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  1. Sure. At the end of the day, the OP might as well forgo all the fireworks and go straight to links, which ought to be fast enough even on NEC-V20s.
  2. Because it's an up-to-date port, v. 13 corresponding to Chrome v. 86, that's why.
  3. @Tripredacus: Actually that's not the case. I'm getting the same message, no matter what I try to attach, and my quota is indefinite, as you know. However, I've already asked xper to give it a look.
  4. When things start behaving strangely and erratically, we need xper to look at it. It usually is due to IP.Gremlins®... Now, when even xper cannot fix it, then we gotta call:
  5. No, I wasn't. Then again, posting about it off-topic inside a ginormous thread does not seem to be the best way to report it, isn't it?
  6. No, I'm not. I'm just tired of all this whining. Of course it'd've been a beautiful gesture, had he decided to make it, but fact is he didn't.
  7. The project remains his. All the reverse engineering he has done to viabilize it is solely his hard work. Were it obvious at all, there'd be clones galore of Aeroglass for Win 8/10 already, so it's not. Nobody has any right to try and browbeat him into open sourcing the code he devised by himself alone. Y'all ought to grow up and either go ahead and white-room reinvent it, or else stop whinning and move on. Throwing tantrums do not help, but annoy. Wake up to reality!
  8. Please re-read my previous post... I just gave it a major edit. Cheers!
  9. @Dave-H: be my guest & feel free to modify any the post you mentioned as you see fit. Of late, I've been getting in my plate far too many nuts to chew for confort, so sorry, I just cannot attend to it myself, at present. I guess you might split the thread from the point it became more general and let the specific stuff + the OP in a separate thread that'll sink as soon as it's split off. Or, even better, split it just before your own 1st post there, so that you'll become the new OP at the new thread and can give it proper care.
  10. O1H, IIRR, the patched v. is the last one to work on XP SP3, in all 3 versions, hence the ZHS v. 34.*.*.* is irrelevant for XP SP3 and older. OTOH, on 7SP1+, Google Chrome 88+ don't support any Flash Player at all, so what is the Adobe Flash Player PPAPI ZHS v. useful for?
  11. Your English is quite good, rest assured of it. As for your questions do please read the attached document. It's author is YuriyCN, not me: I only made an English version of it using the DeepL translator, which is crude but way better than anything the Google or Bing translators can ever hope to do. If you can read Russian, however, you should get the original file, which location is also indicated in the same document. Good luck! Later edit: thanks to @gerwin, a much more readable version of the initial translation now exists, and is attached below, replacing the original one. Windows_XP_2021_1_ENU_c.zip
  12. Wow! It's wonderful to hear from you @soporific! You've been much missed! Hope you're back to stay!
  13. Agreed. and this being the case, let me report that on Windows 7 32-bit I restored sucessfuly working flash to IE 11.0.9600.19866 Update Version: 11.0.220 (KB4586768) and to Firefox ESR 52.9.1 (32-bit) by modding the internal date, removing the invalidated digital signature and adjusting the PE-Checksum (@UCyborg's method), but (even after replacing also %SystemDrive%\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll) wasn't able to restore it to working state on Google Chrome 87.0.4280.141 (Official Build) (32-bit). On the browsers I was able to restore working flash, both <https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html> and <https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/about/> worked OK, too, somewhat surprising. The attached pic is from the latter on IE11, BTW. OTOH, both browsers on which flash is working give me the same results as @Tripredacus had on Kongregate (viz. the supernova ad), regretably.
  14. Both. We were at at that point and now we're at, so yes... both, since each incremental update has to be tweaked and stabilised before the next one is applied, and I don't really know whether the point we are at is the latest already or not. So patience, for now.
  15. Why not use PAExec instead? It's redistributable and supported... https://www2.poweradmin.com/paexec/
  16. If we stop updating the forum software, we'll lose the anti-spam tools that help us keep this space bearable. Therefore, it's not an option. All those minor cosmectic annoyances are an inseparable part of the package, so we're stuck with them. So, please, stop nit-picking because of 'em all and, with all due respect, get a life!
  17. Oh! That's easy! People at Invision actually live by the motto "if it ain't broken, fix it until it gets FUBAR", of course!
  18. Does it make any difference? While at least you and I (and many long-time members) actually do use flags that trully reflect their location, many others don't, so I don't think this actualy enhances privacy much. Did some aspect of it escape me?
  19. I'd almost bet one of the three settings above, or maybe even all 3 of 'em, are critical ones. But even in case I'm wrong, congrats for the successful troubleshooting!
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