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  1. I wasn't asking what's best practise, I was asking about why Install_wim_tweak.exe stopped removing packages. There's something like pending packages in Install_wim_tweak maybe it has to do with why Install_wim_tweak.exe stopped removing packages?
  2. Hi again I have a small problem when I removed certain amount of packages in the beginning had 1856 and removed until dropped to 1811 and Install_wim_tweak doesn't remove anymore any packages. Install_wim_tweak shows as if it was removing the packages but when I type /l to see text output packages are still there. Any advice?
  3. Will see if after removing all this I will be able to at all install windows lol hopefully
  4. OK found it myself some indexing stuff that dism write while removing packages, you have to export wim for it to clear itself Atm my wim became 3.2gb from 3.5gb But still need to remove crapware zune music etc The Finder without you i wouldn't be where am I now defender gone cortana gone edge gone hyper-v gone telemetry gone and other tones of packages gone thats for now
  5. Hi and thanks once again. I have found some info on the net about packages worth removing. Mounted wim used Install_wim_tweak to remove bunch of packages in the end used /l to output text to check how many packages left. Wim with all packages was around 3.52gb and 1856packages After I removed packages wim became 3.63gb and 1842packages Can you tell me why wim is 100mb bigger after removing packages? Thank
  6. Guys wake up I'm trying to clean windows and no one's willing to help me I have remove hyper-v 39 packages was it a bad idea?
  7. OK thanks guys for all the help and all I have a few more questions. I have mounted windows 10 image and all seems working I produced txt file with all the packages from mounted wim. I can't find there zune music where it is? Or is it called something else? What packages should I remove to get rid of edge? Can I remove Internet Explorer too if I use chrome? I want to get rid of whole crapware telemetry etc is there some kind of list of packages to remove from Windows 10? Thanks
  8. Yup I Ben reading today a bit and now I know I have to use dism to mount wim image when mounted I will be able to use install wim tweaker to remove crap then I have to Unmount wim image put it back on iso and try to install. Thought it would be simpler than that
  9. Hi again and thanks for helping me. Now tweak tool stays open as it should The next step is type path to mounted install.wim I want to remove packages from Windows 10 iso, I need to mount win iso using for example ultra iso right? And that's what I did But when I provide tweak tool with the path to mounted iso means D:\sources or D:\sources\install.wim. it says registry file not found Should I extract that windows 10 iso to folder and then try to provide path to install.wim?
  10. I right click on Install_wim_tweak and run as an administrator Cmd started up Copied path to mounted iso install. Wim and paste it in the cmd, Pressed enter and cmd closes Do I have to put Install_wim_tweak in some folder or on the desktop is OK? Don't I have to create some folders or something? What I did now is I copied install.wim from iso to folder on c and in the same folder placed Install_wim_tweak Still doesn't work My mounted win iso is D I type D:\sources in Install_wim_tweak and no go cmd closes I type D:\sources\install.wim cmd sill closes
  11. Well, technically newbies are not allowed to use that tool, you need a special "advanced user" license for it. Now, seriously, doesn't the main related topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/152688-win6x-registry-tweak/ contain what you are looking for? jaclaz If it did I wouldn't ask right? When I type install_wim_tweak.exe /? Cmd closes When I start Install_wim_tweak I get asked to type path to mounted install.wim what path should I type? When I type path to install.wim on mounted iso Install_wim_tweak closes too
  12. Install_wim_tweak I found some info on the net, commands how to remove windows apps etc. But I do not know how to start using that app as there's not much on the net. I got Install_wim_tweak 4.6 and planning to use it to remove some packages from current os then from win iso, windows 10 When I open Install_wim_tweak cmd starts and app ask me for path, what should I put in there? Also should I create some extra folders do anything extra before being able to remove windows packages? Can someone please explain how to use Install_wim_tweak for newbies. ? Thanks
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