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New VM - VirtualBox


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More virtualization solutions (more choice) is always a good thing. But there's already tons of very good free offerings: VMWare Server, VMWare Player, MS Virtual Server 2005 R2, MS Virtual PC (not counting QEmu, KVM, Xen, Bochs and all that), and a bunch of cheap ones like Parallels.

The interesting part isn't so much that it's free (as in 0$) as there's already more than enough free solutions, but it's open source.

Either ways I'm sticking to VMWare Server (and the VMWare Converter for MS' .VHD files)

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Has anyone had a chance to see how well it performed ?

One thing I like is it is only a 10.8MB MSI Installer (extracted/installed its about 21.3MB) so its much leaner than VMWare Workstation v5.5 (90MB MSI), which includes some large iso's.

I just tested it on my new X2 3800 (AM2) with XP Pro SP2 and the performance was excellent, definetly better than VMWare with my last cpu (Venice 3000). However I have not tested VMWare yet with my new processor so the results may be better or same. :)

[edit] if you install the "Guest Additions" (think VMware tools) the performance is almost native!

Still gotta test vmware with new cpu to compare, but this is awesome :)

Some observations: cannot drag and drop files between host and guest with the additions installed.

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I just tried it out. It outperforms VMware and the snapshots are about the same size as VMware snapshots. They are stored in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\.VirtualBox\Machines\Virtual Machine Name\

Once I am done a current project that I use VMware for, I will be switching over. :thumbup

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I am building a new "nLited" XP with the new RyanVM update pack, I will record the time it take to install it for both VirtualBox and VMware, either tonight or tommorow.

PS Thanks Jeremy I was wondering where the snapshots were being stored, did not bother to investigate :P

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