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  1. guys, i got 2 pc's(dell,hp) and 1 notebook(hp). They got different drivers offcourse. Is it possible to creat 1 unatended install for them with the right drivers????
  2. is there a way to put more than 1 regional setting in a unattend file? thank you.
  3. anyone know where shadow copies writes its information? f.i., if i enable s.c. on a d-partition, will the info of the changes made to the d-partition be written to the c-partition or also to the d.
  4. Puff, this is heavy stuff. I am just doing unattend for a few days now ; trying to unattend server 2003 with a slipstreamed sp1. But having a lot of trubbles; also with the diskpart. i just don't know how to use it. tried reading a lot but í don't get it working. what i would like to do is - when staring the unattend- 2 partitions are created; a c with the installation from 9 giga; and a d that should use the rest of the available memory. Both partitions should be dynamic volumes. Because i am using different sized harddisks, the d partition can be for 1 server 9 giga and for a other server 21 giga. Also, the cdrom should be given the Z Hope someone can help me; i am stuck and totally blacked-out.
  5. someone now how i can make maps with grouprights using unattend? The server should install the os and after that also add some shared maps with specific rights to a partition. Thank you.

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