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    This is the second time you have named WinZip utilities....Get that crap off your computer! The only program that is legit and you should be using if needed is Winzip for packing files.... The rest of the crap bearing Winzips logo that fixes drivers and so fourth is just plain malware! bookie32
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    What do you people make of this? Didn't think anyone would actually bother to comment, but the author of Rufus himself did. Is anyone here who uses Vista on a regular basis actually concerned of the potential security implications? At least for me, regardless of the OS I use, whether that mitigation is enabled or not, it doesn't make a difference to me, because nothing ever gets on my PC without my explicit permission. I haven't used anti-virus software in years. To me, that's snake oil that only serves to give gullible people a false sense of security and slow the computer down and being downright annoying by deleting software that I actually want to run. It even happened to me once that I was compiling a program from source and NOD32 deleted the freshly compiled .exe right away! I was compiling a freaking game engine at the time... Windows Defender is the very first thing that gets turned off after Windows install. So, since this is primarily for the few Vista fans on this forum and that I don't really like programming and only ever bother with it if something I'd like to use is horribly broken or otherwise find some inconvenience that I'm able to fix, what do you think? Would you rather have a version that's potentially more secure or is the current fine? Honestly, my Vista image dates back to 2013, so it's possible that the bug with controls losing Aero appearance doesn't even occur when on a later patch level, but knowing MS, when their product goes out of mainstream support, they don't usually do any interesting updates. I guess I could compile both versions. I personally prefer the one that looks right.
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    Although this could go in the "browsers" thread, I didn't want this to get buried in the many pages of that thread. After some detective work, I've located Firefox 52.9.1 ESR buried on Mozilla's servers and confirmed it works on Windows XP. The 52.9.0 version is dated 25-JUN-2018 while the 52.9.1 version is dated 06-SEP-2018. The links are https://download-origin.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/tinderbox-builds/mozilla-esr52-win32/1536215521/firefox-52.9.1.en-US.win32.installer.exe and alternate link is https://archive.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/tinderbox-builds/mozilla-esr52-win32/1536215521/firefox-52.9.1.en-US.win32.installer.exe. I've also added it to my FTP: http://sdfox7.com/xp/sp3/EOL/firefox-52.9.1.en-US.win32.installer.exe I'm not sure why Mozilla didn't make this release public, but ENJOY! Note that I don't use XP 64 bit but I would expect the same results.
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    The existence of Thunderbird 52.9.1 meant to me that there must be a Firefox 52.9.1 somewhere. Thunderbird 52.9.1: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/thunderbird/releases/52.9.1/win32/en-US/Thunderbird Setup 52.9.1.exe Also, Sea-Monkey 2.49.5 is now out, and works on XP, even though it's not posted on the main page: https://www.wg9s.com/comm-esr/seamonkey-2.49.5.en-US.win32.zip
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    How on earth did you ever find out a Firefox ESR v. 52.9.1 even existed, to go hunting after it (if I may ask)?
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    Thank you UCyborg for your efforts in making newer versions of Rufus working on Vista! I can understand not wanting to continue maintaining it for Vista since so very few people still use it these days, but whatever you decide to do, thanks for getting newer versions to work on it. Thanks for pointing that out. Added to the list: I can confirm that the latest 4.0.1 release works fine on my Vista system https://imgur.com/8MPUeiG
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    @Tangy: You appear to have this setting checked (Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses) while using New Moon; in all honesty, I don't think it has any bearing on New (Pale) Moon, since WebRTC is disabled there at code level... But it's certainly applicable on FirefoxESR 52.9.0, Serpent 52.9.0 and even Serpent 55.0.0; the wiki link for that feature, for anyone concerned, is: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/Prevent-WebRTC-from-leaking-local-IP-address According to tests I performed on both FirefoxESR 52.9.0 and Serpent 52.9.0, this issue you report appears to manifest itself exclusively with the WebExtension version of UBlock Origin ; if one installs the XUL version of uB0, currently at version, then the checkbox remains "clickable" no matter the value of boolean pref "media.peerconnection.enabled"; switch to the WE version of uBO (stable channel currently at version 1.17.4) and one discovers that the WebRTC checkbox has been disabled (and text greyed out ), again irrespective of the state of the "media.peerconnection.enabled" boolean pref... ******************************************************************* A word to those using uB0 WE on Basilisk/Serpent 52.9.0 : 1.17.4 is the final version that can be installed in Basilisk 52 out of the box; 1.17.7b2 of the dev channel was (has now been removed from the GitHub repo) equally the last (beta) version to install (out-of-the-box) in either Basilisk 52 / Serpent 52.9.0; this development has been reported first in the official PM forums, https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=21241 which also links to the uB0 support reddit: Mozilla fanbois aside (they're so irritating , aren't they?), it was claimed that "Basilisk was never officially supported", while in the end of the thread the author revealed that he had to increase "strict_min_version" (inside extension's manifest.json) to "55.0", because he started using the Web API requestIdleCallback. So, latest dev version 1.17.7rc2 won't install in Bk52 I've done some research and have discovered at least two discrepancies here: 1. For some inexplicable reason, Firefox versions 52.0.2 and 53.0.3 (release channel) as well as 52.9.0 (ESR channel) do not honour the "strict_min_version": "55.0" requirement and version uB0 1.17.7rc2 has no problem installing and working there... 2. While the MDN documentation states that window.requestIdleCallback() is "Implemented but disabled by default" in Firefox v53-55, I found boolean pref "dom.requestIdleCallback.enabled" extant (but defaulted to false) in all 3 mentioned Firefox versions (52.0.2, 52.9.0, 53.0.3); so, at least in theory, Firefox >=52.0 already meets the new requirement by @gorhill, provided the user manually flips "dom.requestIdleCallback.enabled" to true; what is even more important is the fact Moonchild devs have already defaulted that pref to true in Basilisk 52, so there's no actual reason why the Basilisk browser should be exempt from the list of supported (by latest uB0 WE) browsers - but, sadly, @gorhill does not follow closely Basilisk's development, hence his decision to block it based solely on its reported appVersion string ; also worth noting is that Serpent 55.0.0/moebius doesn't exhibit this issue because, its appVersion string reporting 55.*, it already fulfils the new enhanced requirements... To cut a long story short, I downloaded file uBlock0_1.17.7rc2.firefox.signed.xpi to disk and manually changed line 5 in manifest.json file to read: "strict_min_version": "52.0", ... then the extension had no problem installing and working as expected in Serpent 52.9.0 Of course, when Moonchild's new unfortunate plan (to remove WE support in Bk) bears fruits, this post of mine would be a moot one... *******************************************************************
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    Actually is because the ublock origin you have installed is a later version and not the legacy one ( ) that is why is greyed out.
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    @jumper Right, I must have forgotten that as I didnt update WUPG since then IIRC anymore. What happened so far (after the last version in 2010): The last thing I did planing on was adding a few updates that werent included in the pack before. Then I still had another IE6 cumulative update (unofficial) but since IE6 nowadays is used so rarely (support of pages post http/1.1 and security reasons) that wasnt really a big thing to include. So rather it wouldn have been interesting to include something to improve the non-IE browsers supporting 98SE. And after youtube ended up disabling flash in favor of html5 well windows 98se got thrown against the wall you could say (atleast for systems with outdated hardware). Since the page that included the original download of WUPG98 is offline for some years now it would also be a question of finding a new hosting page(although it would be enough to just share the link here I know or send if to MDGx) if I ever get time to finish a new version of the WUPG. Currently Im not having enough time to continue or better said dont take the time and lack of motivation aswell. Im happy watching that the MSFN community supports 98se after so many years and are enjoyed too see what everyone comes up with. The last "big" thing (or not so unimportant thing) I thought about inlcluding recently, was maybe adding TimeZone updates. But yeah...dont wanna be a pessimist on that one but even the European Union was now thinking about abolishing the Daylight Saving Time.... So better wait what comes out there (not to put too much effort in the thing before everything is outdated again). Microsoft aswell didnt make things easier with shutting down the Windows Update v4 server for 98 (having it online especially wouldnt have been easier for new ideas too include like even more than the 2 languages so far, although I admit that would have been more effort than ever doing the translating of the descriptions and so) but that was a much longer time ago than most of the stuff mentioned here IIRC. Just in case somebody was a bit interested what was going on recently about WUPG98. I thought I share this with you.
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    You should be able to hide it in Windows/Microsoft Update so it doesn't install again. I assume you've got automatic updating switched on. I would recommend that you switch it off, and configure it just to prompt you when updates are available, not actually install them! IMO it's important to keep control now of exactly what is updated on your machine.
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    ... This was also linked to by @roytam1 in the corresponding XP thread: The thing is, I had previously landed in that "repo" some weeks after 2.49.4 became EoS (or rather the Mozilla ESR 52.9.0 platform it builds on...), but I was dismayed to find out that only win64 builds were offered... ; so I was pleasantly surprised to discover a win32 build is now available: Not an official build, surely; these are being compiled and offered by a dev named Bill Gianopoulos (of Greek descent), he states himself that: It comes with ChatZilla, DOM Inspector and Lightning extensions pre-installed (as system addons), too (PS: I couldn't help noticing the increase in size for file xul.dll, from 53.1 MB in official 2.49.4 32-bit (compiled with Visual Studio 2015) to 61.7 MB in latest "nightly" (compiled with Visual Studio 2017 )) ...
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