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  1. Here's my billboard, a picture of me (I'm so selfish) The step text has been removed, and the step pictures are transparent. Billboard info is also empty. winntbbu.rar
  2. I have approximately doubled the width in the new build, so that shouldn't be an issue.
  3. I am working on a fix right now. I would imagine a "dirty" way to do it would be, to include the path of the regfiles. A fix will be done soon so just stay tuned
  4. A really effective protection is to implement it in the functionality. I saw that Godfather the game had some issues when it was cracked. You were unable to get out of a car and so on, but it's only a matter of time before someone breaks the protection, if the software is of good quality, you will sell it without a doubt.
  5. It's seperate. I've made autoit scripts for the bricopacks, but here goes anyway: [Main] Name=BricoPacks Vista Inspirat Default=False [Commands] Command1=shellpacks/vista-inspirat.exe Param1=False
  6. UPDATE Made a lot of changes, and here it is mazin. WiX has been born (Windows Installations Executor) Download here
  7. You could become an eminent GIMP dude, GIMP does a lot of the things photoshop does, it's just much harder to work with imo. Photoshop 7 does almost the same as CS and CS2, so you could find a good deal on ebay or amazon.
  8. You could also make a shareware version with less functionality compiled into it, so by letting the users by it, they get the full version. In that way they can't crack it, since it quite hard to add functionality to binary code.
  9. WolfX2 got me to type with my nose :;po I used my tounge to hold down shift
  10. I am currently on vacation, but I am glad that you liked my app. The next version is to come around 8th/9th of august, and it will feature the following (it's almost done but I don't have a computer with development tools to finish/compile it while i'm on vacation): - Multiple commands per item, including pre- and postinstallation scripts - An INICreator for the app, so that it´s easy for y'all to create the installation scripts and so on - One big pile of colorthemes Currently in early alphastage is real skinning support as in eg. trillian or winamp. In the upcoming version the inis will approximately look like this: [Main] Name: string Default: boolean [Commands] Command#: string Param#: string * where you replace the # with an integer, starting from 0 (all this will be made as easy as click and write with the ini editor) So mazin, wait about a month and you'll get a much improved app, with actual functionality.
  11. Updated: Download site - no longer Rapidshare.
  12. Added a new download link, updated some features, fixed some bugs and added a screenshot. Enjoy!
  13. Mirror added thanks to ZcWorld: http://files.filefront.com/rdj_installatio...;/fileinfo.html
  14. WiX one beta released:) Download here Updates since last: - Added multiple commands per item - Added a bunch of colorthemes - Made an ini editor (not done) - Added pre and postinstall scripts Features: - Colorthemes, which are easily customized (Two are included) - Unattended install with timer or without - Easy to use INI files to write commands and params in - Very memoryefficient - Very easy to manage application installs (You just have to dump the inifiles in the inifolder and voila!) - Includes an ini editor Screenshot: There are three types of INI files in this system: 1) The main.ini 2) An application ini 3) A colortheme ini The main.ini is where following information is stored: [Main] (section name) Title (Windows title) SkinDir (Directory of which the colortheme ini's (skins) are in.) DefaultSkin (Default skin, (specify only filename, not full path)) DefaultInstallDelay (The amount of seconds the program will wait before it install the default package) ExitOnComplete (True/False - if true the application will exit after the installation process, if false it will not) An application ini has the following form: [Main] (section name) Name (The name of the application to be installed i.e the name which is viewable by the user) Default (True/False - sets the default flag) [Commands] Command# (The command to execute) Param# (The parameters) //replace # with a number starting with 1 The colorthemes you can figure out for yourself, they are fairly simple.
  15. Hey, I made this lightweight password generator for common use. Updated download link. Download here Enjoy

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