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  2. Yes, I tested it with the latest PM 28, and it works! E10s remains disabled even with the "standard" FF 52 version of the patch. Thanks! So, the separate NM28 version of the patch is no longer needed.
  3. Sorta funny that we have a thread on each forum about the state of the other, but in the past couple of years especially, sadly neccesary.
  4. Today
  5. A lot of normal "legacy" firefox extensions work just fine too...
  6. Any updates on AeroGlass for latest Windows 10 1909?
  7. Are YOU sure? Have you tried going to Pale Moon's site and installing one of it's themes or extension?
  8. #define TRUST_E_BAD_DIGEST _HRESULT_TYPEDEF_(0x80096010) winerror.h 0x80096010 #define TRUST_E_BAD_DIGEST The digital signature of the object did not verify. Is there a way to (temporarily) disable digital signature checking in XP? Can files be extracted from the installer?
  9. URGENT UPDATE! I have thoroughly inspected the latest update of the UOC Patch and the Enforcer, and I have found several double entries that might have been the culprits behind @sparty411's issue. Please, redownload and update! All the versions of the UOC Patch and both versions of the Enforcer have been updated. EDIT: the Patches have been updated again.
  10. > Windows XP SP4 thread (along with a few others) has been mostly archived, but some pages are missing: With dups, Google has about 71 of the 48 pages cached. > offline due to it being under extreme load Perhaps someone was trying to back the whole site up all at once!
  11. Here is a regrouping place for when RyanVM.net members need to communicate and that board is unavailable for any reason.
  12. No, he's right: Pale Moon (28) is the official browser by Moonchild Productions that targets Win7+; the fork maintained by @roytam1 is a yet unbranded fork, with the (interim) name being New Moon, that adds (restores) XP and Vista compatibility to the browser; over the course of development, Pale Moon and New Moon (and certainly Basilisk and Serpent) have diverged even further, beyond the initial point of New Moon being just "Pale Moon for XP"; also, you're kindly asked to refer to the fork as New Moon only, because using the official branding (Pale Moon) when actually meaning the fork tends to aggravate the upstream developers (who then make angry appearances here and lash out at the fork maintainer and users...). I realise you're a new addition to the MSFN forums, I'd like to welcome you, too, but kindly advise you to get some facts straight first by reading existing threads... Regards
  13. Oh that's pretty cool, I hope to see them add more features to it! Also I noticed they got the add ons working with it, pretty cool
  14. Aha, Makes sense! Does any extensions work on it?
  15. New Moon is a Pale Moon fork ported to XP :p
  16. Jonathan Kay,former MVP for the platform had provided alot of useful resources to make it real.
  17. I never 100% got behind all the hate on Vista, after some updates it ran really well! It was a really beautiful operating system Also I wouldn't really agree with you on that, there's quite a few browsers that still support vista/xp and even sometimes 2000 and can run modern sites very well ( browsers like newmoon and 360 chrome exist )
  18. New moon? you mean pale moon! Also I think I've used that browser before, also I'm not 100% fans of chromium browsers since they can be quite ram heavy
  19. Sounds interesting, I wonder how they reverse engineered it I wonder if they could get it working on the Windows Mobile msn messenger clients
  20. WELL THAT'S WHY YOU BACKUP YOUR STUFFS also when my mum asks me to help with her phone, it's the most stupid questions lol
  21. I have a discord account, but it seems more like a slack-esque platform Plus I mean it's kinda designed to be for gamers or whatever
  22. Maybe the sysadmin might have a copy?
  23. Using the POSready servers probably won't be hard, although I don't really see the use in it If you know what your doing, you should be able to be safe
  24. TBH, I tried the free update on Windows 7 on a spare pc, the installation was semi-broken A fresh reinstall fixed it, might just be a bug with only that install
  25. What's up!? also welcome to the forums (I guess)
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