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  1. @roytam1 Basilisk and NM 28 links give 404 Not Found. All the rest seem to be ok ! Cheers
  2. A couple of days ago I've noticed, that on you tube the button that said show more n the recommended for you has gone with the wind. Please see image attached. I can assure you it was there at least 10 days ago. Same applies to opera,google chrome , mypal and basilisk. However when I change Basilisk's user agent to win 7 I do get the boring infinite scrolling. At first I thought it was xp related. Then I tried good old firefox esr and to my surprise I do get the infinite scrolling which by the way it is such an anathema. As far as comments are concerned you still get the show more comments button . Any ideas on that ? Cheers
  3. Please post your question here : https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/issues Cheers Ps.By the way the latest version of mypal is 28.6.1, Find Download below https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/releases
  4. @sal here You might find this interesting. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/superantispyware-updates-news.391893/ Cheers By the way I have been using it for ages. Just for tracking cookies really.
  5. I also use same version of MBAM as @heinoganda and Avast free 18.8.2356
  6. @mo832 I don't think there is a built-in feature to override a pagrs styles on a tab-tab or site-site basis. There might be an add-on for this. Greasemonkey for example allows you to use java script on a site-site basis thus providing you with an opportunity for customization the caveat , such an arduous task to obtain the desired result. You could try Stylish extension or customize-your-web extension providing of course that this is feasible. I don't use any of them. Why don't you do a clean install of Panda just in case. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-jYwX271V8s6hl47uO-S_TBOaJW-JxxN3cudix12H6c/edit PS : nosquint extension
  7. @mo832 Since you are using ff47 please read article below you might find it useful https://www.ghacks.net/2016/03/21/firefox-47-tab-based-temporary-user-agent-switching/ You can always change user agent by way of an add on https://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/ Scroll all the way down the bottom. See if any of the user agent add ons available install on your browser. In About : config , Do not forget to set xpinstall.signatures.required to false. ( Can't remember when the signed add ons policy was implemented )
  8. What about if you changed user-agent to NT6.1 firefox 61.0 or even 60.9 or 52.9 ?
  9. @VistaLover Have not changed anything in about:config As you may see media.wmf.enabled true Cheers
  10. @VistaLover Just clicked on the link furnished above and was able to watch said video without any problems whatsoever NM 28.6.0a1 32 bit 2019-05-24 Shortly I'll be tying serpent 52 and ff52. Keep you posted. Just to let you know , Serpent 52 latest as well as firefox 52.9.1 work fine. Cheers PS: Forgot to mention that on serpent I use user agent string : Mozilla/5.0(windowsNT6.1;rv:61.0)Gecko/200100101 Firefox/61.0 through user-agent switcher and manager 0.2.6 add on
  11. Just installed the fix ( esr 52.9.1 ) All of the ones "affected " I mean the proceed with caution warning went back to normal except of course legacy ublock origin as expected.
  12. I have 5 mail accounts ( 3 hotmail ,yahoo, gmail ) I am member in 2 discussion forums, 4 international newspapers, avast forum, malwarebytes forum, progrock archives and legrove. I have never ever encountered any of the inconveniences you have mentioned. Cheers
  13. @VistaLover Inadvertently changed my adguard settings. Actually there were supposed to be as depicted below. I am aware thet I can get the nocoin list f ublock origin. I prefer to use adguard spyware filter since it is more complete than ublock's adguard spyware filter and also because of the phising malware protection provided by adguard and not by ublock. You are absolutely right. Thank you
  14. I have no intention whatsoever to ditch XP so soon. It serves all my needs nicely. I have been using it since july 2010 ( after my pc running win2k pro went kaput ) . In 2011, I got another pc win7 pro but I hardly use it. Actually my trouble and strife does but believe it or not she prefers my xp . I would like to thank you all for your invaluable contribution and help.
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