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Found 13 results

  1. Introducing portabat https://github.com/tumagonx/portabat This is custom 7zsfx (7zip SDK 17.00) that make your batch more realistically like an executable. Try demo here https://github.com/tumagonx/portabat/releases Editing: All you need is open portabat.exe with 7zip and edit hello.bat or add your own batch, no need to copy /b or create config.txt. See filename execution order from homepage Requirement: XP or later Current version: 0.2-beta portabat is a small 7z-sfx at just 220KB (160KB if standalone cmd.exe and reg.exe removed), it is about the same size of busybox-w32 compresse
  2. Hello, I have a problem running a batch file I'm creating for Windows XP. At some stage it has to check whether a service is running or not. Let's assume that I type in the following command directly into a command prompt: for /f "tokens=3" %H in ('sc query Spooler ^| findstr "STATE"') do echo %H It runs flawlessly and outputs 1 or 4, depending on a service state. The problem starts when I put this command in a batch file, suitably modified by doubling % signs: for /f "tokens=3" %%H in ('sc query Spooler ^| findstr "STATE"') do echo %%H or any other for /f loop where sc is a co
  3. Hello friends, I have a basic level at batch files. In one of my bacth file I use below variable for naming my backup file whose name is "2016.08.16-(08.30)-FLAMENT.rar" set HM=%time:~0,2%.%time:~3,2% echo (%HM%) --produces--> (08.30) The problem is that I want to use the same time (08.30) for the other file which related to the previous one. But since the time changes throughout the process in the same batch file, %HM% produces (08.32), not (08.30) for the time changed. how can I use same time for all processes thoughout the batch file ? I mean, I want %HM% to p
  4. hi, i need to do a massive rename using batch language, for example if i have a few file named: nomefile0001 nomefile0002 nomefile0004 nomefile0005 nomefile0008 nomefile0010 i need to rename the file like this: nomefile0001 nomefile0002 nomefile0003 nomefile0004 nomefile0005 nomefile0006 i try to copy filename in a text document, then elaborate text document and rename the file using the name in text document. dir /B > fileList.txt I don't know how to elaborate the names in the fileList.txt someone can help me? Simone
  5. Hi guys. I need a little help here. I was searching for some batch script to do some tasks on windows 7, 8 and 10 machines and I found some interesting topic. I grab the script and I made some changes. Now I need to make the script to work and I need your help to make the changes I wrote on the script itself. If possible, please, jaclass or somebody else, help me.. The sketch for the script is: IMPORTANT: Whe the user run this script it must get elevate privilegies automaticaly (as run as administrator do). ECHO """BATCH SCRIPT TO CLEAN THINGS!!! "This script will clean th
  6. hi I'm trying to get the first letter for a drive letter from each line using for command for example : a line in paths.txt "E:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe" setlocal enabledelayedexpansion for /f "tokens=*" %%A in (paths.txt) do ( set drive=%%~dA If Defined drive ( set drive=%drive:~0,1% ) echo %drive% ) I can't get the command part to work I appreciate any help on this TIA
  7. I need to do a batch file wich order all files by a date interval, example: @echo off echo Input the date(dd/mm/yyyy): set /p compDate= ::After that i will compare from the actual day (%date%), example: set interval = %compDate% - %date%... Something like that ::After that i need to list all files from a specific directory, example: echo Input the directory: set /p directory= SET Exit= %UserProfile%\Desktop\test.txt ::After that i might i need the dir /tc to get the creation date, example: pushd "%directory%" dir /s /tc /a-d > %Exit% ::After that, i dont know how to get only the
  8. Hello, i am making a batch script that will install another batch script. It looks like this: @echo off echo @echo off > example.bat echo echo Hi >> example.bat echo echo 1.) Option1 >> example.bat echo echo 2.) Option2 >> example.bat echo echo 3.) Option3 >> example.bat echo if %selection%==1 goto opt1 >> example.bat echo if %selection%==2 goto opt2 >> example.bat echo if %selection%==3 goto opt3 >> example.bat So it displays all this text and saves what is displayed to example.bat. But it will display variables as their values; instead of making t
  9. While trying to write an extension for firefox 3 for Win98SE it's needed for me to include a certain *.bat-file (or directly execute command.com). I'm running into problems with long parameters/arguments to pass. I will explain the problem with a more simple example: I have a *.bat-file C:\notepadtest.bat with following content: c:\windows\notepad "%1" Furthermore I have a *.txt-file C:\testfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfile\testfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfiletestfilet
  10. Hi, Im looking for something that will allow me to set a parameter for a batch job in a way so i can type something that will set a var and direct\call to batch job. Not from set /p but from a shell box. for instance a simple batch tool that will set homepage for the browser: I want it to perform in a way so that it will pop a shell box, saying "set home page to ___" and have a default parameter in it, as "www.google.com" but so i can type a different feed \address to it and then this calls or sets a %var% to the hidden batch job that will run for instance REG ADD HKCU\SOFTWARE\
  11. Hi everyone, I'm having difficulty extracting some string in text file, an example the content of mytext.txt Drive : SystemList Directory : System:\Backup\Scripting\PHP\header.phpList Directory : System:\Backup\Scripting\PHP\content.phpList Directory : System:\Backup\Scripting\PHP\footer.phpList Directory : System:\Backup\Scripting\HTML\header.phpList Directory : System:\Backup\Scripting\HTML\content.phpList Directory : System:\Backup\Scripting\HTML\footer.phphow to output only "PHP" or "HTML" string with batch command? with php I can use regex like : $r = file_get_contents('mytext.txt');preg_
  12. Hi there, I like to install Windows XP SP3 with all the updates, so I can sit after the installation and just have a cup of coffee... instead of waiting to get the updates one by one using Windows Update or Microsoft Update. But for the last few months, I've updated my XP ISO just by adding the hotfixes using a batch called 'adiciona.cmd', being this one called at the end of RunOnceEx.cmd. The file is growing and being too annoying to edit every time I have to update the ISO, so I decided to request help from you, to get all the updates 'slipstreamed' or, at least, installed earlier - using th
  13. SETLOCAL ENABLEDELAYEDEXPANSION FOR /F %%A IN ("!") DO ( SET Line=%%A SET Line=!Line:^^!={#}! ECHO !Line! ) Is there a simple way to make it work?
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