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  1. thanks guys, will check them out! Fleming
  2. I keep getting "attacked" with the LovaSan and most recently the LSASS Exploit. It's weird cause it all of a sudden happened, and Kaspersky is telling me it's rejected it, which is great. My question is this: It tells me the IP Address, is there any way i can find out where, or who it's coming from? Because the LoveSan is a mass-mailing virus, i thought maybe i can see if some friends are sending it out. I changed my Kaspersky settings to stealth, and to block the system that sends the virus for 60 minutes, and so far i haven't been hit. My system is up to date, and i have done 2 virus checks, so i seem to be good, I am just trying to see if i can see where it's coming from, with only the IP address. I am sure it just keeps changing itself so it's impossible, but i thought iwould ask. thanks for any help. Fleming
  3. WAMP does install all the necessary things: 1. MySQL 2. Apache 3. PHP
  4. I have a CMS in php, and I am trying to set it up so I can view the site locally. I had setup my MySQL database and everything, but for some reason I keep getting an error that is being referred to something in regards to my root_path. This is what I have at the beginning of every file: // get the document root - for use on include files $root_path=$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; Am I suppose to change what is inside ['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] ? Maybe to localhost ? I am sorry if this is not enough info, but I was able to view some of the content, but every error through out a problem with my root path. Is there something I need to do to make it so I can view these PHP files locally only? Do you require any other info? I had installed my Apache and MySQL by using WAMP. Thanks for any help!

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