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  1. After I signing onto hotmail, I click on the "mail" tab so I can see the mail that I have today. After clicking on it, it just logs me out. I sign in again and do the same thing and logs me out again. I don't know what is wrong. I think there is something wrong with my computer or something. Can someone help me out? What is wrong? How do I solve it? When I log into forums, I reply to topics. After replying it logs me out, and I log back in and post again and logs me back out again. What is happening? How do I solve this problem? Hope you guys can help me solve the two problems.
  2. How do you make certain icons disappear on the task bar on the bottom right hand corner near the clock? Now i got lots of icons on the bottom right hand corner near the clock.
  3. I rather wait for the release of Longhorn instead of installing the alpha or beta one.
  4. There's some minor changes and new stuff in messegner 6.2 They withdrawn it becasue of a bug, but not only that, they added a few more games.
  5. It's good that we have a g-mail member on this forum! We can get updates from him instead of e-mailing them.
  6. Welcome to MSFN! When is the g-mail gonna be in service?
  7. I actaully don't want auto log in for my msn messenger, how do i do that?
  8. Windows messenger sucks, use the msn one.
  9. I can't wait too! When is Gmail gonna be finished?
  10. My oldest computer I own is Windows 3.1. Now it's gone because my dad dumped it away.

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