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  1. look for VPN solution

    I don't have active firewall Can it be done with IPsec Tunnel router?
  2. look for VPN solution

    Hi allen2, I am looking for solution which is related with IPsec VPN (PPTP/L2TP)
  3. Password protection while copy

    Hi, Is there any software can control "Copy, Cut & Paste" , when ever a user try to perform the command of "Copy, Cut & Paste" will require password for permission
  4. Good day, I want to inquire if it is possible that I can connect the LAN's of all my internet cafe branches. They are situated about 100 meters in between. I thought of using LAN wires but city ordinance prohibits attaching LAN wires through city owned posts. That's why the only means might be via the internet. Here are some pertinent specs and conditions existing. Cafe1: 96 Units/windows xp sp3/4 DSL static connections via load balancer/router Cafe2: 80 Units/windows xp sp3/3 DSL static connection via router Cafe3: 120 Units/windows xp sp3/3 DSL static connection via load balancer/router GOAL: My goal is to be able to connect these 3 groups so that players can be able to connect with each other for cooperative games. I am looking for VPN setup for 3 sites I am a cybercafe technician, I would like to setup a huge VPN network for LAN games. Anyone can help me through this?
  5. Multi Boot

    Hi Jaclaz, With your help I had make the multi boot easily. I would like to know if I would like to copy this multi boot to a portable drive, how to make it work? I would like to have this multi boot on external hard drive. how to move the MBR to my external drive?
  6. Multi Boot

    It works perfectly !! Thanks for your help !!
  7. Multi Boot

    Thanks!!! I will try it now
  8. Multi Boot

    Hi there, My Pc is installed Windows XP pro I would like to create an alternative boot option which is "acronis True Image" Which mean, before I enter my Windows XP, there is another option to boot Acronis True Image
  9. Multi Boot

    Hi, anyone have experience to create multi boot for Windows XP professional Acronis Rescue Media can multi boot able to set boot from iso? I am looking for boot from Winxp to enter windows XP or boot from Acronis rescue media to enter recovery mode not creating a bootable CD with windows XP / Acronis
  10. Hi there, I would like to setup a reverse proxy to accelerate YouTube, Facebook speed within my LAN network. can anyone show me some support resource for Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 ?
  11. Web proxy server

    Hi There, I would like to create a Web proxy server which is serving LAN for accelerate Web browsing. I have found Squid & Varnish Anyone can provide more info for Squid & Varnish which is better for Acceleration web browsing for LAN?
  12. Hi there, I bought a host server, and I decided to create a Proxy / tunnel Server Can anyone tell me, what or which software is good for manage this? easy to use, either Microsoft or Open Source Technologies
  13. Data protection

    Can i make all the data that created by my company's PC is encrypted and only can be access from my company PC only? Every File or data that create from this machine will be automated encrypted and only can be Read/Write on this machine which is support the encryption, What ever data that copied to removal storage or email also need this machine to read or write. Any microsoft or 3rd party software can help on this?
  14. Data protection

    is there any application or solution that help on data protect or encrypted file system? so that the data or what ever file only can be accessed on company's computer?
  15. Limit Windows Explorer

    is there anyway or anyhow that can tweak the windows explorer can be limited like 4 programs Windows run at the same time only?? My kiosk pc is on public area, a lots of brainless ppl, Open up to 5-10 program windows making my kiosk crash. any one can help on this? Or is there any how to prevent same program open more then 3 times?