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  1. perhaps a new feature : DriveExcludedFromComboList= ? with same option as BootMountExclude= Because sometimes USB itself is choosen for Boot or install drive by mistake !
  2. long loading desktop + black screen seems to be letter mount point swap, Windows has tried to update letter in registry resulting in a corrupt system. Winntsetup update Mounted Device Letter in registry to force c: to restored partition because current mounted device in current system has q: You can try to restore registry files (system32\config + ntuser. dat ) then fix mounted device manually by the way but that's not your problem, new bcd entry winntsetup use command : bcdboot letterOfRestoredSystem:\windows /s letterOfBootPartition: /f BIOS If uefi boot part, replace BIOS by UEFI
  3. is there a .ini entry to "Add Drivers to WinRE" ?
  4. it seems we've lost "Add drivers to WinRE" since v5 beta
  5. 1) v5 Tweaks disable Windows Defender by default ?! it ignore the .ini section [WinNT6\TWEAKS] NoDefender=0 missing something ? 2) Nice v5 dropdown destination selector, but keeping keyboard input would be perfect :-) 3) Sometimes the progress bar is yellow instead green, why ? 4) Sometimes v4 & v5 slow to start then I check taskmgr and previous winntsetup.exe process was not closed fully, .exe run but no more gui. it seems to hang on efi parts but unsure, no occurs in winpe perhaps because only started 2 or 3 times, but in my main live system where I apply multiple times it occurs , not always ( i have 4 internals disks (2 with efi boot part) + 4 externals )
  6. thanks for your lightening update to fix vhd diff ! in sorting folders, i see imdisk, it should be in x64 folder and its x86 subfolder drop to 32bits legacy xp version , no ?
  7. app crash (no error) if mounted chained vhd is selected in Boot or Drive location copy/paste to cmd to create a chained .vhd : (echo create vdisk file="full_path_of_the_chained.vhd" parent="full_path_of_the_existing.vhd" ) | diskpart
  8. is winre.wim checked in path \Recovery\WinRE\winre.w im too ? useful for backup/restore on another hardware.
  9. there is a line in WinNTSetup.Drivers.log : 2021-04-24 20:29:30, Info DISM DISM Driver Manager: PID=26656 TID=29716 Driver E:\install\Driver injection\...\iaStorVD.inf is boot-critical. - CDriverPackage::FillInPackageDetails then select only *.inf boot-critical to re-apply to winre.wim , easy to write but to you to code
  10. would be nice if critical driver injection can be done in Windows\system32\Recovery\WinRE.wim ! just installed an hp laptop intel 11th gen wich need driver injection of "intel rst vmd" because win10 out of the box doesn't detect disk ... driver integration ok , but "reset this pc" fails at reboot.
  11. is it possible to RemoveBootMountsOnExit to remove letter of the efi boot letter selected in winntsetup after successful applied image ? this prevent windows to display the letter of the efi partition in explorer even with disk is unplugged. this bug doesn't exist with MBR boot part. edit: my problem is my diskpart script mount the EFI part letter before WinNTSetup, but after thinking myself, i can skip this step in my diskpart script !
  12. thanks , it seems first line of diskpart / detail disk . for my case, my two NVMe disk has name : HD2: NVMe Samsung SSD 970 HD3: NVMe Samsung SSD 970 but the first is a 970 Pro and the second is a 970 Evo :-( can be Disk ID supported for BootExclude ?
  13. Thanks for improvements ! an example ? is BootMountExclude support GUID disk ID ? edit: tried guid disk : or serial number from get-disk powershell : not supported
  14. DisableHiberBoot seems can't be set in the .ini , isn't it ?
  15. can we set usage of MergeIDE_9200 automatically in WinNTSetup.ini ?
  16. StartOverride is recreted automatically if deleted value of the "0" (in this case dword 0) of the StartOverride will override "Start" value of storahci so StartOverride is needed for Win8+ Reboot once in SafeMode is ok too , SafeMode re-enable ahci needed, not in Normal, Microsoft' logic ... edit: i don't think enabling old ide driver is needed, machines using these are abandoned
  17. i need sometime to re-enable ahci support after winntsetup because previous captured system was raid or ide or exotic controller ... perhaps a direct option to enable / restore ahci would be nice ? ;Win8 to Win10 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\storahci\StartOverride] "0"=dword:00000000 ;Win7 + Vista [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\msahci] "Start"=dword:00000000
  18. I "Map" virtual disk of a VM under VmWare Workstation (v15.5.1) , format vmdk or vhd, same issue. I open winntsetup, not needed to open iso or select drive, just open then close , then virtual drive mounted by VmWare gets disconnected.
  19. is it possible to disable winnt setup disconnect vmware mounted drive/letter at close ?
  20. ok, is it possible to set into the .ini ?
  21. is capture from winntsetup use "norpfix" option with WIMGAPI and with WIMLIB ?
  22. thanks for update. no problems yet using "capture wim" from local installations. is there a log of the "capture" process ? in case of failures , to know more details (at which file was the error to skip it on next backup) , or in case of sucess to check exclusions.
  23. just discovered wimgapi (gimagex/winntsetup/dism) can support 54 non empty lines in [ExclusionList] WimLib doesn't have this limitation. is possible to add "None" compression to capture ? for large windows + data backup it's faster.
  24. integrated drivers are stored in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository

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