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  2. Aero Modern (Revival)

    looks great, update me if you are ready.
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  4. YouTube WORKING! With Opera 12.02

    lobo I only use 9x as a toy, I have a big boy system that I use normally. yea I tried it, it's utter crap on a pentium 3. Might work ok on fast computer with 9x. I have no use to run 9x on a later computer when I can run win 7 7 64.
  5. ATI Radeon X1800XT for Windows 9x?

    9x can be installed to a SATA Hard Drive but will probably need my SATA Patch. Installing to an USB Drive would require some modification to the Installation process.
  6. Welcome to MSFN! You actually don't need to restart after installing every single update. Just simply click "Close" and just install the next update in the list, and keep doing that until all the updates are installed, then restart. However in your case, since you're having to install all 8 months worth of updates, you can simply create a batch script (.bat) in Notepad to manually install all of the updates at once. However, it does take quite a long time to create the first time around (Microsoft makes nothing easy when it comes to installing updates...), and you'll have to add to the batch file yourself each month when a new set of updates become available if you plan to use it again in the future. To silently install an update via the command line, here's what the command should look like (replace "%UpdateLocation%" with the full path of the update's location, and "Update_Name" with the update's filename): wusa.exe "%UpdateLocation%\Update_Name.msu" /quiet /norestart To install multiple updates, just start a new line in Notepad for each individual update and use the same command listed above for each update. When done, save the file as a .bat file and right click on it and choose "Run as administrator" to install the updates silently. As a matter of fact, I made a script like this to install Server 2012 updates on Windows 8, back when I was using that OS. For reference, here's what the file looks like in Notepad: However, the problem is that it's not really useful unless you're reinstalling Vista or you're updating it all the way from April 2017 to now, since you have to manually add one update at a time. Alternatively, you could try using WSUS Offline Update. I've personally never used it myself but I've heard nothing but positive things about it. The latest version should allow you to download Windows Server 2008 updates on Windows Vista, but as for installing them, I'm not really sure how to do it since like I said, I've never taken the time to use the tool and learn more about how it works. Anyway, I hope I helped, and good luck!
  7. Sorry if this is not the appropriate forum for this, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way to install the 8 month backlog of Server 2008 updates that can be applied to Vista (in my case the x86 versions) that are offered in the above thread's repository, namely a batch file or tool available that means I don't have to double click, OK and then restart at nearly every security update I manually install. Thanks.
  8. I know this is a microsoft themed forum but it seems strange to me that, if you're nerdy enough to have declared yourself "a fan of" an OS, that you would then stick to that OS and not then try to push the boat out a little. This subsection of the forum resembles a ghost town, and what for? Are there better places to go or something? This place has people who are interested in the end use of OS'ss's. It seems like an adequate place for discussion. I only know of three things that linux doesn't do: play modern games, invoke nostalgia, or offer the illusion of choice only to then make all the decisions for you... But what it does do is very powerful. While I've never really owned an apple product, OS/X 8 through 11 seemed kind of interesting and it's still based on unix up to today if I recall correctly. By talking here I can share my experiences: entertain, educate and learn. Will there never be anything more than a brief nod to linux in here?
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  10. YouTube WORKING! With Opera 12.02

    I'm pretty sure my Turion has an in-built flash decoder but none such for html5. Not that it matters anymore. Since it's linux now (and a variant with little to none in the way of proprietary or deprecated software) flash doesn't run at all and html5 requires clearance around the machine to avoid thermal shut-off. It's the price that I'm paying for free beer. I may turn it into a headless firewall and be done with it. Performance matters less to me than choice. What are your options when it comes to 9x? Midori? Otter browser? Palemoon? K-meleon? I'm pretty sure most of these will have dependencies that don't translate well to something so old. I have something in the back of my mind about Chrome v51 working... Is that true?
  11. Hi. I have problem with my seagate drive. Please Help! I try everything what i find on internet but nothing helps. Drive is Seagate Baracuda Green 2000GB ST2000DL003 S/N: 5YD7SKL6 P/N: 9VT 166-302 F/W: CC3C Date: 12326 Site: WU I connect this drive to HDD terminal and get this: Boot 0x40M Spin Up[0x000246DF] Trans. Rst 0x40M MC Internal LPC Process Spin Up (P) SATA Reset MediaPartition: Host LBA Length Disc LBA Length Start Cyl Head Media Partition 00000000 0099A140 00000000 00133428 00000000 00000000 MC 00000000 0098A000 00000000 00131400 00000000 00000000 MSP 00991A80 00000C40 00132350 00000188 00000206 00000005 User Partition 0099A140 00133428 000001FB 00000005 MCMainPOR: Start: Check MCMT Version: Current MCMainPOR: Non-Init Case MC Seg Disc and Cache Nodes: 40134924 40132A34 Seg Write Preamble VBM start: 000011B2 end: 000011D9 Footer - start: 000011DB end: 00001202 Seg Read Preamble VBM - start: 00001204 end: 0000122B Footer - start: 0000122D end: 00001254 Reconstruction: MCMT Reconstruction Start Max number of MC segments 22E0 Nonvolatile MCMT sequence number 0025D088 [RSRS] 17E9 DiscLba 000D136C RW_RTL FFFFFFFF Reconstruction: Completed 1: Rst 0x40M MC Internal LPC Process Spin Up LED:000000BD FAddr:00009E13 Terminal is blocked. How fix it? Please help. I have foto on this drive. PS: sorry for my English. Google helped
  12. 512MB Dram in 2017?

    I know this thread is over a year old... Do you still have it? +1 for Slitaz if you do.
  13. Hi

    Hi everyone
  14. ATI Radeon X1800XT for Windows 9x?

    First I've had faulty power buttons, both on the case and at the outlet. It's a bit like finding two spiders in the bathtub: why are they so inconvenient? how did they both get there? So I swapped things around and the test rig now gives 100% gpu rpm and no display out. The board I thought I'd use is an unusual AMD development board, and I suspect it wants me to use the onboard DVI port only. It's one of those ports that's got no holes for the 4 little pins that sit on either side of the big oblong one. I'm going to play around with display adapters and possibly even build a 2nd test rig ~ I don't blame the card yet. Although this card has the most unusual curvature to it that I have ever seen. It's my fault and all, for not understanding the "like new" euphemism in the listing. I was wondering: Can 9x be installed to a SATA hard drive? or to a USB drive? Because otherwise I'm gonna have to buy a special hard drive just for testing 9x
  15. Planning to get this PC for a particular build

    Palemoon has an SSE1 build that works with most websites (but I don't think it'll run on 9x). I used to play games too on a P4 that had 2.6 or 2.8GHz. But for browsing websites that fart javascript all over your PC, I'd guess the old architecture on socket 478 ought to be avoided. Remember as well that any hyper threading on offer is gonna be disabled for 9x.
  16. 2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks

    Works for me. Please refresh your browser.
  17. 2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks

    Mega must've removed your files, because it says they're not available anymore from your download link. EDIT: It's now working.
  18. 2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks

  19. 2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks

    So you're linking Tweaks made by you from another forum that requires registry to access the file(s)? Couldn't you just place them here directly?
  20. 2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks

    2018 Windows 8 Mega Tweaks v 6.0.2 I've uploaded more than 200 tweaks in HTML format to make it easier to see helper files and folder and file paths that need editing; just unzip the files and click on tweaks.html file. All the helper scripts are perfectly safe text files that you must change to a suitable file extension to work. Version 6.0.2 has instructions to remove Windows 8 and & Windows 7 telemetry features, including those in Nvidia's latest video drivers. Disable unneeded Windows tasks to improve speed and curb telemetry Expanded and improved section on adding "Shell New" items Tweak to customize drive icons Adds several new clean install tweaks, including automated "F8" Windows 8 Legacy Boot Install Installation of tweaks requiring administrative control of registry keys, using setacl.exe. Can install all tweaks using Windows Post Install using included config.js file Automate trim command on SSD drives with the correct commands syntax through scheduled tasks AutoIt script to automatically write the exact date of a Windows clean install on Windows System Property Page File: Tweaks_6.0.2.7z CRC-32: cf59b8b8 MD4: 4c6ff2c7cc08c80015d1a535f0179b5b MD5: 99c20a4f9dc0430a372d916bfcc8601d SHA-1: 088ee99cd2904e6e301de35ff047eb5522bae083 More details and download here.
  21. Runouce Virus in Windows 7

    Removed log and added as an attachment instead.
  22. Weird internet problem in Windows 95

    If you are not using a proxy server, uncheck the box to automatically detect a proxy server in Internet Options. Verify you have a valid IP address. If you have a valid IP address, verify that DNS works. You can do this by running these two commands: ping google.com ping
  23. Hi bigmuscle, I have one request for you, if you can. PLEASE give option in installer not to enable glass effect on any modern app. if not installer, please add guide/seperate file in how to section on your site which can disable glass effect on apps. i know there exists command in this forum you posted but since it is too huge to find (search also doesnt give results). also, while in settings app, the translucent title bar becomes opaque when any option is opened when maximised. many people prefer glass frame on modern apps but i do like modern app look. thanks.
  24. https://techcrunch.com/2008/11/03/new-intel-processor-does-away-with-front-side-bus-adds-third-level-of-cache-brings-back-hyperthreading/ In 2008, Spectre ruling began and until 2017 they did not discover it or publish it. To speed up CPU access to memory, the FSB or Front Side Bus (north bridge) was removed. The CPU integrates this function into its own chip and the error occurs. No need to test programs to see if your CPU is affected. Just know if your CPU has FSB or not.
  25. Java 1.6.22 fails on install

    Java installer errors occur very often. Usually they have nothing to do with 98/ME or KernelEx! A search for error 1330 in the web could help. There are some answers. I'm not sure anymore, if in this case an older Version of the Windows Installer causes errors. Latest version for 98/ME is 2.0.2600.2. I found Javafixer.org in the WayBackMachine: Java Fixer
  26. Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    I doesn't know anything about Ren'Py. But I tried to run your Tutorial.exe and the ren'py.exe of version 6.14.1 on two machines and both start and run on my ME/KernelEX 4.5.2 test system. They fail to run on my main computer ME/KernelEX 4.5.2016.17. It requires more tests to clarify, if it has to do with KernelEx 4.5.2016.17.
  27. Java 1.6.22 fails on install

    The OP is trying to install update 22 (the last version that should normally install without extra hodge podge) and you are telling him it's more recent than update 31!!!!
  28. POSReady 2009 updates ported to Windows XP SP3 ENU

    The release date your CPU is june 2008. If Sandy Bridge (2011) is 2nd Generation Intel Core processors: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Core#Sandy_Bridge_(2nd_gen)_microarchitecture-based and the CPU's Intel Core 2 Duo (2006) are part of the processor generations that preceded the First Generation Intel Core processors, https://communities.intel.com/message/519186#519186 your processor is part of the First Generation. In the best hypothesis. At the moment safe from the problem. I have not read an Intel Corporation note which states that having the FSB allows you to be safe from the problem.
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