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  1. this may seem silly but can't you just make a new XP CD from the corp version and add SP2 to that or maybe a network install folder.
  2. Personnaly the best deployment software you can find is Altiris. It is expensive but personnaly the easiest to deploy hundreds of PC's\servers. you can give it a try for 30 days, it takes a while to setup, but once done there's not alot it won't do.
  3. Tools like Visual Route can help you figure out where in the world they are coming from. online tool Hexillian is usefull for finding out domain information i.e. ISP info, who owns the IP, who to send abuse reports to etc. Or try SamSpade same again just different layout, they also have a tool you can download
  4. It would save the info where you specify. this might help a bit shadow copies
  5. spud

    BETA testing

    I do a few now and then (if they ask nicely )
  6. Microsoft actually have made one, it's one of the power toys for XP, works quite well, adds 4 seperate desktops, very similar to Linux.
  7. Have you installed/uninstalled the adminpak. I had a similar problem once because I had installed the adminpak on 2K and then upgraded to 2K3. try installing the adminpak for 2K3 hopefully it will work failing that try the Group policy managment console.
  8. Have you performed an upgrade on the router? have you tried resetting the router back to factory settings?
  9. What's Up gold from Ipswitch is quite good. Big Brother from Quest Software is ok as well I believe there is a product called nagios (open source so it's free)
  10. spud


    Just a quick question In AD are the computers in the default Computers or have you moved them over to an OU. The only reason i ask is because we had a similar prob as soon as we moved the comps to an OU the updates started to work..
  11. im not 100% sure but I thought sysprep will only work on identical hardware, or at least only maybe different ram installed. have you tried adding all the drivers etc to the setup ::EDIT:: Do you have any USB devices?? I just had a look around alot of people seem to put the mup.sys problem down to USB Devices, try taking it out or check it is on the HCL (Hardware compatability List) at microsoft.
  12. if you want Enterprise this is one of the best but expensive Sophos Symantec make one that's OK but no trial version that i can find.
  13. try this linkN-Lite I have used this before, you can remove everything you don't need..
  14. Shouldn't be (allways a possibility) but normally more to do with the config. Can you give us more details on your wireless setup, are you using wep? what channel does it run on?, are you using the netgear configuration utility or windows? are you using static IP or DHCP? Please give as much info as poss on everything, cos it's probably just a simple setting somewhere that you have missed.. Just a case of trial and error
  15. I don't have blueyonder or your router, but it just sounds like a bug in the router. I'm assuming you access your router through a web interface, somewhere in there should be a section with firmware upgrade, check your manuel that came with the router. 5.3 is newer than 5.03 so i would try 5.3
  16. I've only got a PC and laptop, the PC runs 2000 server and i setup a domain, mainly for research and practice, but it has made my life alot easier, sharing files between the 2 machines, just the 1 user account between the 2 instead of different ones on each machine. Just depends on personal preference, most of the people I know have 1, doesn't slow anything down, makes life a bit easier and shares are allways there waiting to be used, only 1 machine needs a user being setup... Might as well try it
  17. Try this although it's only free for 30 days Ace Utilities It will clean just about everything you can think of..
  18. I had a similar problem when i first bought my netgear router, the signal just kept dropping for no reason... I checked the netgear site for firmware updates, sure enough there was one and this fixed my problem staight away... First check for any updates. Also when the internet stops working can you still see your network or does the whole lot drop?? are you running DHCP or manuel IP configuration??
  19. Is file and printer sharing enabled on your laptop?? is your network static address or DHCP??
  20. found these but don't know how good they are Network View NetFormX NetViz although doesn't look that good Edit: this is probably more what your looking for good luck Network Notepad
  21. delete all your tempory internet files, clear your history, run a spyware program like spybot or adaware. Hopefully that might help
  22. Try this Any Password there is no spyware and it's pretty good for the size..
  23. sounds like a spyware problem. try useing ad aware or spybot, this should fix
  24. I dont think so. I would still try and convince her to split the drive, if the C drive became corrupt she could loose everything..At least with a C & D there is a chance of saving stuff

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