update for excel kb918419 security update for Outlook 2003 kb913807 security update for powerpoint 2003 kb916518
  4. COOLING fan for dell 15.4 inspiron 1505/6400
  5. Have you seen a Card Read + External 2.5' Hard drive combo? That looks like an Ipod Photo.
  6. Actual quality is 100X better. YouTube.com degrades the quality.
  7. you can use installshield to remove those components that you dont want. remember to first slipstream Adobe Acrobat 7.07 before you edit the msi with installshield. all those components can be removed using Installshield 11.5. You can download a trial version google for it. good luck to you.
  8. Nice answer to the question, SmartAss Edit: Added SmartAss
  9. amd will be releasing their quad core next year. yahoo!!! quad core... got to love it.
  10. its been done before use the search function on how to do it.
  11. please add smartstart to the package. very useful for audio conversion.
  12. can u please detail how u made this installer?
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