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  1. i am totally irritated to use wsim for each time(when any mistakes done in xml i.e., i do most mistakes while doing it ) for my small requirement so i created a small c# app to create and start my Hyper-VM which helps me badly.
  2. posting product keys are not allowed unless it is only the KMS key You can use KMS key from microsoft site https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj612867.aspx after installation you can change it as per your requirement
  3. @octopuss no one knows what is the difference between them only M$ may know why they done it
  4. johnhc if possible provide the unattended xml file of both x86 and x64 so it is easy to get what wrong with them and it is best practice to check with windows system image manager it will show the errors if any at initial stage
  5. as the johnhc said first try to install with normal iso if it shows then build the unattended xml file using windows system image manager available from windows adk
  6. Earlier I tried to service the WIM files in ISO images downloaded using Media Creation Tool but those wim files cant be mounted using DISM so i just used the ISO from MSDN and done my things @octopuss There is a script to convert ESD to ISO try that first Recently I started creating Unattended installation without modifying the ISO and I got succeeded but i just creating the answer file and mounting to VM with another iso all is done with a own C# application with using small open source libraries from codeplex(DiscUtils)
  7. Another useful tool http://www.portableupdate.com/ when comparing to WSUS it is best for downloading new updates while online, but it will only download the updates for current operating system and current updates of MS softwares(like SQL, Office).
  8. @cdob Thanks for providing so much information the way you explained is very useful for everyone. i had did the all above things when the Windows 10 is released but I just stopped to create a single ISO for x86 and x64 because of boot base and SXS folders are not same for both as you said I can create both x86 and x64 seperately, but i just waiting for the thing for the single wim or esd to install for x86 and x64. Recently I started working on the thing to creating Silent Installer for VM's and i am succeeded on that while i am using individual ISO for every type. I wrote small C# code for extracting the iso and making the iso after my changes done. I just waiting for the thing for a single boot base and single SXS folder to implement i dont think it is possible.
  9. i tried to make all windows 10 to a single iso file but i stopped it that the boot base is not same for x86 and x64 still we can try that by just using the boot base of iso(x86 and x64) downloaded using Media Creation Tool of Microsoft but dont know how it works. there are much difference in both boot bases example sxs folder of x86 and x64 are not same we cant install .Net FrameWork using one to another as the same way we cant keep both in a single folder because they both will have same file name.
  10. this thing is working <CommandLine>cmd /c FOR %i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %i:\Settings.cmd Start %i:\Settings.cmd</CommandLine> instead of set CDROM start a batch file from there itself and change the driveletter using wmic in batch so we can assign runonce with that drive letter and it works perfectly if we changed the driveletter using wmic for the same drive where script is there it will work on the same drive letter until next restart
  11. in my practice using wmic is best for changing drive letter according to our requirements
  12. i had not expected that it can store the variable for another instance and is there any RequiresUserInput to be true or false for this ? Edit: Just tested with it is not working variable is losing after instance
  13. i want to make a new type of installation procedure for my work but i got stopped that my work place is allowing me to modify the iso files so i can only do unattended installation and setting by using firstlogoncommands i made some script to do work but everytime my dvddrive wont be with same name I need small help on command line for firstlogoncommands for %i in (c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do if exist %i:\sources\sxs" set CDROM=%i: the above command works but is there any possibility that i can start a batch file from the same line? if it is possible i can do all my work without changing any iso files
  14. if i am right the $OEM$ folder should be in image Root folder not in sources folder a small suggestion if you are running batch script just insert that script in main .cmd file itself dont create multiple batch files unless you need to run more batch process with system restarts
  15. sysprep on windows 10 is not perfect on 10240 build (intial RTM release without any Cumulative Updates) but totally irritated and even cortana is not loading on sysprep windows 10 that that build post the feedback here if it works with new update
  16. as per order in firstlogon commands the first thing you are doing is restart and what is the second command doing just opening run dialog what is the use with it and as the same K-Mart-ian Legend says you cant create administrator account it is already built-in adminstrator
  17. This is used to run on every logon just like startup item [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce]but this is used for run only once on next logon but not every time i never given any command in my answer file i just make a self deletable .cmd file and i use the path of it to run
  18. for me just pinning to start is not sufficient i need to arrange them in groups with specific sizes as per my requirement (mostly so many need only this) but it will irritate us to unpin much pinned tiles by default
  19. one month back i tested PE for first time while booted from PE C:\ is for PE Windows drive and D:\ is for actual C:\ while we booted normally (correct me if i am wrong) if i am right then colin is loading wrong hive
  20. i dont think a 64 bit guest os can be installed in win2K if his requirement is 64 bit of windows 10 it may not work for him but an 32 bit guest os works if it is sufficient to him
  21. i tested it before a month but recently it got updated and i haven't tested with new one post here if it works or not
  22. i never tried to remove packages if really i need to remove packages in future i try the dism method itself
  23. i never made big things using that but until now i never tried anything except this and this helps me much for making my custom batch files

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