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  1. Do you rename the computer after the installation? If so, no wonder why your computeraccount does not exist.
  2. Hello! I am trying to connect my notebook via wireless LAN. I want the concection to be available before a user is logged on. I installed the Intel PRO Wireless Tools and when I start the notebook, I can see it in my Access Point. The notebooks gets an IP from the DHCP server. But I can't ping the notebook until a user is logged on. The ping request just time out... Is there any way to let XP answer pings during the logon mask is displayed? Thanks, PITU
  3. Hello, I managed to create a couple of lists containing the drivers included on the XP CD. I now removed the files I wanted tom delete from the cd and also removed their entries in txtsetup.sif, dosnet.inf, defltwk.inf, dwup.inf and sysfiles.inf (the files were referenced in each file). I tested my new image in VMWare and it installs without errors, but when I have a look at setupapi.log I have several entries like those: #E169 SPFILENOTIFY_NEEDMEDIA: returned FILEOP_ABORT. Error 1223: Der Vorgang wurde durch den Benutzer abgebrochen. #E169 SPFILENOTIFY_NEEDMEDIA: returned FILEOP_ABORT. Error 1223: Der Vorgang wurde durch den Benutzer abgebrochen. The english version of these lines should be: #E169 SPFILENOTIFY_NEEDMEDIA: returned FILEOP_ABORT. Error 1223: The operation was canceled by the user. According to Microsofts Guide Troubleshooting Device Installation with the SetupAPI Log File the problem is: Since the files are definitely on the cd or not referenced in any of the infs I suppose that the problem is, that the files are listes in one or more of the *.cat files. Does anybody know how to avoid this error? Please do not post "Use nlite". I tried to remove exactly the same files with nlite and I got errors, too. Since nlite replaces the syssetup.dll setup was not complaining about needed media, but I got many errors saying that syssetup.inf is not signed. /PITU
  4. OK, I tried it myself and finally came up with this batch: cd "Kopie von WXP_SP3" cd i386 mkdir _extracted mkdir _Logs mkdir _Logs2 copy *.sif _extracted copy *.inf _extracted copy *.ini _extracted expand -r *.in_ _extracted del _extracted\*.inc echo.Durchsuche IN*-Dateien nach jeder anderen Datei im Ordner for /f "tokens=1 delims=_" %%a in ('dir /b *.*') do ( find /C /I "%%a" _extracted\*.*>_Logs\%%a_.LOG ) echo.Filtere Log-Dateien for /f %%a in ('dir /b _Logs\*.*') do ( findstr /e /v /i ": 0" _Logs\%%a>_Logs2\%%a_2.LOG ) for /f %%a in ('dir /b _Logs2\*.*') do ( findstr /L "EXTRACTED" "_Logs2\%%a">_Logs3\%%a ) rmdir _extracted rmdir _Logs rmdir _Logs2 It a couple hours to run on my - not as fast as I want it to be - computer, but it produced my a list of 50 files which should by save to delete, as they are not mentioned in any INF, INI or SIF file. My "save-to-delete-list": ATOMIC.WM_ BLUESKY.WM_ COMPDATA_ comsdupd.ex_ faxpatch.exe_ GOO.WM_ HWDB.DLL_ ICONIC.WM_ Logs2_ MARKET.IN_ MSDWINTL.DL_ MSN13.IN_ MSN13.MA_ MSN40.IN_ MSN40.MA_ MSN53.IN_ MSN53.MA_ MSN9XMIG.DL_ MSNCSAPI.DL_ MSNEMAIL.IC_ MSNMIGR.IN_ MSNREAD.HT_ MSUNI11.DL_ NV4.IN_ oobedkn.ht_ oobedn.ht_ PERSONAL.WM_ PRIVACY.HT_ PRO.WM_ RADIO.WM_ RDSKTPW.CH_ RUSTY.WM_ sp2.cab_ SQDLL.DL_ SYSPARSE.EXE_ tscupdc.dll_ WIN9XMIG_ WINNTBBA.DLL_ WINNTUPG_ WMMFILT.DL_ WMMRES.DL_ WMMUTIL.DL_ WMPVIS.DL_ WSDU.DLL_ WSDUENG.DLL_ XPTHT33D.JP_ XPTHT41W.HT_ XPTHT78D.JP_ XPTHT79D.JP_ XPTHT80D.JP_ I will try what happens when installing without these files. But if you want to test whether these files are needed - do so and post your findings here. /PITU
  5. Hello, I am trying to build a batch which extracts all INF,SIF & INI Files from i386 folder in XPCD (SP3 integrated). But now I am at a point at which I do not know how to continue. In theory I wanted to do the following steps: 1. Extract all INF,SIF & INI Files from i386 to folder _extracted 2. For every file in "\i386\" search for file name in every file in _extracted 3. Clean Logfiles: Delete every line ending with " : 0". 4. Delete all files which are not empty 5. The files remaining are files which file's names could not be found anywhere. These files can probably be removed!? Here is my attempt in Batch-Script. To use it, just Drag&Drop CD-Folder on it. cd "%1" cd i386 mkdir _extracted mkdir _extracted\Logs mkdir _extracted\Logs2 copy *.sif _extracted copy *.inf _extracted copy *.ini _extracted expand -r *.in_ _extracted del _extracted\*.inc for /f "tokens=1 delims=_" %%a in ('dir /b *._') do ( find /C /I "%%a" _extracted\*.*>_extracted\Logs\%%a_.LOG ) for /f %%a in ('dir /b _extracted\*') do echo : 0 >> _extracted\__files.dat move ..\__files.dat files.dat cd .. for /f "tokens=1 delims=_" %%a in ('dir /b *') do ( findstr /e /i /g:__files.dat %%a>Logs2\%%a_.LOG ) Maybe some one can help me with this file so it's possible to look for unused files easily. /PITU
  6. Hello, I think, my question is very basic and I suppose many will think, that I do not know what a search egine is But, I really can not explain, where my fault is... I use the following batch to add my tweaks: It searches for *.reg patches and addes it to the default user profile, It is meant to search fpr *.reg files an add them to the default user hive. In my regfiles I replaced everything starting with "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\" with "[HKEY_USERS\RDefault\", a I thought, this would do it. Here is a sample regfile: I then tried to start my batch using cmdlines. But it did not work, and after some net research I knew, that the .DEFAULT-Registry Hive gets copied to the Default User-Profile at T-12. So the batch can not work properly, as the file ntuser.dat does not exist at T-13. So what can I do to add my tweaks? There should be a way to just alter the default user hive (C:\Documents and Setting\Default User\NTUSER.DAT) to apply my tweaks to all my users...
  7. Hello, I use the attached INF (It's named custom.inf) to install my windows-settings. The file is correctly copied to the HDD and the runonceex-entries are made to the registry. But when setup is trying to install my tweaks (at t-13), I get an error saying something like "Installation failed" (It should be this message, just translated from german). Do you find an error in my INF? I hope so, /PITU CUSTOM.INF
  8. Hello, I'm searching for the batch files to remove windows-components etc. made by gosh. Since his website went down I can't find them anymore. I found a post saing that jdboeck made a new collection for SP2, but I can't find it, too. I would be glad if anyone could help me /PITU
  9. My setup was the following: HDD 1 (~40gb, Windows and programs) HDD 2 (50GB, Data) HDD 3 (50GB, Data) HDD 4 (100GB, Music etc) I saved the files from HDD 4. And I wanted to disassemble it. As I thougt, that I backed-up the RAID (HDD 2 and HDD 3), I entered the Raid-Setup which appeared right after I turned on my computer. I chose to delete the array and I confirmed it. I turned off the computer and disassembled the two HDDs 2 and 3. After booting into windows I saw, what I just did. And that's it.
  10. Hello! I was just assembling my new computer, when I f***ed it up :/ I had a RAID (Stripe) and accidently deleted it I have a Promise PDC20378 controller (on motherboard ASUS K8V SE Deluxe). Is there any way to recover the array? I thougt about just recreating a new arra how it was befor I deleted it, but I do not not know, whether this deletes my files on the disks Can anybody help me? It's ver important. Nearl all of my data was stored in that array. /PITU
  11. Hello! I'd like to configure my the Windows Services (change the default start-options) directly on the CD. Which files I have to edit? I found a few Services in HIVESYS.INF, but many services seem not to be installed by this file (e.g. FastUserSwitching, HelpSvc) I hope, somebody can help me /PITU PS: Few people would say, that's a bit dumb, but I do not really like tools, which just do this for me. I'd like to know an understand, how it works, instead of just click a button.
  12. Hello! I read the tweaks on http://herby.virtualplastic.net/ . Now I want to place an icon on my desktop, which has the winamp-symbol. The only function it shall have, is, that it should add the files i drag over that icon will be added to winamp. I tried the following: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;WinAmp-Knopf [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{00000000-5005-0000-0000-000000000002}] "InfoTip"="WinAmp" "NeverShowExt"="" @="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{00000000-5005-0000-0000-000000000002}\DefaultIcon] @="%programfiles%\Winamp\Winamp.exe,0" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{00000000-5005-0000-0000-000000000002}\Shell\Open] @="Enqueue" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{00000000-5005-0000-0000-000000000002}\Shell\Open\Command] @="%programfiles%\Winamp\winamp.exe /ADD \"%1\"" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{00000000-5005-0000-0000-000000000002}\ShellFolder] "Attributes"=hex:00,00,00,00 ;Add WinAmp to Desktop [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Desktop\NameSpace\{00000000-5005-0000-0000-000000000002 }] But that did not work, because I am not able to drag something on the icon. Could someone help me? Thanks in advance /PITU
  13. Hello! I was just trying to edit the Menu in "notepad.exe". It will do very fine, if I do it manually. But, when it comes to scripting I am not able to edit the file. Here is what I have done: I opened the original "notepad.exe" in ResHacker Saved [ Menu : 1 : 1031 ] ... to c:\np_menu.res Edited the resfile to my needs closed ResHacker created scriptfile (see below) called Reshacker.exe -script c:\np_script.txt np_script.txt [FILENAMES] Exe=c:\notepad.exe SaveAs=c:\notepad2.exe Log=c:\np_log.log [COMMANDS] -addoverwrite "c:\np_menu.res", MENU, 1, 1031 Now it took a minute and Reshacker created this logfile: [01 Sep 2006, 15:02:20] [FileNames] Exe=c:\notepad.exe SaveAs=c:\notepad2.exe Log=c:\np_log.log [Commands] -addoverwrite "c:\np_menu.res", MENU, 1, 1031 Commands completed But it does not create the edited file! I do not know, where the Problem is. I hope, anybody can help me. Thanks in andvance /PITU
  14. Hello! I'd like to create a new Fileextension, which i want to use for a sort of a menu. I created the new extension and added "NevershowExt". That's just simple. But as I want to add my own menu I don't want the standard-contextmenu to be displayed. (copy, rename, sendto etc.) Is there a way to do that? /PITU

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