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  1. syspreped images of windows 10 having much issues while i did sysprep the below thing worked for me <ComputerName>NameTest</ComputerName>
  2. it can be the best practice for not removing any packages from images instead of it we have to stop installation of some packages
  3. i am not gonna deploy my xml with dism because we cannot find it in future if we need to modify only some setting so i just kept the xml in wim file but my installation needs user to do everything is there anyway that works with two xml files ? i just asking do anyone tried them it means minimal xml for setup and all other full xml for oobe, user creation etc.
  4. i too experiencing much problems with windows 10 but cant say same problem wont occur in another machine while i used the same image for both
  5. alice mount path is not an wim file path mount path is the the thing where you mounted the wim file using dism if you mounted a wim file to a folder in that folder you can see the content as c:\ content
  6. yes but i posted that link for the below thing in that page i used everything to change layout but no luck so windows 10 is not allowing any layout changing after user login i used copy profile in an earlier image using sysprep but i had much issues with those installations so i am not going to sysprep windows 10 anymore i am very happy to hear that you are doing work on chocolatey i refer that site so many times for getting some switches and for associating application or setting default app the only possible way to catch registry modifications so you can make a reg key or batch script easily i use regshot to catch modifications in registry while doing this as per my view the only easiest way to catch such things
  7. there is no error with while validating with WSIM but i dont want to keep my work visible to everyone so i am testing and is there any problem of having one autounattend.xml on cd root and another autounattend.xml integrated on wim file ? if it works i can only keep the setup setting in cd root and save all the other setting in wim file
  8. I need to create an AIO image for x64 and x86 windows 10 but i stopped what the boot base to use for both do only x86 works or do i need to make any other? and what the sxs folder to use in sources there are so much differences between the x86 and x64 editions
  9. i used FirstLogonCommands from autounattend.xml but i run my custom .cmd file but it is showing another command window with blank screen so i just not closing it until my script finishes the installation(anyway my script restarts the machine automatically). I just ignoring that blank command window my minimizing it.
  10. i just making an wim file with integrating all updates i has a doubt that if i added an old update in an image after few days there will be new CU so do i need to remove old update to save space or do i just update it with new one ? if i need to remove the old update is the Dism command remove-package works ?
  11. i tried so many things but there is a problem i cant get solution perfectly i just pushing my autounattend.xml to my wim file but i need my setup to be silent i dont want to use any external devices while doing installation so what should i do now can i paste the autounattend.xml on iso root folder ?
  12. i have only limited drivers to install (only one model laptop is using in our organization) so i just adding drivers to wim using dism and i dont have any problem doing that
  13. i has tried and tired for importing start menu layout but the only think it can work is https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/hardware/mt171092(v=vs.85).aspx Goto Use classic Windows deployment this will work but you need to keep all .lnk files in wim file itself still i had not tested the thing did it works on the .lnk files if the original target of that file is not present (i.e., i will install softwares later after setting the start layout by creating .lnk files on a customized place)
  14. Hi everyone After years i am asking a question in the board. I need to create a silent installation script for the below products. VS 2008 VS 2008 SP1 VS 2010 VS 2010 SP1 VS 2012 VS 2012 Update 4 VS 2013 with Update 4 (i cant get any details on net to integrate SP into VS source for 2008,2010,2012) SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Server 2012 with SP2 SQL Server 2014 with SP1 i got some details about SQL but i just asking here if there is any script already done for these things ? if yes please provide it. Really i need to integrate VS Service packs into the Main Installation Source. Thanks in Advance
  15. I need to learn to restrict users to access so many things like registry editing, task manager, computer management, disable access to a drive, disabling thumb and need to disable to gpedit to users i tried so many things but not get any information i want to disable everything in client side there should not be from server please help me by providing details where i can learn about these
  16. thnx for reminding me to use new version of winsetupfromusb by this post, i am away from long ago so i dont know abt new things at all any way i just posted the attachement bcz i compressed it so easily the users can download any way thnx for adding new features to winsetupfromusb
  17. Hi all, I really dont know this is allowed r not, but i am going to share u some useful thing, So many Mother Boards are not supporting USB Boot, but we are have so many stuff from USB Boot Supporting So use this CD Image for To Boot from CD and there we can select the option for which to boot i mean hdd, cd, floppy, usb etc.... It is not a shareware(I think), not made by me i got this while i am searching in net If i did any wrong Dont ban me, just warn me Thnx for attachment download thisbtcd.rar if the above file not works try this Mirror Link
  18. @5eraph thnx for the info and it is displaying the version and build details, but how can i get the reginfo or any other specified name
  19. but he told that he had not installed any thing for that after registering the product he is getting the info on desktop
  20. wallpaper is getting changed but the information above wallpaper is not disappering
  21. One of my friend told me that in their office pcs he is getting their registation info of windows i mean they are getting some organization of that, when he changed the wallpaper also it will comes same, can any one tell me how it is possible
  22. i want some help to create the web page to play the audio files and download support if possible, but i am not hosting any server of music files but i got a link of streaming audio server i want to make the web page which can automatically updates the page when any updates made in source site if it possible please reply me, i want to help the people by using it easily i dont have any programming and web building knowledge so i want help from u people

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