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  2. New MSI file support is planned for the upcoming advanced fork.
  3. I have assorted registry tweaks I apply to my images. It has always worked for me since Windows 7. I've been testing something today after a long time, and after a few hours of trying to figure out WTF was going on, I came to the conclusion this part of the customization didn't work at all. Basically what I do is this: 1) mount the image 2) load the registry files from the image 3) apply some tweaks 4) unload registry 5) save and unmount the image When I mount the image back, the changed/added registry keys and values are there, so this part is correct. I know there are certain values that cannot be changed in this way and are always default after installation, however in this particular case, when I install the image, absloutely everything is as default as can be. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I am testing my images in Virtualbox, and thinking it could have been something in the last version of Windows, I went back to version 1903, but it doesn't work either (and I did install my PC with this some time ago), so that can't be the problem. I am out of ideas.
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  5. I have a doubt: when this project is done it will be multilingual
  6. By mistake I bought a 775i65G rev. 3.0, but does not support dual core 3gz CPUs, while rev. previous yes, with the bios modified! What can I do?
  7. Do not use doublespeak. This is so hypocritical. You need to buy license key.
  8. It has always been the case with MSI files. It would be nice to have this feature but internally written in the MSI are the install instructions and internal files can be error checked. It depends on how the MSI install instructions checks the OS version, a temporary registry change may work. SuperOrca from Pantaray can look inside the installer and the install instructions could be altered. If a CAB file needs editing for example is difficult to edit the CRC check or know how to. If the program install is from an EXE that extracts the MSI then when the MSI has to be edited after extraction but many MSIs have reliance on an external executable to start and if this is the case then there will probably be CRC checks on the MSI itself. Why not install to a different OS and get the files and reg settings, if needed, from the other OS and see if the program works. Settlers 6 works this way and Acrobat 9, as examples only, must know also any new system files that are made. But as always, I do not want to get in the way of Jumper or other members answering your question.
  9. It's interesting how our opinions are at the same time so much opposite and so much alike. Like you, I'm also avoiding javascript wherever possible at all. Like you, I'm also very hesitant of messing too much with system stuff. Although in my case, that's mainly due to lack of self-help skills, aside from making a complete backup of win folder etc. before experimenting. Especially fearing all sorts of possible side-effects which may show up only much later. That's why so far I didn't manage yet to replace those two core files you mentioned (but meanwhile high on my todo list) On the other hand, although I was "forced" to try and install KernelEx to get some crucial newer apps running, I absolutely love about the old, stable version 4.5.2 that it could be installed with a DEFAULT setting OFF. That means it's NOT ACTIVE by default, the system and all apps still use the original files. Except those apps with a compat-setting in their properties get tweaked system files, and only in RAM. Only OLDER or NEWER versions as Kex4.5.2 have given me much trouble. Long ago, the very first installation attempt with a yet OLDER version was a disaster, because after uninstalling it again (for some forgotten reason), the original kernel dll file was also deleted and Windows didn't start anymore! Luckily, I could copy it over from a backup folder, using DOS, and all was fine again, but was quite a sweat. This ancient version had still replaced the system files physically. Since Kex452 that bug was fixed and the system files get replaced in RAM only, if I got that right (?) And yet newer versions, like Kex4.5.16/17, which I was again "forced" to install to get KM-Goanna74 and other stuff running, gave me different killer probs: the "default=off" setting doesn't work anymore, a real disaster, and it's not even possible to completely disable it in single app settings. Well possible I did something wrong while updating, for lack of clue, but now some native, old Win98 apps are broken. On the other hand of course, some newer apps starting working, especially can't live without KG74. My hope is that a future stable Kex version will allow a default-OFF setting again, but for the time being am mighty glad to have a much younger fallback browser.
  10. Yes thank you for opening my eyes more, but do you know that my Sepent / Basilsk 52.9.0 and Serpent 55 / Moebius they have this persona lightweight theme, that I had done the download a few years ago - surely legacy signed version. I've user set string (says version "0") in about:config: "lightweightThemes.usedThemes" item. So I hadn't paid attention to this link to Mozila, which presents "web extension" versions - a low blow from Mozilla.....so thanks for your correction and link to some Basilisk personas, VistaLover! For now, I've not downloaded this add-on/extension Lightweight Themes Manager 0.2.1-signed.1-let-fixed.1-signed: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-us/firefox/addon/lwthemes/: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-us/firefox/addon/lwthemes/ Features: Backup/restore all themes to/from a JSON file. Save individual theme to a JSON file. Install individual theme from a JSON file. Personas Plus integration.
  11. hello Dibya i can offer some help in the kernel ex for windows xp i got knowlegue in debugging, assembly, win32 api, pe header , c/c++, masm if you want i offer free help to your project i just need a live contact to share the requied informations , like methods that where used (dll wrapper, pe edits, sections, norms that we use, masm) code that being shared
  12. Yes, I am happy too that VSS Capture using WimGAPI and having Defender switched off is bringing success Defender is slowing down the VSS Capture by at least a factor 7 so that it really safes a lot of time when Defender is disabled during Capture. What kind of false positive do you have in mind that can be caused by disabling Defender during VSS Capture ? I think that switching off Defender can solve problems.
  13. https://www.tuneskit.com/tkplayer-for-win.html
  14. Good! Next step: go in Device Manager and disable ALL usb controllers. Without mouse: use TAB, arrow's and ALT+e to go to right places, and SPACE to enable/disable white square boxes (sorry, can't upload pictures, I have only 20KB upload space left...). Further if you want to disable SATA for the time being, set hard disk controllers to "None" (or something like that).
  15. It’s been a long time in the making. Finally, I’ve released the Anti-Malware Toolkit 2! Check it out! It has a lot of quality software to help users get their PCs in good working condition. The Anti-Malware Toolkit 2 has been released! Lunarsoft has always had the goal of helping users rid their computers of malware by suggesting a variety of tools. The search for the right program can be daunting for some users, and takes valuable time. It’s already stressful enough when your computer gets infected by malicious software. Rather than have those users suffer by searching several websites for the right software, there was a better goal. To give users a program that would eliminate the search, providing direct downloads to the files to help get them back to a clean, operational state. Read more on Lunarsoft
  16. It worked! Windows ME successfully entered safe mode. I just need to figure out why ME will boot with a broken hard drive, yet cannot boot without it. I can't figure out why ME won't boot normally though. I patched the system before putting it on my flash drive, so I don't think I need to remove the 4 of 8 (1gb) ram sticks in my PC. No USB mouse is working either in safe mode, so I cannot explore windows unless I had a ps/2 mouse.
  17. @~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~ When booting from an USB flash drive, is it possible to boot WinME in safe mode? Don't forget to set a MaxPhysPage line in SYSYEM.CB, say [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=20000.
  18. with this paint.net 4.0 not start. can you try fix it? please try start paint.net 4.0 - 4.0.3
  19. There seems to be a little bug in KernelEx: MSI Installer Programs won't give us the option to enable KernelEx for the application. Mavis Beacon Teaches typing 20 is an example; the installer does not have a KernelEx tab.
  20. Pin to start doesn't work when done from within Total Commander. I think I reported this long time ago but nothing happened. I have no idea where the underlaying problem is, but I know it did work at some point in past. Long time ago, I don't know. edit: It seems like the SIB++'s own pin to start isn't recognized by TC.
  21. @AshtonLee.IT We had discussion about the version of BOOTICE, see here. Glad it works now. This slow down with Defender is a bit extreme. But i guess an option to disable realtime monitoring during capture would properly cause one more false positive.
  22. Hello MSFN! I'm aiming to install Windows 98 or ME on my Dell Precision when I figured I could originally work around the ram by manually setting ram limitations, then came upon a dead-end of no SATA CDROM or Drive Drivers because the machine cannot disable those options. In theory, would it be possible for me to simply install Windows 9x on a virtual machine, install required drivers there, then convert to my physical machine? The process sounds a lot less tedious and installing the actual OS wouldn't take nearly as long. I can install Windows ME instantly, enable DOS-mode back, install rloew's SATA, ram, and 2tb hard drive patches there easily. Unlike the physical machine, I won't have to physically remove the ram in my machine or potentially dual-boot Linux to access to Windows 9x partition. I can also include all the necessary files in case of an issue (USB, drivers, software, utilities, etc.) I would imagine setting up a bootable Linux USB, copying the file inside the flash drive, then applying the system image into the physical machine. If we could do this on any machine in theory, then 9x could be implemented on any machine (no guarantee for drivers, but rloew's patch for that may help). EDIT: So far, I've learned that a VHD can be mounted and copied. But, I still haven't tried yet. Using copyzilla, I successfully had my Windows ME partition copied to the flash drive and...it sorta boots. The system won't boot past the main menu; I believe this is because my boot device itself is a usb device...I've noticed while launching Windows ME on my old laptop, keeping a flash drive plugged in during boot would completely cause freezing upon boot. If anyone has a solution, please tell me!
  23. Thanks, I like FTDeepDark v14.3 as it is. Mussala-856 meters => basilisk52-g4.4.2019121 => version does not fit...
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