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  1. i want to install ms office 2003 and 2007 also i dont want to upgrade i want use two packages at the same time and i want to reduce the msoffice installtion folder size totally it has 558MB only the Enterprise.WW folder is 281MB in this folder i has a file of ENTERWW.cab the size of this file is 252MB it contains all the files of access, outlook, publisher, word,excel, powerpoint etc... but i want to install only word, excel,powerpoint only how i can reduce them and i have a multilingual pack i want to integrate it please help me
  2. i intergrated windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe to xpcd then i am getting the problem plugin.ocx file is not found how to rectify this problem
  3. i did all the above things but i dont want to use nlite because i want to use the driver packs in .7z format only in nlite it is not possible but i want some tweaks which are used in nlite where can i get them
  4. it is unpacking all the .7z files but i want them use without extracting to save my disk space, i saw the first page it is very good but there it has only one .7z file named drivers but now i have 9 packs now, please help me is there any way to do that
  5. i downloaded 9 driverpacks from HERE all of them are in 7z format only i am not understanding which method to follow for integrating drivers to xp dvd and it is have 9 .7z files plz help about this, i had not downloaded only the cpu driver pack
  6. thanx arie i downloaded some hotfixes and i integrated some of them in my cd by using the below command
  7. i want to make a xp dvd with the following tools office 2003 nero 7.x.x ultraiso Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 Adobe Page Maker 7.0 Java Installer 6.0 Flash Player WinRAR Acrobat Reader 7.0 Yahoo Messenger Free Download Manager VLC Player PowerDVD any good Codecs and .net framework 1.1,2.0,3.0 from these i built some files nero --> i made it using this thread when i double clicking that file it is installing adobe reader--> for this i had given the below script office 2003--> for this i am using this script in a batch file in the same folder for yahoo and ultraiso i got the autoitscripts and they r working now how can i integrate the drivers packs in that dvd and i am not understanding to create runonce.cmd, commandlines.txt i just made winnt.sif only please give me some guidance to make this dvd this will reduce my work time upto 80%
  8. i want to integrate some new hotfixes to my xpcd but i cant get them from microsoft i enable automatic updates i got all the hotfixes in the c:\windows\softwaredistribution folder in that folder some folders is there and there i got an update folder by it also i am installing hotfixes how can i get the new hotfixes plz help me to integrate with xp cd
  9. there is an offline update method of nod32 search for it or i will search it and give the details tommorow

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