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  1. Hi jaclaz The drive is not showing in the list that disc wipe brings up , the drive however is showing a usb icon at the bottom of my pc . stuck now dont know what to do . cheers spike
  2. Hi I have just purchased a 60 gig 2.5" IDE hdd from ebay , I have put it into my external caddy that I use to keep downloaded films on , it is showing in my computer , I have tried to format it , but it say's it can not format , this is in xp , when I try it on another PC with Windows 7 it shows up in Computer and it says within the box ,” System Reserved” . Has anyone got any idea as to what that means , I have tried to go FILE FORMAT , but it says it can not do . I am still waiting for a reply from the ebay member that sold it to me . Cheers spike
  3. Hi there I am trying to buy something from 2 different sites , but each time I order the screen comes up with , ' this site needs you to enable cookies ' I have gone into tools in IE and then to Privacy and moved the scale down to accept all cookies , but I am still geting the same message from these 2 sites. Anyone have any idea as to what else I can do . it is IE8 I have cheers spike
  4. Hi Thanks for your reply , I have IE8 and reader9 . I am not trying to load Reader , I dont have a problem with reader , it seems that the automatic link that happens when you click the pdf file download on a web page , it useualy opens Reader , then the file , then you save it . cheers spike
  5. Hi I am not sure if I am on the correct forum , excuse me if not , the problem I have is that when I am on a web site and I need to download a pdf file it wont download it will try but nothing happens I have not had a problem in the past . any ideas anyone !! . cheers spike
  6. Hi thnaks for your reply , there isn't a run box in VISTA , well not one like XP , as in start / run, I think I will just bin VISTA and go back to XP !. cheers spike
  7. Hi I am trying to find the same type of folder that I had in XP , the windows explorer , where it would show me all the files and folders in C drive as well as the same when I put a cd in , I can not find anything where it will show all the files and folders in directory like XP does . cheers spike
  8. Hi I want to purchase Word 2007 for my grandaughter for college work , I have done some searches and I can get , Word 2007 OEM Win32, 1pk, EN-059-06762 , quite cheaply , or I can purchase Microsoft Office Standard 2007 through a student purchase . Word on its own will do but I am not sure of the descriptin , ie WIN 32 , she has xp sp2 on her pc , and the office standard version , is there a lot of difference in the full version . any help would be highly appreciated . cheers
  9. Hi guy's I have re-installed XP , and my sound is back so I dont know what the problem was !! . thanks all for your inputs . cheers
  10. Hi Thanks guy's for you replies , will check those out and come back to you . cheers
  11. Hi I have just re-installed xp and drivers for my motherboard , but the problem I have now is that I get sound but it is only low volume and I can not get it to go any higher as anyone any idea as what maybe the problem , it was ok prior to the re-install , all the volume levels are on high . ps: the sound is onboard . cheers
  12. Hi there I have a problem with sorting out the front panel conectors on a imedia 5055 MoBo , it is a Gigabyte MoBo GA-8ISIML ver 1.0 , but it is a version that is not on the Gigabyte site they only have ver 1.1 and above , and the Front panel conectoron the MoBo is not the same . Info from iMedia 5055 web site 1.HDR Blink green 2.HDR Blink yellow 3.FP BUT in 4.GND 5.FPSLP 6.GND 7.Blank 8.IR P 9.Chasis Intrusion 10.HD PWR 11.HAD 12.GND 13.FP Reset 14.+5V 15.IRRX 16.GND 17.IRTX 18.Chasis Intrusion Actual Leads from front Panel 1. HDD Led 2 pins 2. Reset SW 2 pins 3. Power SW 2 pins 4. Power Led 3 pins ( centre pin blank) Can anyone help me as to what Leads go on where ! . ps: the numbers I have put on to help . cheers
  13. Hi there Sorry for been a bit late in replying but been away working , No that did not work , there is two cd-roms and I tried to install from both but it keeps booting to hdd , yes i am pressing the space bar before it says press ant key to boot form cd , but still it wont , I am lost on this one , what I was going to do was take the hdd out and try it in another PC , what do you think . cheers
  14. Hi there I have a couple of problems with my pc software , so I wanted to do clean install of XP , but everytime I start up with the cd in , it just loads up xp mnormaly , the boot sequence is cd first boot , I thought it maybe a problem with my cd but I have tried my brothers XP and it still just boots up into normal windows , the cd-rom does whirll on start up . I have just this morning re-installed a programe so the cd-rom seems to be working ok . cheers
  15. Hi there I dont seem to be able to locate this file on my hard drive , could this be the problem that this file is missing !! . cheers spike
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