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  1. AdTrap is Ad free internet for all of your devices as hardware,but I want a cheaper option. I want to use it for devices that I can't modify. more info: http://www.getadtrap.com/
  2. I don't have modem in my pc but i hear modem sound from spaker or headset,i don't know how to disable it.
  3. in win8.1 x86 i can't rename any new folder.
  4. after remove flash with wim tweak then install flash from adobe for IE seem some flash not work (black screen) in only IE10,is there way to reinstall package for flash or is there way to fix .
  5. I don't have issue in previous versions, after apply to convert the partition stop at 10% with error not enough memory "win XP 32bits" .then my partition converted NTFS but most data damage. I ask paragon but they never help for anything because they want serial no "I don't have it because I use that copy for my company" btw already I have same issue on other pc "win7 64bits" any there any way to fix this???
  6. I know about this,also sxs folder to big size.
  7. i found links when try to install NET Framework 3.5 via win update but i can't open psf file.any idea? Edit:sry i post in wrong section
  8. if i buy it i can play games release this year? http://www.toshibamea.com/ComputerProduct/4/Satellite_C850-B733/52372?pageid=4
  9. seem no BSOD any more after disable pagefile.
  10. I got this error when in install win8 pro x86,after install drivers "getting devices ready" i got this error.this error appear a lot on my pc randomly now.i test my RAM with memtest86 and Memory Diagnostics Tool it pass without any error.i uploaded my dmp files maybe some know my issue. http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/7504/img1438yk.jpg 1.zip

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