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  1. I just built my new system last month and its running but there is a questionable issue and debate i am having with my CPU Temps. My buddy says that his AMD 2500+ Athlon XP Barton runs at roughly 30+ celsius at boot and gets upto around 45-47 degrees even after running something intensive like BFV. Now here is the issue..... my CPU boots at roughly 56 degrees celsius and gets upto 65-72 degrees depending. I have a gig of dual channel 400 mhz DDR PC3200 installed and the processor is the exact same as staed above. I have the K7-Triton GigAbyte motherboard (7n-400L edition) and I cant understand why it runs so **** hot. I have 4 system fans installed not including the CPU fan. I read a post in the forumns here that some guy has this same processor oc'd upto the 3200 level and his temp runs at 56 degrees so wtf is wrong with my system?????????
  2. I recently upgraded from a radeon 9600 se to a Radeon 9800pro and I am trying to sell my 9600. I sent the card home with a guy for the weekend and he was going to install it and then buy the **** thing but now there is an issue. Everytime he installs the drivers and reboots it comes up with the screen all blurry and looking melted or something. I asked him if he set the bios to 128 aperature size and also to boot from AGP first and all that crap. Also he says he enabled the 8X mode in bios. Now I had this issue with my system the first time I tried to install this card oin my system but I cant remember for th elife of me, how the hell i fixed this issue. I believe it had something to do with the 8X not truely being compatible with the card or something. Is this a possibility? Any Ideas would be very much appreciated. He tried every driver version and even the drivers off the disk that came with the card dont work right.
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