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  1. i think this much code is not need fro firefox because silent switch of firefox is -ms why dont make a script with that
  2. i am getting one doubt is there any possiblility with presetup.cmd to add dummydisk.sys and dummy.inf in text mode
  3. search for winnt.sif file or win*.sif file in your usb and open that file with notepad u can get ur answer
  4. yes thanx but winsetupfromusb wont work for second partition so please help
  5. i mean i want to keep the files in another partition of the pendrive because it will be not accessable by other pcs which dont contain cfadisk or dummydisk so they are safe from viruses and i can use the other memory for storage of my data is it sufficient to change that SetupSourceDevice
  6. i got a setup studio software from my friend just i make a windows xp cd from that i selected all the tweaks there i think it will be useful to us tweaks.reg
  7. i want to install operating system from the second or another partition(not first partition) so i can keep my files safely from virus and it will not be deleted in other places is there any way to do like that please help me
  8. hey jaclaz i just replaced my 4gb pendrive so please give me some details how to install the operating system from the second partition of the usbdrive i already told to keep setup source safely from viruses please give some details about that
  9. i got an idea on those file copying rename the files according to their editions like oembios.bin --> oembios.cor ( Corporate Edition) oembios.bin --> oembios.oem (OEM Edition) oembios.bin --> oembios.ret (Retail Edition) oembios.bin --> oembios.upg (Upgrade Edition) and add entries in txtsetup.sif file to copy those files and make a presetup.cmd with tagfile to rename the files before setup starts but i dont know is it works or not just got an idea I am thanking MSFN for getting this much knowledge
  10. i replaced the 4gb pendrive before 2 months from the kingston and i think the 32gb is china made of kingston but i brought it in auction and that is already used by some one
  11. when i started the tool of 4GB accidently space bar has been pressed and it is giving different id i am posting it now and it is giving only 2GB like that only 32GB also happened but mistakenly choosen different model no please help for this i want my pendrives back this is the new 32GB and my 32GB is only 126MB in Disk Management what can i do with them
  12. i want install all the client operating systems with my 32 or 16 GB pendrive like 2000 Prof, XPSP2, VISTA ULTIMATE some other details for attachment is Here yesterday i used cfadisk sucessfully for first time i got that from the above site flash.ru but my 32,16 GB pendrives are not getting formatted with NTFS file system
  13. the inf files in the attachment itself i want to my my pen drives bootable and to install operating systems from them i have 3 pendrives with me one is 4GB, 16GB, 32GB so i want them to make for my work and to get the knowledge about booting and installing with pendrives i purchased 16, 32 GB pen drives for this purpose only and i want to make my pendrives bootable and ready to install the operating systems and i dont want to waste my time using those big time takers i want to use those to make the boot files and i want to copy my source files to pen drive and i am trying to install the operating systems from the second partition of my usb drive to save the setup source without effecting with virus
  14. thanx for the help i got one more idea to make this by configuring config.sys i want to make config.sys with menu options for 1 option i want to start install the xp from usb and fro 2 option i want to run the bootloader form hd1 and for some other option i want to run the memdisk tool for these i can run the grub also so please help for configuring those things that and i am thinking to build a cmd file for this and i got some thing while searching i got 3 .inf files and a regfile can any one explain the regfile in this file and some thing is there in usbboot.reg file with other language i want it in english if any one knows that pls help any help is much appreciated thanx in advance FlashBootXP_ver1.rar
  15. thanx jaclaz i cant get the filter driver i am using dummy.sys for that, is there any other flip method and i thinking that already my pen drive is booting with win98 so i want to make some config.sys for booting grub.exe to load the windows setup and i want to make entry in that config.sys for hard booting after first restart of windows installation is it possible
  16. i used winsetupfromusb and transferred the xp source i tried to boot from my 32GB USB it is not booting when i formatted with hp tool and i made it win98 bootable it is working what i want to do with that and i have one more problem with that when i tried to make partitions in that Pen drive only primary is get creating when i tried to make the free space to extended partition the partition table is getting damaged and after a lot of work i got that back what is the mistake in partitioning is it possible to transfer the iso image to usb by using dd.exe want more help on dd.exe i am not understanding about that Help Thanx in advance
  17. is there any chance to change the background blue screen ????
  18. it was explorer.exe try to edit that first atleast with reshacker i already tried it
  19. sir i tried all the tools that have available on the forum but i am not getting the information from those .cmd files exactly i want to know which files should be edit manually and which files should be add and i want to install the os from second partition of pendrive, because in my office all the systems is infected with virus if i plugged my pendrive it can be infected with virus so i am thinking that to install os from second partition because os cannot access the second partition how can make it is it possible to make
  20. sir i wasting my time by using all of them but i am not understanding all the things for that so please give the details which files has to be added and which files to be modified and how to place grub boot sector to drive Thanx in advance
  21. where can i get pnputil to download the above command is not working for me
  22. i want to install a .inf file it contains some registry keys that can help those people who has effected with virus and their taskmanager, regeditor, folderoptions has disable permenantly so i made an inf file but i want to run it silently how it is possible please answer for me
  23. i added some cracked high definition audio drivers here for xp sp3 go here to get it http://mahesh.977mb.com i think i am not doing and wrong by giving my site address but it is very useful for future downloads if i did any wrong just delete the link
  24. this is useful if ur pc owns a Public Ip

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