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  1. I hate those as well, but never thought of Vomit as an expression but I get the "degeneration" of UI Who that?
  2. I did use SRW I before but an insight on it was that it had more issues being Closed Source and not as updated as Chromium which is open source build and possibly be tweaked to have similar features. Again this is a while back when I was looking at Chrome alternatives and did SRW I, Comodo Dragon, Water Fox, Chromium. Vivalid etc.
  3. Why though? 2012 R2 is same code base as 8.1 and I am running it on 8.1
  4. Thats why we do not do or share things on this site as per its TOS. But if 2/3 friends shared some folders/ collections of patches among themselves OUTSIDE of here with no reference/ link back then I dont think its an issue. I've been the one to keep copies of SPs and several times installed them on friends or families Windows. Service Packs and Patches are as such not taboo material. I'm dealing with some health and domestic issues so been unable to get in sync with you guys, but would love to have a "collection" that allows me have quicker & local patched up variant of 2010 Office. Going through the Office specs they seem have to have stabilized large part of it from 2010 till now with minor updates. So prior stuff was in major evolution but its all relatively "stagnant" since 2010.. Wowza! Kudos. Would this really help fast? I had setup a sample instance of 2012 R2 Server with WSUS option for someone. Would it be worth it to get a full final Collection? Nice. Truly appreciate your efforts and detailed dive in. BTW - NirSoft collection has a tiny portable app (cant recall name) that can PULL GUI text into CSV/ Tables etc, when you want to copy the GRID text but all you can do is Screenshots.
  5. When at home yes. But I had travel a lot at the time and WiFi was crucial.
  6. I loved NT5 / 6. Even Win 2000 Workstation was so SOLID - I remember not having booted it for months. I got pushed to XP due to lack of WiFi drivers. Then got pushed to Win 7 due to (I forgot what it was.. I think x64) and etc. I went to Win 8.1 for native / metal VHD boot. Now I am avoiding Win 10 as long as I can.
  7. Thanks. I used something like this long time back I think. I tried executing on this but not sure how to make this work. Can you try it and guide me? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/microsoft-sticky-notes/9nblggh4qghw The server returned an empty list. Either you have not entered the link correctly, or this service does not support generation for this product
  8. Almost there. Look forward to your collection soon. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/office-2010-end-of-support#:~:text=End of support%2C which is,2010 on October 13%2C 2020. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/endofsupport/office-2010-end-support-roadmap October 13, 2020 End of support, which is sometimes referred to as “end of life,” means Microsoft will no longer provide technical support or software and security updates for Office 2010 on October 13, 2020.
  9. Thanks. Wondering if you're still keeping this up to date?
  10. Wow! Frankly I wish I had the bandwidth to do so. But I think I'd even settle for Office 2010 Stuff to have a slipstream able package.
  11. Can one pull Sticky Notes 3.x + from Win 10 or MS Store w dependencies to run it on Win 8.1? Extract, Find dependencies and Repack for Win 8.1 use and / or Portable Folder. Thoughts on how one may do this and/ or can someone try it and help a brother out?

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