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  1. @DanR20 All of my add ons work fine here ( Adguard, Avast online security, Classic theme restorer, classic toolbar buttons,Decentraleys, Fierr, Flagfox, minerblock, privacy badger, ublock origin, user agent switcher and manager,webmail ad blocker, yahoo mail hide ad panel ) cheers
  2. Currently I am using version 18.6.2349 and everything seems to be fine, evidently programme update is set to manual, not that I had any problems with later versions since I've never tried them. Please note : If your XP doesn't support SSE2, you may download version 10 from here: https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=164936.msg1322691#msg1322691 Courtesy of bob3160 from avast forum @DaveH Have you set terminal services to automatic ? Have you performed repair or clean install ? Instructions below: How to Successfully Install Avast http://goo.gl/VLXde - Repair & Clean Install https://goo.gl/t7aJGq Courtesy of bob3160 from avast forum I hope this might shed a bit of light to your woes. Cheers
  3. I am afraid both links still give same error 404 not found. Basilisk links work fine. Cheers
  4. @ roytam1 : Both palemoon/newmoon links give a 404 - Not Found Cheers
  5. For New Moon try this one. Works fine ! http://addons.palemoon.org/addon/expose-noisy-tabs/ Cheers
  6. In NM I use besides ublock origin, Adguard legacy 2.10.8. Find below my settings.
  7. Tangy

    Mozilla Firefox 52 esr support petition

    Thanks for that. Could not resist the temptation !
  8. roytam1 has expressly stated that this is a Mozilla bug and they have not been able to sort it out.( Or maybe they can't be arsed ) Quite recently a friend of mine ( windows 7, latest Mozilla version ) mentioned that you tube videos freeze at about 46 minutes. I reckon I will have to check that with my other PC OS win 7 64 bits. I do not know when though. Cheers
  9. Ever considered of installing HTML5 media tuner add on in New Moon ? My NM works flawlessly basically everywhere. Cheers PS: unfortunately it does not work in Basilisk
  10. Mission accomplished ! Dankeschön
  11. Could not import values to registry. Basically it says that was due to system error or defected HD. However I run certupdater 1.6 and informed me that update was successful. Cheers
  12. Tangy

    Firefox to Basilisk

    I hope this helps Cheers
  13. Tangy

    Firefox to Basilisk

    You can get from here: http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/search/label/browser New build of post-deprecated basilisk/moebius for XP! * Notice: This repo will not be built on regular schedule, and changes are experimental as usual. ** Current moebius patch level should be on par with 52.8, but some security patches can not be applied/ported due to source milestone differences between versions. Test binary: Win32 http://o.rthost.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win32-git-20180707-019ca9a53-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rthost.cf/basilisk/basilisk55-win64-git-20180707-019ca9a53-xpmod.7z Repo changes: - fully update tzdata to 2018e (ef763f92e) - branding: optimize PNG (d1df17ccb) - try to sync with UXP to solve crash in msctfime. (019ca9a53) Courtesy of roytam1
  14. I do not think so. Regarding Basilisk you may install classic theme restorer and classic toolbar buttons and customise it to your liking. New Moon 28 and Mypal I suggest you to install HTML5 media tuner since all sites ( I mean the ones I frequent ) play videos with Adobe Flash as well so by disabling html5 you don't get the 23 minute thingy. This does not apply to youtube.
  15. You could use Smart HTTPS 0.2.5 as it says " automatically changes HTTP protocol to HTTPS and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP ".