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  1. nLite - Honey Turbo 9.1

    why no update?? Nuhi died or he stopped making nlite and work on new win7lite tool?
  2. it has already been asked for a long time but that would be a lot of work for nuhi
  3. nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession

    Thanks for this new 1.3 nlite now we can test during xmas holidays ^_^ btw use rvm integrator + updatepack then nlite to remove
  4. ASMS recompression bug solved...

    So using ASMS compression is safe with nlite when using an updated SP2 ?
  5. Windows Update installation fails.

    you must enable the cryptographic servce (active it + set on automatic) because windows needs it to apply patches and you must also have Mapi Service and Tools still on your system
  6. Press any key - still doesn´t work !

    Yeah I have a usb keyboard because the ps2 jeyboards arent sold anymore, at least here in my region and even if I use a ps2 adaptaor it doesnt help I needed to grab some 8 year old keyboard to make it work lol
  7. Desktop Cleanup Wizard Compatibility? A Compatibility List?

    well, like he said, to know what compability hides which components useful to some people, like me, so thank you ^_^
  8. Proinstall V2

    I want to do a German translation but what do I have to translate?
  9. [Release] XPize 4.4.2

    thanks for 4.4.2 worked very well with switches on my unattended setup Keep up the good work
  10. Press any key - still doesn´t work !

    doesnt work for me... or wait do I also have to disable the option in the bios : Boot from other devices (it's set on Enabled here)
  11. [Release] XPize 4.2 MCE

    Lol, XPize has its own integrate function built-in... That's what you should use, not nLite. nono I mean that rc6 introduced some kind of bug with my setup and cannot create a new nlited cd atm so no use for xpize
  12. [Release] XPize 4.2 MCE

    Thanks for this new version Xpero Gonna wait until a newer version of nlite is released until I will use it
  13. Howto: Heavy slimmed down XP WITH functionality

    ouch, my cousin has the same and after 1 year now it s not fully healed he told me that doing some exercises helps, but do it only once a week and not too often, and getting a lot of massages (from his gf oO), avoid martial arts or sports where you have to run a lot as this will only damage it more and more well anyway, your problem might be different form his^^ and I wonder how that xp will run gdogg, I guess you will only be limited to do some things or is there really that much junk/uneeded entries in the registry oO?
  14. XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    64 bit not supported for now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hmmm, how is that? do the icons in 64bit files use different offsets?
  15. Howto: Heavy slimmed down XP WITH functionality

    So, if you give yourself a static ip, is it safe to completly remove DHCP & related files ? I mean I have a static ip and disabled DHCP in services, but do some specific games or programs need it ? I havent encountered any problems when doing my everyday stuff on my computer though