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  1. No one else using anything to protect themselves? No wonder we're riddled with spyware/viruses/hack attacks etc
  2. Game Continuum will not log on servers

    What exactly is happening? I'm assuming you're choosing a server with people on it....when you select the server and hit connect what happens?
  3. Wow it's been a long time since I've posted here in the forums! This isn't really a question, more of an educational thread I suppose. Basically what I'm looking for is the collection of software you use to protect your PC. I'm going to be purchasing a USB flash drive (128MB) and I'm planning to use it as a repair/first aid tool for my PC as well as friends/family. Now just to clarify, I'm not looking for just a firewall, or JUST a spyware removal tool...I'd like you to list everything you use on your PC to help clean/protect it on a regular basis. For example (I run the following on my Windows machine for protection): Ad-Aware Spybot Search & Destroy Windows XP Firewall TuneUp (I think it's called, I'm at work so I don't remember LOL. Registry cleaning.) Google Toolbar (For popups) So that's pretty much what I'm looking for. Just a list of programs you use together to protect/clean your computer. I'm really not interested in a "Suite" of software unless it includes the functionality of EVERYTHING I've listed about and/or more so if you're using let's say "Norton Internet Securities", I'm not interested in that. I'm looking for a collection of different softwares for this job. Also, one more thing....if the software is free, even better! Thanks guys!
  4. Does Anyone Know?

    Check your BIOS.
  5. Is It Time For An Faq?

    Ok let's try this again. The FAQ would be a "tweaking" FAQ. A FAQ from the information HERE in this forum. Not from the unattended website. This FAQ would host the frequently asked questions in this forum here. Let's face it, not everyone is a "pro" at searching, and to believe that most people would just come here to ask a question and search first, would be naive. That never happens. Either way it was just a suggestion. Anyway...
  6. Is It Time For An Faq?

    Not really talking about writting a huge FAQ with everything (That's mostly what the unattended site is for). I'm talking about some of the basic stuff. Like for instance "What are the switches generally used?" etc. Just static stuff. Not the stuff that can be customized endlessly. I realize most of it is customizable, but some of the stuff is static.
  7. Is It Time For An Faq?

    When I'm learning to do something and I go to whichever forum to check it out the first thing I look for at the top above the "mess" below, is a FAQ with ALL of the basics. It stops people from asking the same questions over again. Besides, I'm not willing to say "Did you search the site?" every 5 minutes. Either way...the website gives you the directions. It doesn't tell you everything. That's why people come here. I mean a general FAQ for in here. Where most of the tweaking takes place.
  8. Hey guys. Ever since this Unattended Windows XP install thing took off here there has been insane amounts of traffic in here. I myself have yet to attempt the unattended install but I have been reading and "learning". Basically what I'm suggesting is maybe there should be a "FAQ" pinned at the top. If it's possible to stay at the very top, even better. There are a LOT of really good questions that are repeated frequently and some new ones that everyone should know off the bat. Because of all the traffic though, it's a little unorganized. I'd be willing to volunteer to do this but I haven't actually made an unattended install yet. If people would be willing to help by picking the BASIC questions/answers from this forum that are of the MOST help and message them to me, I can put together a list etc. Keeping in mind that it would have to consist of the basic things. We're not talking switches for every single program everyone wants to install. Just the basic things to start people off in the right direction. That way when a new person comes here to post a simple question during their first time creating an unattended install, they don't have to search through this heap Anyway..lemme know what you guys thing of this idea. Edit: BAH! I meant "Is it time for a FAQ?" lol meh.
  9. Request

    Thanks xper. That was quick and well done Makes life tons easier hehe.
  10. Request

    Hey guys, would it be possible to add the following links to the bottom of the site as well: MSFN -> Miscellaneous Stuff -> Site & Forum Issues It's much easier to get back to the forum you want after reading a long one rather then scrolling up all the way to the very top to get back. I realize I can hit "Back" in my browser, but that doesn't necessarily refresh properly. Just a simple request. If it can be done If not it's all good
  11. Hey guys I recently had to re-install Windows and I was running apache/mysql/php on it. It ran fairly well. But since I've never had to re-install my Redhat machine, I'm thinking of putting the webserver on there from now on. Anyone know of a detailed tutorial on how to get it all running? Preferably a simple one. I know enough about *nix, but I'm not a guru. Thanks in advance
  12. Gamehead its u b'day :P

    Happy b-day.
  13. Xp-Tweaking Guide

    It's not a file. It's a site
  14. Happy Birthday Doggie and HandyBuddy

    Happy Birthday guys. :jump: