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  1. Just installed the fix ( esr 52.9.1 ) All of the ones "affected " I mean the proceed with caution warning went back to normal except of course legacy ublock origin as expected.
  2. I have 5 mail accounts ( 3 hotmail ,yahoo, gmail ) I am member in 2 discussion forums, 4 international newspapers, avast forum, malwarebytes forum, progrock archives and legrove. I have never ever encountered any of the inconveniences you have mentioned. Cheers
  3. @VistaLover Inadvertently changed my adguard settings. Actually there were supposed to be as depicted below. I am aware thet I can get the nocoin list f ublock origin. I prefer to use adguard spyware filter since it is more complete than ublock's adguard spyware filter and also because of the phising malware protection provided by adguard and not by ublock. You are absolutely right. Thank you
  4. I have no intention whatsoever to ditch XP so soon. It serves all my needs nicely. I have been using it since july 2010 ( after my pc running win2k pro went kaput ) . In 2011, I got another pc win7 pro but I hardly use it. Actually my trouble and strife does but believe it or not she prefers my xp . I would like to thank you all for your invaluable contribution and help.
  5. Just to let you know everything is ok now. No more high cpu usage whether signed in or not. @kitaro1 I used your suggestion on this other streaming site I had been having trouble with and worked like a charm. Edit 1 : Also another thing that may have contributed to that may have been some conflicting settings on ublock and adguard. After sorting that out cpu usage is minimum all over the place really. Thank you.
  6. @kitaro1 Thank you so much. I reckon it kind of work. My cpu from 100% went down to something between 40% and 50% when visiting this forum.. My filters ublock origin I inserted the following : msfn.org/.googlesyndication.com I trust it is the right syntax Edit 1 : However when I sign in it shoots up to 100%. Just now turned it off for this site as I had always done before and in a matter of 15 seconds cpu went down to 2.9 %. I guess either the forum or my browser is a bit moody as it seems. Edit2 Back to 100% I reckon there might be something wrong with the forum.
  7. Something strange to report. As from this morning when I visit the forum NM is using 100% cpu. Mypal performs a bit better using 70 to 60 %, while ff52 and basilisk use basically 0% when idle for example reading the contents of a thread. This is why I used ff to convey this message ( CPU usage was 0% while typing} . I did clear cookies and history however the problem persists. Any ideas on that ? @roytam1 Cheers
  8. @Mathwiz There is this site here, they use cloudflare to check your browser. http://www7.putlockers.fm/ Never had any trouble with NM28, Basilisk 52 or mypal.
  9. @Dave-H Perhaps has something to do with this : https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/mar/13/facebook-outages-americas-europe-instagram-whatsapp
  10. Ublock origin legacy updater 1.6.7 ( Basilisk ) you may get it here : https://github.com/JustOff/ublock0-updater/releases/tag/1.6.7 Cheers PS : It is also good for firefox 52.9.1 esr and New moon !
  11. Since this issue has been discussed here , I would like to inform you that Mozilla 64 also suffers from the 23/25 min youtube mozilla bug. As it seems either they have not been able to fix it or simply they do not care. cheers
  12. Actually is because the ublock origin you have installed is a later version and not the legacy one ( ) that is why is greyed out.
  13. Thank you Dencorco and FranceBB . I was going to do so anyway.
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