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  1. I too need to access the registry but from a dead pc... I have put the hdd into another machine and can access all the data, but i cannot find "load hive" in the registry menu? Cheers
  2. Hi ppl... Have come across a problem that wasn't apparent until now... When we first upgraded our PC's to Xp, we had a XP Corporate Edition CD which we used on all the existing PCs and the some newer ones. Since then everything was fine and has been for ages. Some of out machines are stand-alone as they are controllers for Industrial machines, and cannot risk the machines crashing or getting hijacked by a virus etc. But recently we have had our IT upgraded and now have these machines networked but behind a hardware firewall, and via a software firewall on a new Terminal server. Basically, we can connect to the terminal server and use our software to program the machines the other side of the firewall. This means NONE of the pcs behing the HW+SW firewall can access the internet, and only designated machines can conect to the TS. But it has now come to my attention, that all the office machines and the 2k servers all are upgrading the auto updates ok, but the brand new machines that have been supplied with XP pro SP2 will not run our software to control the machines, so we currently have our new pc's collecting dust. The question is: All the current machines we have cannot connect to the internet 24-7. We dont use the internet much, so we dial-up as and when. Any updates i download at home on my broadband and bung on my server for the network to update from (SUS). Since the only XP cd supplied with the pc's is a Pro disk with SP2, and the only disc i have is an XP Pro CD, is there any way to stop the new machines connecting to the internet for authentication? as i havent got time to re-load all the PC's and take them home to activate them, and upgrade them?! And the supplier of the original PC's does not have the CD that was used on the old pc's Thanks
  3. Hello people... I have come across an issue and need some help. I am writing a WEB site which uses frames, which i personaly like because of ease of use. However, i have been told that to get a better placement on search engines i should move away from frames and re-write every page - which i dont really want to do. Is there a way to link all the framed pages so that if you click a link from a search engine, the whole site will work? i.e the frameset is loaded? If not, what would be the best way of getting around this? Many thanks. Mad
  4. We need more members ! This is for a good cause, so Join the group and do your bit to help!
  5. Hi everyone... I am looking into setting up a shoutcast server, but dont really know much about it. I know the basics and how to connect but what do i need to make my own? i am already running a web server and would like to install some kind of shoutcast server. But this is where i am stuck... Is there a minimum spec for shoutcast to run on? do i need a licence? is shoutcast free? and is it easy to setup? lots of q's... Cheers in advance !!
  6. Add some code into your 1st page which will open a new window with your background tunes playing, then all you need in this window is a "music off" button for people looking at your site if they want to turn the sound off... Like a mini JukeBox!
  7. The only way to do this is with either PCanywhere, or VNC. But you will need to install a copy onto both machines. Why cant you plug a screen into the server??
  8. In the routers config, firstly, can you password the config page? 2ndly loom for the port redirection table. You should be able to configure the router to use a different port - other than 80 which is the web site. Then set it to 82 for example. so when the port redirection is setup, anyone looking at the router address can be redirected to a web server. Then to access the router via your web browser, type in the ip address followed by ":82" if 82 was the configured port number. Hope this helps.
  9. If we compile this.... .... does it turn into XP ???
  10. Have you been made an offer from her? As for an hourly rate... it seems a good idea except that if she charges a flat rate, and its a longer job than expected, then you may end up charging more than the price already paid... So i can see 2 options. Either she changes the pricing to her customers to an hourly fee, or you have to take a percentage. - after all you are the customer contact and if you charge too much, then she wont be able to give you the work... But dont forget that she is paying for both your time, your expenses, and your expertise...
  11. I am in the uk and use Freeola. I have been using them for about 5 years, and have never had a problem. except when i setup my broadband router, but they talked me through it... Once i had all the settings correct, it has been fine. However, i am now moving and have found out that because the broadband isn't actually supplied by Freeola, when i move i have to disconnect my b/band and then pay an actvation charge all over again !!! Bit annoying but i can live with that, cos there service is excellent. May even upgrade the speed when i reconnect as the prices have just changed!!!
  12. ok... downloaded the console version... Installed ok... setup... selected run as service (i think) then restarted pc... But i cant see the service or program running in task manager... Help please? and how long does a unit take roughly
  13. And why not.... Joined ! Running the text console version... but not 100% sure if its running correctly... !
  14. I have 2 servers, one running SUS still which is fine and all the client can see and use it, and the other running WUS. The domain with WUS i have downloaded the WUS policy... MS Admin Policy for more info try: SUSserver.com hope this helps....
  15. ah... Will this work with Bionic?

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