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  1. Hii guyz, I havent used vista much. But Win 7 is better than xp and vista both. So I have switched to it. The problem is it has no repair option, and I need it coz it easily repairs my lan connection in seconds. Note:That Diagnose/Troubleshoot thing doest repair my problems.Thatsy mneed Repair button.
  2. yea you are right alpaca, I think I must upgrade the ram. But the scene is i m thinking of upgrading the Whole Cpu+mob+proccy But it will take around 6 months.
  3. How to lower the memory requirement using Vlite?
  4. Hi all, Please tell me the ways to install Windows 7 on my P4 with 512 Ram. Waiting...
  5. the Main mirror of FIleFront doesnt work []
  6. I have made some custom XPs but I found much better than mine on the net. I m able to use nlite easily. I have some problems wen theres no application available for latest xp3 and like that stuffs. I m not able to make a multi boot dvd.how to make use of WPI,etc
  7. Actually I have used the search bar lotta times and I use it now also, But the tutorials have old methods old linkds old versions. Thats the thing I get fed up of while using those things many errors come
  8. I request all of you guyz for 2 things: 1.completeley updated windows XP sp3 till 15th october including mediaplayer,IE,msn messenger,etc. 2.A great tutorial with nlite or RVM integrator.Including how to make use of WPI and make addons ,how to include office 2003 setup and all those. Also tell us how to make a multiboot dvd eg.the one containing the partition magic,windows xp3,windows vista,etc. Thank you.
  9. The link given for KB931212 update have many options in it. I want to slipstream windows XP sp3 so there are two options for that also 1 is windows messenger 4.7 and other is windows messenger 5.1 Will i have to download both the hot fixes or only one of them?
  10. Can any 1 help me by giving the download link for this update. []
  11. the link is not working dude! pls post the working one
  12. 1 its a mltiboot dvd :it will have options to choose the foll options while installations a.all dirver version b.repair version c.original version d.sata raid version 5.repair ntldr following addons shud be included; mozilla,adobe,alcohol,Office2k3.vlc,yahoomessenger,gtalk.klitecdec,nero. different icon set. SP3 Please can any 1 make a guide for the fabove.
  13. I just now downloaded the addon from msfn and made the ISO but it didnt got installed! Can u temme why?

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