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  1. Ublock origin legacy updater 1.6.7 ( Basilisk ) you may get it here : https://github.com/JustOff/ublock0-updater/releases/tag/1.6.7 Cheers PS : It is also good for firefox 52.9.1 esr and New moon !
  2. Since this issue has been discussed here , I would like to inform you that Mozilla 64 also suffers from the 23/25 min youtube mozilla bug. As it seems either they have not been able to fix it or simply they do not care. cheers
  3. Actually is because the ublock origin you have installed is a later version and not the legacy one ( ) that is why is greyed out.
  4. @Mathwiz You may do so through ublock origin
  5. Thank you Dencorco and FranceBB . I was going to do so anyway.
  6. Thanks Dave it worked. However BS still misbehaving so had to uninstall it. I got hold of an offline installer . last one to work with winxp was 17.3.xxx The one I 've got is 17.2.2288 you may downloaded from here. Got this from Avast forum ( bob) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wR1ITPOGpL6_HtbUwu-x_B3zmBdNr6ii/view Now I got a question . Do I go for it( I don't even know if bs is going to work ) ? Or use the latest version without bs ? @FranceBB What do you reckon ?
  7. @Dave-H Thank you very much indeed ! I'll be trying it out shortly.
  8. @FranceBB Please mate no worries at all. Good luck with your work ! I do understand this is basically mission impossible. Workaround involving winpat did not last long, BS is back to its usual self ,turning off. Anyways I had been using version 12 ( no behaviour shield in this version) until two months ago and was planning to keep it if it was not for that forced update to version 18.6. I could not complain since everything was fine. This last version 18.8 seems to be allergic to my system. Now my two other two options would be either Panda ( installed on my win7 computer) or Avira which I detest profoundly. Neither of them has a behaviour shield or something similar to it. I got PC tools FW paranoia mode ( don't make them like this anymore ) which has HIPS as well as OSArmour If you are not familiar https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/novirusthanks-osarmor-an-additional-layer-of-defense.398859/ which is highly recommended in Wilders forum and those two I reckon they cover Avast's B Shield. I might be terribly wrong of course. So I decided to get rid of this component since it is not working . I mean what's the point of having it. Of course If I mention this in the Avast forum I would elicit the same kind of admiration one would feel for a streaker at Queen Victoria's funeral. So far the only thing Avast BS detected was Basilisk so did my firewall. Bottom line is I don't give a rat's suppurated arse about B Shield. PS : I have also enabled Hardened mode aggressive. I am very happy indeed now Cheers
  9. I have downloaded it twice. Size 9.83 MB version :19.1.4142.424 digital signature not available. I might have cracked it for the time being. Started my pc in safe mode and then using WinPat I set the service of aswbiDsagent.exe to automatic. When I did that through windows services within a couple of days would go back to manual and consequently BS would turn itself off. However whenever I open a file or visit a site would come back to life. I have restarted my pc three times so far after the winpat workaround and BS is there in all its glory. Let's see how long my honeymoon is going to last. If this fails I'll try to set it on triggered through WinPat. Ofcourse I still get that blank window for 20 to 30 seconds. It does not really bother me.
  10. @Dave-H The thing is when I run avast clear get a message saying that this is not a valid win32 app (See image 3 page 3. )Go figure.
  11. I thought had sorted out this inconvenience https://forum.avast.com/?topic=224360.0 however back to square one . Even though avast says that BS is turned off actually it is running. must be a bug at least in my system. The thing is why avastclear utility is not working and why avast cannot uninstall its own appdata is beyond me. have always to finalize the uninstall process by force booting. Apart from that everything is ok.
  12. Ok problem solved. How ? please do not ask is beyond me. The only thing I still get that blank thing depicted in image 2 but as soon as avast is fully loaded it goes with the wind.
  13. It seems this is the main culprit,tried to delete htmldata got a message saying access denied, blocked html cannot be removed
  14. I wonder if you can help me. Few days ago I upgraded my avast to version 18.8.2356 from 18.6.2349 I felt compelled to do so since a critical vulnerability had been fixed in this version.. The day after I noticed that Behaviour Shield behaved erratically by turning off specially on start up. I did a repair but to no avail. Then I set aswbIDSAgent to automatic in services this worked for a day or two. Then I tried to do a clean install . During uninstallation right at the end Avast got stuck to : Deleting file C:\ documents and settings\all users\ application data\avast software\avast\html data\image 001.png and winlogon was consuming almost 100% of cpu . After a forced reboot to my surprise avast had been removed from my computer. Could not use avastclear utility please see attached image 3. I installed avast but the symptom regarding B Shield persists. I did that quite a few times but the BS problem is still there. Also now when I start my computer Please see Image 1 of course as soon as everything is loaded it goes away. Once I set adwbIDSAgent to automatic and perform a repair BS turning off occurs mostly at start up. Once I turn it on manually it stays on till the end of the day well not always. If I turn on BS from protection menu instead of main GUI never turns off. Same thing happens when I try to uninstal in safe mode. I was considering the idea to delete html data from application data folder then use revo and do a thorough uninstall of avast or uninstall it from add/remove forced reboot and then delete avast application data folder and then install again. I found an off line installer of the version I was using but there is no way to install it due to winlogon high cpu consumption. I guess you can't use off line installers for winxp. Thank you kindly PS : I posted that over the avast forum but nobody really has bothered to help me so far Any ideas @FranceBB
  15. Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear