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  1. whenever i open group policy management, it gives me the following message: (windows cannot find the network path. verify that the network path is correct and the destination computer is not busy or turned off. if windows is still cannot find the network path, contact your network administrator). network is working fine except group policy management. i'm using windows server 2003 as adomain controller for a small network. any idea? thanx in advance
  2. Try Webroot SpySweepr 4.0. It is very good! Microsoft AntiSpyware is very good too.
  3. thank you sonic for the explanation ... is it possible to explain (UDP it's a "stream" packet ... the information is send and it doesn't wait the answer) more in details? when you said (it doesn't wait the answer), what answer does it wait for and what is the effect if it doesn't? sorry for that ... Thank you
  4. what's the difference between TCP and UDP?
  5. epson POS (point of sale) printer local one connected to LPT1 i have the recent drivers it cannot print any page from any documents or any application or even test pages
  6. hi, i have a printer but it doesn't print. whenever i check the printer status i found it spooling but it doesn't print i changed the settings a hundred times i re-installed the printer a hundred times but did not work any ideas? thanx
  7. thank you andrew. it's a small office actually and we are using it for testing porpuses only. that's why i'm not using a SCSI hard disk. for the volume shadow services, you are right, it is being used but i don't think it is normal that the server get hang with the use of volume shadow copies
  8. hi, i have a windows 2003 server computer wich has 1 hard disk installed with 2 partitions (C and D). whenever someone from the network tries to deletes a file from the shared folders in D drive of the server, the server becomes unstable and hangs. i checked the performance monitor and it shows a high average disk.sec/transfer and a high average disk.sec/write on drive D. what is the problem? please don't tell me the hard disk is damaged or having bad sectors because it is new! thank you all,
  9. hi all, I have photos for all our items (jpg format). Each jpg file is named according to its code. We have a database in excel format for the available quantities in the warehouse (generated by our inventory software). Do you know a software that I can use to distribute the items in the warehouse to 4 different stores by importing the jpg pictures in the computer and the quantities of the warehouse in the excel file? i'm looking for a simple and cheap software. thank you for your help
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