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  1. I kept installing the drivers until it worked...... go figure !!!
  2. I already tried several older drivers......same issue however
  3. I already tried several older drivers......same issue however
  4. Just did a clean install of Win 7 64 bit on my system....everything is working fine except for the sound. The drivers are installed, Dev manager says the device is working properly. But there is NO sound at all... I have checked and rechecked...and yes my speakers are are on, and turned up.....tried plugging headphones in....still no sound. When I try to do a test tone I get the message "No Tone"......I even tried cueing up a song and it showed that it was playing on the monitor in the app and the equalizer was jumping up and down., but NOTHING came out of the speakers.....the speakers are good...I checked them also. I have checked all over Dell's web site (absolutely no help from that angle).. and the Creative Soundblaster site.... I do have the latest drivers. I am really, really stumped.
  5. YUP....and every other key I could think of !
  6. I have a Dell XPS 410 (2 1/2 years old)which is 64 bit compatible. I installed Win 32 Bit on it, but really want to have a 64 bit system. My Problem is, when I follow the directions on how to do a clean install, it never works........and before when I've reinstalled XP, I can change the boot order.....now it does not give me the option to hit ANY "F" keys during boot-up. So it automatically boots from the HD therefore bypassing the DVD/CD drive, making a clean install kinda hard !! I have tapped the F-2, F-12, F-8 keys, Esc, and Ctrl+Alt+Enter, and every other combination you can think of....while rebooting and all it' seems to do is lock up the computer and go no where's. There is no Dell logo that appears as before when it was an XP machine, it starts up right into Win 7. Since all this happened I would love just to put it back as an XP machine.....but since I cannot bootup from cd/dvd drive I have no idea on how to do that..... Any Help would be deeply appreciated Jim
  7. have a WRT54G router.....suddenly today my pages started loading slowly, I called the ISP, they had me bypass the modem and run trace route....all the latency's were 25 and lower and when running strictly off the modem the speed was fantastic. When I reconnect the router the following is what I get Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] © Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Jim>tracert missoula.speedtest.bresnan.net Tracing route to missoula.speedtest.bresnan.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 1 ms 3 ms <1 ms 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 315 ms 303 ms 311 ms host-69-144-26-145.static.bresnan.net [69.144.26 .145] 4 332 ms 379 ms 342 ms mslmtfh1hb7-SO-0-3-0-U0.int.bresnan.net [69.144. 26.69] 5 322 ms 306 ms 295 ms mslmtfh1svspd.int.bresnan.net [] Trace complete. C:\Documents and Settings\Jim> My question is, why are the latencies so high when connecting through the router ?? And what is the fix for it ???
  8. I have a Linksys 4 port WRT54G wireless router,,,, all the ports are full and I need at least two more, I'm sure I need a hub, but how would I connect it to the router and modem ???
  9. HP NX9010 Business Notebook I just bought the following 512MB, 200-pin SODIMM, DDR PC2700 memory module CT650012 * Module Size: 512MB * Package: 200-pin SODIMM * Feature: DDR PC2700 * Specs: DDR PC2700 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR333 • 2.5V Old memory does work in both slots. After installing the new RAM it powered up but would not post.....in other words NOTHING appears on the screen,,,, the hard drive is not accessing....no beeps.....no boot messages.....canot get into setup because the bios is password protected and I do not know the password....the only thing I can do is change the boot order. I am pretty tech savvy, I have built my own computers and worked on them for years....so I DO know how to install RAM. The old 256MB stick still works in the machine. So I tried leaving it there and installing one of the 512 with it....it still only recognizes the 256. I have been all over the internet looking at tech forums and reading FAQ's and I have gotten answers that are completely opposite of each other. One site said that you cannot replace the RAM in this machine you have to have a new MB. Another said that "just stick it in and it will fire right up" , Another said that I have to get into the BIOS and change the settings so it will recognize the RAM upgrade (never heard of that one before) howeverthe BIOS is password protected which brings up a whole new problem, because we have no idea what the password is. Any help ?
  10. Have an external Maxtor hard drive.....never had any problem with it...in fact have not used it in awhile. I plugged the power source into it and the light on the power source pulses....the drive won't spin up. So figuring it was a bad power source I tried another,....same result....then tried another....same result.......this Maxtor has very few hours on it....it's been in a case the whole time so I pulled it out of the case and tried connecting it that way....same problem.....the light on all the power sources just pulse, and the drive does not spin up.... I've rarely used this drive and it was new when I got it. I really need this to spin....my daughter has all her pictures on it, and all her mp3's including pictures of her ultrasound.....somebody please help us !!!
  11. Attempting to control my neighbors computer (with his approval) using Remote Desktop Control. I have used this program to work on computers in Kansas as well as California and my own State of Montana. However for some reason every time I try to attempt to connect to my neighbors computer it times out. I have pinged his computer from mine and it times out, I've pinged mine from his with same outcome. He is has DSL I have a Cable modem. I have ran thru all the FAQ's on the OEM of the program and searched all over the WWW but cannot figure out what is wrong.....I disabled the firewalls and still nothing. I have 2 desktops and two laptops connected thru a wireless Linksys router.....and as I said before I have worked on computers all over the place with no problems.........any help out there ??
  12. Bought another external case.....connected it all up and it formatted just fine.......should of paid heed to my deer departed dad's words of wisdom....when working on ANYTHING electrical in nature always check the easiest, simplest fix first. Thanks for all your replies !!
  13. I have set it to every possible jump.....still no format
  14. Jeeesh forgot one other thing ( my bad) When I originally connected it it did work. I connected it and could see and open all the folders on the hard drive......but when I went to format it I got the "Windows cannot complete format" error. Tried the Fat/Fat32....would not work either...
  15. Took a 60 GB HD out of an older HP and am trying to make it work as an external Hard Drive. Windows is recognizing it....I go to my computer and I see "G" drive.....but whenever I try to format it it goes almost through the whole process then a window pops up that says "Windows cannot complete the format". I have tried this format on three different computers.....no luck. The jumper on the back is set on CS....ANY HELP PUUUHHH LLLLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEE !!!!!

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