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  1. how are you looking fo rthe shares? i mean if you do; start | run \\<server ip address>\<share name> does it ask for your username & password? if yes enter as domainname\username then password can you ping the server name in dos as both IP & NetBIOS name? what happens? on both counts
  2. could also remove he second instance of [SystemRestore] DisableSR=1 CreateFirstRunRp=0 for the sake of looking nice and easier to pinpoint future issues should you have them.
  3. i use this with no issues; [NetAdapters] Adapter1=params.Adapter1 [NetClients] MS_MSClient=params.MS_MSClient [NetServices] MS_SERVER=params.MS_SERVER [NetProtocols] MS_TCPIP=params.MS_TCPIP [params.MS_TCPIP] DNS=No UseDomainNameDevolution=No EnableLMHosts=Yes AdapterSections=params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1 DNSSuffixSearchOrder=x.x.x.x [params.MS_TCPIP.Adapter1] SpecificTo=Adapter1 DHCP=No WINS=Yes NetBIOSOptions=0 IPAddress=x.x.x.x SubnetMask=x.x.x.x DNSServerSearchOrder=x.x.x.x,x.x.x.x,x.x.x.x WinsServerList=x.x.x.x DefaultGateway=x.x.x.x DNSDomain=??.co.uk [Proxy] Proxy_Enable=0 Use_Same_Proxy=1 HTTP_Proxy_Server=x.x.x.x:portnumber Proxy_Override=<local> [params.Adapter1] INFID=* Obviously you replace x.x.x.x with your IP Address details. I am only running the 1 NIC. hope it helps
  4. use this thread => http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=40838 it is very good and has worked for since day one. i just update once a month to add the new ones.
  5. thanks for putting this together, however is it just me or does the part1.rar or part2.rar not exist?
  6. this is now known as - not sure what has been updated mind and can't seem to get to the ftp location to acquire - can anybody confirm ftp address please?
  7. i use this with no issues and no google toolbar displayed in IE or shown in Add/Remove programs REG ADD %KEY%50 /VE /D "IrfanView" /f REG ADD %KEY%50 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Apps\IrfanView\iview400_setup.exe /silent /desktop=0 /group=1 /allusers=1 /assoc=1" /f REG ADD %KEY%50 /V 2 /D "%CDROM%\Apps\IrfanView\irfanview_plugins_400_setup.exe /silent" /f
  8. if they do not work, try to get them working under compatibility mode, so the progs think they are running under xp or 98 or whatever. also, i think the software companies website may be able to help
  9. bloody nero buggers, don't even mention anything about the toolbar addition on the download site and i wasn't aware it existed until install. getting a bit to sneaky this people. got the ftp one and no toolbar - thanks for heads-up on that
  10. was gonna say there is a very good knowledge base article on MS site that will tell you have to restore this
  11. is this not similar to another topic you started? in which you mention why did i buy an asus laptop with realtek? if so, i'll follow the other thread, and some people may not appreciate duplication - gets confusing and is a little unnecessary. sorry to moan.
  12. very nice of cluberti to show you what a winnt.sif could potentially look like, not all that is shown may be relevant or of use. You would probably do well to visit http://unattended.msfn.org and follow that through. It has a very good guide to building what you are after accomplishing oh and welcome.
  13. could be that they are not using giga switches for test and the pc's nic cards could be set wrongly as throughput should be a lot more than stated i would do as crahak suggested, get on old pc and use headless.
  14. i have seen a couple of tools written by msfn.org members that will download them all to a location of your choosing. think jcarle wrote one and their is WUD
  15. i used to use winstall le and thought it grabbed way to much stuff. not looked at in long time sorry. acrobat already has an MSI as part of the install, it extracts to %programfiles%\acrobat\reader. this can be modified using the adobe acrobat tuner available to make changes as desired to it
  16. thanks guys. i looked in the download section not he upload section, obvious really! will install and let you know result [edit]well i've installed rebooted and stil msfn.org is full of boxes with red-crosses. will now spend an age working out what caused the issue[/edit] [edit]looks like the issue of red boxes and stuff not being clea, was ZneAlarm. Once i tweaked settings for sitelist it all looks as should[/edit]
  17. sorry super magician i should have sad. I checked xable archive and he doesn't appear to have this one. even a google only trns up the microsoft pages
  18. hi, does anybody have this fix? as my msfn page looks awful with the recross in thousands of boxes on the page. might not fix, but i'm willing to try it as not wanting to do a re-install of everything to work out which tweak/update/app miht otherwise have broken it thank you
  19. and what does the setup.log file say when you look at it? you may want to add ;setupmgrtag as the first line in your winnt.sif, but i don't think that is the issue you are having. in your [unattended] section you have missing unattendedswitch = yes missing you have he section [LicenseFilePrintData] but screen dumps look like xp to me, and this is server specific, so how did you create your winnt.sif file? did you use the deployment files the page directed you to? make sure your winnt.sif is called such and is located in the i386 folder
  20. yes you can, read the unattended.msfn.org website to create your cd as wanted inc sp & hotfixes & apps and when done, boot your pc and if set an autorun to open dos box and type the command line syntax required. highly recommend testing in vmware if poss before running on live pc Also, it would be appreciated if you could use a title slightly more fitting to your question/issue. (it is in the forum rules) oh, and welcome
  21. Does anybody know why you have to install quicktime for itunes to work? All i can see is that they are using as a force to install and use whether you like it or not method.
  22. try doing a /? and see what switches it gives to install. also, i have read that if you extract it is only .net2 with hotfixes and an update file - do a quick search and see what happens
  23. i'm gonna guess Chipset - NVIDIA® NF6100-405 & LAN - Realtek PHY RTL8201CL so i'd visit nvidia and see what they say NF6100-405 is
  24. freedownloadmanager does all that inc scheduling at. i use after this site recommended after i became frustrated with DAP
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