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  1. ... don't try to fight with Yzöwl , he'll always win at "batch" ...
  2. Thanks Nulceus for your guide, I like use original install, tested & works great for me. edit: just seen revo in your sig , nice toy ... mine is mini inferno brushless & lipo 3S ...
  3. @hannubys: ping are for wait a moment before start wlm ... if not sometimes it launched too fast ... the .ini and the .tmp must kept in folder or uninstaller will be broken. I use this "manual" method in "production" without any problem on xp sp3 pro/home and vista sp1 too.
  4. good job for DriverForge, I'm just trying with driverpack and it's seems to run great. What about Check_For_Wizard_Title in .ini ? I must replace english text to my localized french native language ? If yes, can you post screenshot of what text replace ?
  5. @nucleaus: you need : choiceguard.msi Contacts.msi crt.msi Messenger.msi RichUpload.msi SegoeFont.msi wlc.msi wllogin.msi WLXSuite.msi to enable uninstallation you need the cache.ini and wlc*.tmp , pick files from path posted above ... I use this , where %msipath% is your folder msi source ... : echo - Microsoft Visual Studio Runtime ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\crt\crt.msi" /qn echo - Windows Live Communications Platform ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\contacts\Contacts.msi" /qn echo - Segoe UI Font ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\segoefont\SegoeFont.msi" /qn echo - Windows Live Call ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\wlc\wlc.msi" /qn echo - Outil de téléchargement Windows Live ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\richupload\RichUpload.msi" /qn echo - Assistant de connexion Windows Live ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\wllogin\wllogin.msi" /qn echo - Installer ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\wlxsuite\WLXSuite.msi" /qn echo - Choice Guard ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\choiceguard\choiceguard.msi" /qn echo - Messenger ... msiexec /i "%msipath%\messenger\Messenger.msi" /qn ping >nul 2>&1 start "" "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe" ping >nul 2>&1 exit
  6. okay after many tests , dw20shared isn't needed. but the .tmp file present in "%CommonProgramFiles%\Windows Live\.cache" is needed, it's installer for remove / repair installation. If you use retail file this tmp is about 140mb because it's contains all setup files. So, to reduce my install to 36mb, I have run install from the web package and I grab all file from "%CommonProgramFiles%\Windows Live\.cache" then I make batch to install msi in the same order in the cache.ini (the .tmp file of web package is about 15kb ...)
  7. seems to works for installation and use but something is broked for uninstall process. Nothing runs when you uninstall messenger. Anyone use this method ? edit: it seems microsoft application report tools (dw20shared) doesn't install correctly/fully. It doesn't appears in "uninstall" regkey, in manul install it appears correctly ... btw, Happy New Year to all members !
  8. Notice by default, launch "iexplore" from "Run" dialog will start IE 64bits ... so you can use this regtweak to fix it to 32bits REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\iexplore.exe] @="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe" "Path"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Internet Explorer"
  9. You can't copy files from floppy and put into cd or dvd ... You can burn new CD or DVD with bootable options with Nero and you need to put the binaries files in options (for floppy it's a image of floppy with 1,44mb size) and the media will boot same as your old floppy but in fact the media "emulate" the floppy ... to access your media you need some configuration, by default floppy win98 boot can access cdrom drive ...
  10. xp sp3 (home & pro) has oobe gui same as xp sp0, xp sp1 and xp sp2
  11. If you have splitstream SP3 into SP2 WinXP original yourself with nLite on Vista, re-make your disk with latest nlite. This is a known bug.
  12. you can run directly install Spybotsd_1.5.2.exe /verysilent /components="" /tasks="" /norestart
  13. Sonic

    Slipstream of SP3

    many asked ... and asked .. and asked ... please search & read the board before posting ... btw, for the Welcome on the msfn community , this is answer : SP3 is cumulative from SP0 ... so it's include all updates of SP2 & SP1 You can integrate to your SP0 disc without problem except one thing, you can't skip "serial/license number question", if you integrated SP3 into SP1 you can skip "serial/license number question" same as vista ... btw, volume media always require "serial/license number" license" even with integrated SP3 to SP1 disc ... Have a nice day ! edit: rado354 simultaneous posting ;-)
  14. shcan, you can't use winnt.sif unattended and keep repair function, it's impossible, you must use dual boot cd as IcemanND says.
  15. you can mount NTUSER.dat to actual registry (for example into HKU\mountedntuser ) , edit your reg file to change HKCU\... to HKU\mountedntuser\... et run .reg file then unload ntuser.dat reg load HKU\mountedntuser ntuser.dat reg import reg.reg reg unload HKU\mountedntuser Adapt this method to your ...
  16. Backup are in C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePack.... you can delete all folder in C:\WINDOWS\ begin with $Nt.... or $KB... (backup of updates kb.... if I rememeber) These folders are hidden and can be' deleted safely to get some free space
  17. I had some bugs with old ghost exe (8.x and v6 for dos if I remember) ... Since I have updated to v11 and I have no problems for mbr / disk or partition cloning ... sure wim format is now free and embedded but not integrated yet in my brain so ghost is always in my winpe usb flash :-p
  18. perhaps wrong set path ... try %SystemRoot%\system32\taskkill /IM process.exe /F
  19. Be carreful about manupilate xp cd. Be sure you have right disc and right license .... I confirm the volume/corporate version has differents oembios files (7 files exactly) from retail, not just setupp.ini ...
  20. easy's program is more "transparent" and "regular" than nLite which is for more customizing/optimizing but we don't see/know what is done by nLite (while respecting nuhi :-p)
  21. perhaps it's time to switch to winxp post SP3 updates ? opinions ?
  22. Nice tip about setup.ini I can use original .msi instead orca it :-p

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