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  1. For anyone interested, I've compiled a page full of screenshots from IE7 5296 Beta 2 Public Preview that was released today http://digitalfive.org/content/internet-ex...-available.html
  2. Flip 3D in Build 5270

    This is so old it isnt funny.
  3. I'm currently running a file/print server on my computer as well as a virtual machine setup that I use for running live demos of stuff for my school. This is all running on my main computer, which is the following specs: 2.67GHz P4 CPU 1GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM 80GB 7200 RPM HDD ASUS P4S800 Mobo nVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 8x DVD-/+RW Burner Now currently I'm running Windows Server 2003 on this machine, but I'm wondering which is the better choice, Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Professional. My machine acts like a server for the rest of my network while it is also my main every day machine so Im not too sure what to do.
  4. I've tried the AutoRun fixer from Microsoft, and everything, and no matter what I do I can't seem to fix this problem. If I put a CD in the CD-RW drive, Windows will not see it until I open up My Computer. If the CD has AutoRun, the autorun will not be played until I go to My Computer. It doesnt see the CD at all until I open my computer. Even the XP Auto-Run prompt for non-autorun CDs doesnt work. The odder part being that it works fine under Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Longhorn 4074 and 5048. Ive tried uninstalling the CD-RW drive from device manager, changing the autorun settings, checking the autorun entries in the registry, everything is fine, it just **** well dont work
  5. [Desktops] 2005

    Here's mine. OS: Server 2003 VS: gfxOasis for WindowBlinds Wall: "First of its Kind" by Florian Freundt
  6. Hi there, I'm running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition on my main computer which acts both as a server (file, print, web, ftp, multimedia, etc), and also I use it as my workstation (coding, programming, talking to people on MSN, web browsing, music, etc), and its held up pretty darn well. Now I have a laptop, 2 Windows XP clients and a Windows 2000 client.. and I was wondering if I should set up a domain or not? My current config is network shares set up for each user on the clients, same username and passwords as what are on the server, etc. Should I think about setting up a domain now?? Would it have any performance hit on the main system? thanks in advance
  7. 4074 explorer.exe High Processor Usage

    BOFH's leakfix just pushes the memory leak into Virtual Memory (page file).. you can see this by enabling the VM size column in Task Manager.. sooner or later itll eat CPU percentage. Minimizing the sidebar does nothing, you need to turn it completely off, and then run the explorer fixes and follow the guide at http://www.nextl3vel.net/Chris123NT/4074/LHGuide.html
  8. XP Service Pack 2 IS OUT!

    Not as far as we know, it just hasn't RTMed yet, it will do so on the 5th, RTW is the 10th I believe.
  9. Hello

    Hello everyone, I'm Nighthawk. You may or may not know me from the various Longhorn tweak guides from Next L3vel.net. My specialty is Longhorn of course, I'm addicted to Avalon and XAML. Registered here almost a year ago but never really posted much...
  10. Slip Stream SP4 vs big disk support?

    I agree with the posts above, recommend to her to split the drive into two or more partitions, C:\ could be 100GB perhaps and the other one ~56.5GB (due to the whole formatted capacity thing you mightn't get the full 160GB), and then install Windows 2000 with a SP4 slipstreamed CD. Probably the safest and easiest way. Also, if using a 2000 SP4 CD you will not have to make a reg. change after installation when using 1 big 160GB partition. Hope this information helps
  11. XP Wallpaper

    Not sure, although I believe there may be a setting for it. Don't have a Server 2003 PC at my disposal at the moment. Good luck
  12. Plex Reloaded for 4074

    Tired of Slate or Jade? That grey taskbar and sidebar starting to bore you? No problemo. Plex Reloaded Visual Style & Patch for Microsoft Windows Code-Name Longhorn Build 4074 This document was written by Nighthawk and was last modified on Sunday, July 25, 2004. This visual style & patch was created by Nighthawk. Are you a fan of Longhorn before the “Slate” visual style was introduced, when everything was nice and blue? Well, now you can give Longhorn 4074 a blast from the past! I have made a close recreation of Plex for this build. It’s not exact due to the way things are coded, but its close enough. Included in the downloadable package are: • Longhorn/Plex M3 “Swish” Wallpaper • Visual Style • Imageres.dll (Used for the sidebar & new taskbar) Download: Plex Reloaded 1.0 Plex Reloaded thread Installation Installing the Wallpaper & Visual Style are fairly easy.. 1. Download the package at the top of this page and extract it to any location of your choice. 2. Navigate your way to the folder you extracted the files to. 3. Copy the “Plex Reloaded” folder to %SYSTEMROOT%\Resources\Themes 4. Copy the Wallpaper (BlissM3.JPG) to %SYSTEMROOT%\Web\Wallpaper If you want to also skin the new taskbar and sidebar, you will need to do the following: 1. Browse to %SYSTEMROOT%\i386 2. Delete or Rename “imageres.dll” 3. Browse to %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 4. Rename “imageres.dll” to “imageres-slate.dll” 5. Extract the “imageres.dll” file from the downloadable package and place it in %SYSTEMROOT%\System32 6. Open Task Manager (Start, Run, Taskmgr.exe). End all Explorer.exe processes. 7. In task manager, go to File, New Task. Type Explorer.exe in and press OK. Your new style taskbar & sidebar should now match the theme. NOTE: If you want to switch to Jade or Slate down the road, you will need to rename the Plex Reloaded imageres.dll to imageres-plex.dll and rename imageres-slate.dll back to imageres.dll, and then restart explorer. Screenshot: Hope you enjoy it. Keep an eye on the thread on Next L3vel, as I may post updates in that thread.
  13. I wrote an article yesterday while I was working and thought I'd share it with you guys You can read the rest here: http://www.nextl3vel.net/forum/showtopic_8339.html Enjoy
  14. Memory Leakage

    For 4074: If you launch folder windows in a seperate process and use the recent fix that Chris123NT and I have created (read the Longhorn tweak guide), explorer will not leak much and stays below 110MB for both VRAM and RAM.
  15. Having trouble burning Longhorn 4074

    Use UltraISO to remove the "Support", "ValueAdd", and "Docs" folders from the ISO and overburn with Nero.