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  1. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Ok completely understood. Virtual shinanigans completely dropped. As to the make and model, well there aren't any physical markings apart from the letters QZD and the manual that came with it says M900-7. The display card type is a Z9S 2D graphic accelerator, with a 800 * 480 LCD (TFT) 7" display. The CPU is an RDC PDX600 800MHZ. There's no more I can really tell other than it appears to have come from china. I'll give the dealers a call and see if they can be any more specific, if you want and that helps. Sorry I've annoyed some of you guys. I must admit I am making a meal of this. I'll have a look into the BIOS after I've walked the dog. Cheers...
  2. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    uploaded the files that came on the cd. The link is http://www.datafilehost.com/download-fa446a06.html
  3. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    There's got to be some solution to this problem! VMware? I am the newbie. Lead and i shall follow
  4. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    ok point taken, but as i say i have successfuly added the hard disk driver with the virtual floppy and setup is still in text mode when it requests this disk...
  5. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    No setup does not crash it just comes up requesting this disk. How do I provide a link to the drivers I integrated with n-lte?
  6. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    ok guys, thanks for all your help so far, but after many hours and five days it's still not happening. DPsbase did add some more mass storage devices to the setup; most notably an ITE IT8xxx ATA RAID controller but mine is and ITE IT8211 ATA ATAPI controller, so I still have to create a virtual disk with grub4dos, which I've successfully done and the setup can now access it. Only trouble is now that setup is asking for a disk labeled RDC D1010 ATA ATAPI Driver Diskette. But a disk label can only be a maximum of 11 chars . Just as an aside, where does setup get this label information from? Anyway, the cd that came with the computer had 3 drivers on, one for the graphics another for the LAN and finally the hard disk driver, so because the hard disk driver worked I assume that the other drivers are also the correct ones, unlike I first thought. Because I'm loading the virtual disk and setup through grub4dos I used method one with DPsBase. At first I tried slipstreaming all the drivers but it came up with a warning that the Oempnpdriverspath entry exceeded the limit of 4096 chars so I just slipstreamed the graphics a, b and c, the lan and massstorage drivers, because the driver disk only had drivers for these three things. Still it didn't work! Finally I tried loading the drivers that came with the computer onto the root of the virtual floppy image, in an attempt to get the setup to realise the corract drivers where available. Still no joy Any help much appreciated and hopefully together we'll crack this nut. I assume this is because this is a very new computer (only got it a week ago). Oh yes also tried integrating the drivers with n-lite but that didn't work either....
  7. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Have supposedly slipstreamed all the driver packs, but noticed it only slipstreamed the massstorage drivers and just copied the other driver packs to the OEM directory, even though in the settings I had selected slipstream all the packages. Is it maybe because previously I had loaded the associated .ini file that came with the massstorage device into (wrongly!) the settings? Also is it the case that maybe I have to uncompress all these driver packs before I slipstream them with DPsBase?
  8. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Right, I assuming I'm doing all this because I was given the wrong driver on the cd that came with the computer. It was, after all, only a copy. Just to be on the safe side I have downloaded all the driver packs with the latest versions. So then, just one final question before I do the penultimate step of integrating all these BTS driverpacks is, what settings file do I load into the DPsBase program? At first, when I had just downloaded the massstorage drivers I tried loading the associated .ini file, but it just still asked for a settings file and reset all the previous settings I had made. Or is it that I don't need to load a settings file and can proceed with the integration of all the driver pack?
  9. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    whats this Massstorage with TXT Mode Enabled? I can only find a massstorage driver on the site
  10. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Ok. figured out the slipstreaming. Thought i'd put it here for easy future reference:
  11. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Could you point me to a reliable source for this DPsBase.exe as I seem to be finding versions with malware in them.
  12. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    cheers there wimb! It appears you are quite right as I managed to map a virtual floppy drive and get setup to recognise and load it, but the setup still crashed. Just a quick question. What do you mean by slipstream? Also am I right in downloading the network version of sp3?
  13. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    tried nlite and integrating drivers into source but still crashed with same problem. It seems I need to look into setting up this virtual floppy. Any help much appreciated
  14. multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy

    Thanks for that, but how do i go about intergrating it into the source? could you point me in the right direction for the required documentation? thanks in advance.
  15. hi there. I have a netbook that needs windows xp reinstalling and to do this i am using multiboot 10. Problem is that i need third party ide drivers to be loaded off a floppy as the setup only looks for drivers on floppy disks. As I haven't got a floppy on the netbook i need to create a virtual floppy with an associated image file. I have found a program called vfd which seems to do the trick but i need to run it and install the image file before i run the setup. I could really do with some advice about what files i need to load up in order to run the vfd program. I am familiar with the old style of dos with its autoexec.bat, config.sys, msdos.sys and io.sys etc but am at a bit of a loss with the nt style of loading and the associated commands that go in the appropriate configuration files. All i need to do is run this vfd program then pop back into the os menu and start up the setup. Any help is much appreciated...