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  1. What i meant by writing music was writing guitar riffs u know beat that kind of thing, and what i meant about people allways thinking about kurt is they exclude the other members and make the bands real name Kurt cobain instead of nirvana, nirvana was a 3 man group in my opinion they all did there own thing and they all did it great.
  2. Just because your a bad guitar player doesnt mean you dont know how to write music kurt had a much better voice, way better song writing,and had a much better band then pearl jam, beat them in all areas. And whenever people think of nirvana how come the first thing that comes to there head is Kurt ?? im a huge fan of nirvana and i think he is a selfish junky that wrote real good music! PS A wife beater ??? nirvana were an anti rape group
  3. Pearl jam are crap...Nirvana are way better
  4. ME WANTS MAX PAYNE 2 YUMMMMM!!!! how would it run on a radeon 7000
  5. yes they do. to get people like me horney
  6. Since michale jackson didnt release any videos id have to say hmmm... his brother R-Kelly ...But seriously now ummm DIRTY!!!! DAM I HATE THE ATARIS!!! there so lame they rip off other peoples music and now i hear there making a new video with art from nirvana's heart-shaped box what a bunch of analwarriors worst video of the year
  7. Thats Crazy i good movie and a good game
  8. Half-Life Counter-Strike 1.6 and abit of halo even thow its glitchy dam those ATI cards all there good for is halflife 2
  9. yea that owns much more features
  10. Hi there! may i know whr can i download the converting exe file?? I lost the link! http://www.hot.ee/salasource/ Yea i did enable the welcome screen i keep clicking on the user pic but it wont change is there another way to change it ??
  11. i converted my win 2k3 to a workstation and i was wondering if it is possible to change the start menu display picture and if yes how ??
  13. no rock album is better then NeVeRmInD
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