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  1. i didint.. i waited by as people payed $850AU + for Radeon 9800 vpus. and scored a nice 9800 pro 128meg for $360AU only 2 weeks before doom3 is ready to go .. HL2 isnt to far off either. not like the pros are any slower than the Xts... lol and i oced this b***h up to 425mhz core and it has 600mhz 2.5ns gddr2 - oced that to 700 this card is a Beast !!
  2. Ive reposted the KB Wallpapers on my new host. http://www.visentinel.com/files/KBWallpaper and Uploaded my Holly Vallance Scans http://www.visentinel.com/download.php?view.4 ~ 800kb http://www.visentinel.com/download.php?view.5 ~ 1.6meg http://www.visentinel.com/download.php?view.6 ~ 1.8meg and 71 Wallpapers - 21 Meg Wallpaper Gallery !!! http://www.visentinel.com/wpgallery/index.php Enjoy .. DOnt forget to tell your freinds about http://www.visentinel.com !! Please dont post about this on really busy forums like <<spam>>.... Or ile haveto take it all down
  3. Me n My Team have posted up a heap of rather interesting / Great News today. Should checkit out the msfn team can source news of my site .. ide love it, may even get some hits from people clicking the source Link
  4. If anyone remembers my site Deep-Ice? Its back now.. its only a Pre-Launch my hosting isnt exactly ready.. so no ftp or big downloads yet. about 2 weeks for this to be fixed But the main aspect of it is ready.. the blog you can just reply as guest if u want to reply to a blog entry. Enjoy i just wanna let people who used to go there knwo that my blogs are back. http://visamd.ath.cx
  5. thanks peeps ive posted this up on <<spam>> to... the thread got 800 hits in 10 hours now. combined here and <<spam>> my little 3 meg post on my hosting uploaded 2.8 gig so far and its only 10 hours now i think " alot " of people like Kate .... LOL ~edit - @ <<spam>>
  6. Visentinel


    Indeed She is Very SHy ... ShyGirl SWF
  7. I got these recently I decided to upload these to my ISP space along with a rar of some Photos Taken at her Recent Premieres of Van Helsing. http://home.iprimus.com.au/perro/KBWallpapers/
  8. Hello !! I havent Posted here in ages but I will Still Offer My Expertise I wrote up a OverCLocking Guide Mainly Aimed at people who cant Overclock much becuase of Gigabytes +10% Voltage Selector and Other Boards that also Suffer this IMO " Defect " I mean Come on .. its an AMD board !!! it has to Overclock :laugh: The No Need to Cut your L11 Bridges Hardcore Over Clocking Guide for AMD Athlon XP Have Fun !! And Dont Break Anything, and you wont if you are CAREFULL !!!
  9. If you have an internet connection thats up 24/7, you have a free Host. " Your own PC " This requires abit of skill with installing / Configuring and Maintaining of the server software, but its free and on your own terms / rules. It Owns ! Its great even on a perm 56k ( like me )
  10. If your having problems getting Fastwrites working, Download the new Catalyst 3.10 and use the SmartGart Uninstaller. then install the Via 4-in-1 Not sure what ATI did but the 3.10 Driver with SmartGART Removed will work fine now. 8x AGP + Fastwrites This is also closure to my previous thread about this.
  11. VMware has a heap more features than VPC but VPC is faster and has better Video Accel and i even managed to play a game in VPC with great framerate !
  12. AMD = P4 aXP 2000+ 1667mhz 266fsb - aXP 3200+ 2173mhz 378fsb Kingston ddr-sdram pc2700 512meg 333mhz - oc 378mhz Soltek KT400 AL onboard via 100mb lan NC3121 100mb lan pci card Realtek 10mb lan pci card Creative Vibra 128 sound Nvidia G FX 5200 oc - 297mhz core / 400mhz mem Conexant 56k v.90 Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm D: 20gb - Games I: 56gb - Storage Seagate 40gb 7200rpm C: - 20gb Boot and Games and ISO file Storage (Virtual cd-rom) E: - 20gb System and Storage Sony 8x4x32 CD Burner Benq 16x dvd - + 48x cd 300 Watt Kingworld psu Some Generic Case 60mm amd cooler front side intake case fan ( cools the drives ) 80mm thermaltake back side outake case fan 80mm sanyo denki 1982 aluminium terminal server outake back case fan ( lol ! ) Thermaltake Volcano 7+ cpu hsf - Set on low 15 inch Monitor Logitech Elite Keyboard Black Microsoft Mouse Explorer 3.0 Canon S400 Printer Canon LIDE Canoscan N 340p Scanner I have a picture of my system specs as they are in Operation>>CLicketyClickaty<<
  13. It doesn't work to well. launching files acts same as if on the web or on a PC mag cd. EXE = will Download mp3 = Media player luanch etc...

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