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  1. I use Motorola Mobile Phone Tools with my cell phone to work with the phone book, calendar, graphics, ringers, and videos. To copy/synchronize between the phone and the PC. It seems that using a USBSER.SYS file newer than the 8/8/2000 version causes problems for MPT communicating with the phone. I am using WinXP Pro w/SP2 and all of the latest windows updates applied. When I replace the file with the old version, it will be ok for a while, but then the new one comes back without warning. I am assuming due to SFC? I have replaced the file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers and C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache in normal and "safe" mode. How can I keep this ONE file from being "updated" back to the version dated 2004? Can I modify the INF file that is used to install my phone via usb cable as a "Motorola USB Modem" so that it copies this older USBSER.SYS onto the system when installing the device? or is there some other way?
  2. Ok, found a way around the problem I thought is related to the pop-up blocker... Click on the "Tools" menu Select "Internet Options" Click on "Security" tab Click on "Custom Level" Find the setting that says "Automatic Prompting for File Downloads" and uncheck it or Enable it, depending on your browser version Apply changes and Hit OK because of this, I guess its not the pop-up blocker doing it, but rather different IE security settings vs XP w/SP1??
  3. Thankyou for that pointer.... Turns out HKCR\lnkfile was missing the IsShortCut value!! So adding that, fixed it. Now it works as expected. That just leaves the pop-up blocker issue.
  4. I have created am Unattended CD Slipstreamed with SP2 per the guide here, and also inclued RyanVM's Windows XP SP2 Update Pack. The install went fine. No errors, everything seems to be there. Now I seem to have a couple of problems with Windows.... 1. The overlay for short cuts is missing. i.e. no little arrow in the lower left corner of the Icon indicating its a short cut. Using TweakUI 2.1 (supposed to work for XP SP1 and higher), No matter what I select as an option, the icons that are shortcuts do not change. 2. Even with IE's built in pop-up blocker disabled, it blocks pop-ups. Since one of the sites I use does use pop-ups for things, I can see they are blocked and a I hear a sound play. I have gone in and made sure the pop-up blocker in IE is disabled. I even tried enabling it and allowing pop-ups from that site, still doesn't work. Any suggestions on what be the problem or how to fix?
  5. that must be it... I'm using "ProvideDefaults." This also seems to hold true to AreaCode (for phone) as it doesn't come up as what is specified in my WINNT.SIF either. Bummer. But at least I now know its not something I'm doing.
  6. Did you ever figure what was wrong? I have had the same problem. No matter what I've tried, TimeZone never gets set as Eastern Time (US&Canada).
  7. This is a great tool, but I have a question about using it... I dont want to have to burn all my apps to my unattended CD/DVD... Can I use this to call the app installers via UNC path?
  8. Exactly. I followed the MSFN guide, result with adding drivers for all my devices, patches, updates, etc. With no extra apps, it was over 800 meg so when burning, so I just used a DVD instead of CD. Works great!
  9. There are also instructions here.... http://www.jonsguides.com/bluetooth/manual.html that worked with SP2 betas to get the Widcomm drivers installed and working after SP2.
  10. Thanks, But I knew about the KB article (see my first post) and the reg change if the OS was installed then you installed the SP. What I wasn't sure of, and why I posted, was if I slipstream the pack would I still need to make the change (OS was installed with SP applied). Seeing as replies from peachy and spud seemed to indicate that if I installed via slipstreamed SP4, I would not, but as I found trying it you do, I figured I'd post my follow up as to what happend with the slipstreamed disc.
  11. Well, I could not convince her to make two partitions, but since I dont have to support the machine, oh well its up to her. Anyhow... We slipstreamed SP4 into the W2K cd. We still could not make/use a partition that took the full drive right off the bat and she doesn't have Partition Magic or anything to resize it with after. I have it, but I'm not there, just talking over phone. Btw, I was not expecting the 160gig drive (as marked on package) to be 160 gig as reported by the OS as I know about the decimal vs binary as it relates to drive makers and the OS. I was expecting 148 to 152ish as reported by the OS.
  12. If I do slip stream SP4, do I still have to make reg change after installing Win2K?
  13. I suggested one partition for the OS and apps... a 2nd partition for data, but she doesn't want it that way
  14. A friend's hard drive crashed. She went out and purchased a 160gig drive. She is using Windows 2000 and wants to reload the system using the drive as 1 partition only. I know that for greater than 137gig drive support, SP3 or higher is needed. Per the MS KB 305098 article about it, you can apply the SP3 or 4 after Windows is installed and change a reg setting to see the rest of the drive. But since she wants to create the single 160gig partition durring install, I was wondering if I slip stream SP 4 into the Win2K CD, will she be able to use the full drive right off the bat? i.e. if I slip stream SP4 into the W2K CD, can she make 1 partition that takes the entire drive, and install windows to it without having to do anything else? Or is she stuck having to install Windows to a 137gig or less partition, apply the SP and make the reg change? Then resize the partition to the full capacity of the drive with something like Partition Magic? Oh, I should probably mention, we don't want to use any overlay type software to do this.
  15. I was thinking of doing this too... My Primary PC (built on Asus P4P800DLX) uses a VIA raid controller, and my 2nd PC (built on Asus P4PE) uses a Promise raid controller. My 3rd PC (built on Abit BX6 r2) and my Laptop (Thinkpad T23) do not have either raid controller so they do not need either VIA or Promise utility. So on the P4P800 machine I want to install the VIA Raid Tool, and on the P4PE machine I want to install the Promise Array Manager. But on the other two, I don't want anything installed. If WMI is up.. this is a VB script reads the Product Name from the SMBIOS Info and displays it in a message box on the screen... ----------------------------------------------------------- strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _ & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set objWMI_Mboards = objWMIService.ExecQuery _ ("Select * from Win32_BaseBoard") For Each objWMIMboard In objWMI_Mboards Wscript.Echo "Product = " & objWMIMboard.Product next ----------------------------------------------------------- When run after WinXP Pro has been completely installed on ___ message shows ____ Asus P4PE... Product = P4PE Asus P4P800dlx... Product = P4P800 Abit BX6r2... Product = i440BX-W977 (BX6 R2.0) Thinkpad T23.... Product = 2647CU5 (The IBM machinetype/model of the T23 I have is 2647-CU5 and is displayed that way in CMOS Setup and on the serial number sticker on the bottom of the unit). So its a matter of calling the VB Script from a .CMD file, testing for the result, rather than displaying on screen, then running the appropriate apps that need to be installed. But I have to test during an unattended install yet to see if it will run at that point and return the values. Plus I don't really know VB script. (the above script based on scripts and info I found on MS TechNet) But I think I can figure it out enough to do a "If Then/Else" statement.
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