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  1. Anyone know the whereabouats of MSNWar? He's not been heard from in a month.
  2. Control panel\ folder options\ view tab\ apply to all folders button.
  3. I'm on dialup. Plus ca change... So am I. Thanks for all suggestions.
  4. I copied the wmaccess.inf from windows\service pack files\I386. Then I got the same message, but for wmpcoem.inf. Did the same for that file. Now, when I go to add\rem windows components, I don't get the component tree. It goes directly to "setup is inspecting your configuration and installing the components you selected". And I still can't access the list.
  5. When I try to open the windows components tab in add\remove, I get the following error message: Setup was unable to open information file wmaccess.inf. Contact your system headministrator. The specific error code is 0xe0000003 at line 0. Same thing happens when I try the setup CD. I'm running SP2 RC1.
  6. Snow globe, with heavy precipitation predicted. This is an MS Release date.
  7. Do a KB or Google search for the error number. My guess? Switching progfiles to D:\ is the culprit. Default for windows update is C:\Program Files\Windows Update. Maybe put that directory back whence it came?
  8. Try http://www.virtualplastic.net/. If it can be done, they'll know how.
  9. The perfect gift for the frat rat with everything. ;-)
  10. How did the imsomniac agnostic dyslexic spend his time? He lay awake all night pondering the existence of Dog.

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