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  1. Found ! This was settings about overlay in MediaPlayer classic ... weird (and for vlc I think it was an old version without full vista support perhaps ...)
  2. I'm able to silent install nvidia chipset but the setup reboot automatically if needed and atm I'm not able to disable that ... Change your setup.iss to [setup] BOOTOPTION = 0 and run setup.exe with "-s" argument.
  3. Sonic


    It depends on "how" he watch videos ... If he has files stored in his computer, you can access to his drive by windows file sharing system ... you can disable "simple file sharing" set a password to Administrator account and from your computer access to his drives by \\CompNameOfYourSon\c$ , it will prompt for password and you will browse the C drive in that example ...
  4. If you have a nForce chipset you can use this registry tweak to disable icon for sata drives : I havn't found on msfn board but you can find the tip at http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/tweak-how-...on-vt66403.html
  5. I had this problem too on an old PC's client , I wasn't able to fix it ... What's sort of registry key have you edited ?
  6. I have "flicker" thing since I have used vga output , vista detect and adjust my vga output now using "mobile center" if I remember ... look at mobile center options or disable it if it's possible.
  7. There is an alternative too ... Update the bios available on Acer FTP then SATA mode IDE will be available in bios. So no need to re-make a CD ... btw, SATA drivers integration works as well as SATA IDE Mode with this Acer notebook. I have used these methods already ... Good luck for your install ... ps: FTP link ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/notebook/aspire_7720/ For windows xp drivers, use Realtek HD at realtek.com.tw for audio drivers For vga driver if you have nvidia, download latest nvidia drivers and pickup nv4_disp.inf from http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/drivers For vga driver if you have ati, download latest ati drivers and use ati modder at http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool/ to support mobility cards Chipset & Wifi on intel.com are okay too.
  8. Notice the 3.0 install the 2.0 during the setup ... So with 3.0 and 1.1 you've all versions
  9. oops ! indeed, I have completely forgotten the "\\" thing in .reg file ... so you must use reg.exe which support one "\" ... and you will lose compatability with win2k except you copy reg.exe to each win2k station : you can make a small sfx to install reg.exe and run this sfx from the batch.
  10. it seems to missing mmc.exe from c:\windows\system32 ... nlite perhaps ...
  11. IE7 (fr) installed on Windows XP Media Center 2005 OEM (fr) or Windows XP Pro OEM SP2 (fr) has menubar enabled by default ...
  12. Copying a OEM XP Pro. CD from a friend/family/office is more "legal" than use "volume media" modded to OEM CD ... Moreover you need to find "files" listed before from an OEM CD ... We can't help more snorrip3. btw, Welcome to msfn !
  13. substage : You're using Microsoft method to change your windows license ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/328874/fr ). Why not directly remake your unattended CD with your correct cdkey ?!
  14. NETCFSetupv2.msi is for Compact Framework if I remember, it isn't necessary for regular pc ... and it's different from .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 or 2.0 ...
  15. Yzöwl is right, even start /w "" "c:\my program\setup.exe" /s will okay
  16. Sure, there is a solution, search for oembios , make oem cd ... there is two big topic about that, the method work great. btw, welcome to the msfn community.
  17. Grab sata drivers from your mb cdrom, you must find folder contains oemsetup.inf. Download and use nLite to integrate drivers directly in your CD using txtsetup mode for integration. Of course there is tons of informations about that on the forum. btw, Welcome to MSFN community !
  18. How can you surf in command line ?! The render of website will be unreadable ... edit: btw you can use wget to download something from website ...
  19. "mirror" display isn't possible with Microsoft RDP protocol.
  20. this problem is "classic" if you use FAT32 filesystem, if you convert to NTFS you resolve it ...
  21. I'm agree too on that point.
  22. btw if MCE is sysprep' , domain is asked during "oobe" part without any registry touch ....
  23. It seems you're in professionnal situation, this is a community board here so don't double post ! and be carreful to words like "we need ..." About your problem I havn't idea for the moment, wait for someone ... btw, to all comunity, sorry for my unavailibity for the moment (look at my sig)
  24. /me Deep breath taken I must update my knowledge about 'usb' things, there are too many things to update ^^ Thanks for info jaclaz

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