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New VM - VirtualBox


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I tried to start my VMware disk with VirtualBox and it just sits there with a black screen. Anyone else experiencing this?

Um, sorry but am I the only one that doesn't find any hint about compatibility of the VirtualBox hdd image with the format VMware uses?


edit: oops, after reading the manual i found the part where it says one can use VMDK files.

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edit: oops, after reading the manual i found the part where it says one can use VMDK files.

Obviously I wouldn't try it if it didn't say it in the changelog... we're not all as dumb as door knobs...

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Has anyone gotten it to work with Ubuntu 7? there's no indication on their supported guest OS page whether or not it works, so I'll assume for now the answer is no, which is a bummer. :(

I had a BSOD and USB messup with a previous version, but it appears that's been fixed. :thumbup So far, I like this. However, they need a converter, to change MS VHDs to their type, since all my virtual hard disks are .vhd right now.

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However, they need a converter, to change MS VHDs to their type, since all my virtual hard disks are .vhd right now.

Hmmm, to be a little picky ;), it's you that are in the need for the converter, NOT them. :whistle:



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VirtualBox 1.5.0 (released 2007-09-03)

* Major: Seamless windows

* Major: Virtual serial ports

* Major: Support for 64-bit Windows hosts

* Major: Intel PXE 2.1 network boot

* Major: Guest Additions for IBM OS/2 Warp

* GUI: sometimes two mouse cursors were visible when Windows guest additions became active

* GUI: added VT-x/AMD-V settings

* GUI: disable 'Show log...' menu entry to prevent crash if VM list is empty

* GUI: the log window grabbed the keyboard

* GUI: fixed error handling if Linux host clipboard initialization fails

* GUI: pass the Pause key and the PrtScrn key to the guest (Linux hosts)

* GUI: increased maximum guest RAM to 2 GB (Windows host)

* GUI: improved rendering performance (Windows host)

* GUI: status lights for USB and shared folders

* GUI: properly respect the DISPLAY environment variable

* GUI: download Guest Additions from virtualbox.org in case they are not present locally

* VRDP: support for multimonitor configurations in Windows guests

* VRDP: support for MS RDP6 and MS RDP Mac clients

* VRDP: added support for WinConnect RDP client

* VRDP: performance improvements

* VRDP: fixed sporadic client disconnects

* VBoxManage: never delete existing target during clonevdi

* VBoxManage: properly print the size of currently used hard disks

* VMM: fixed Xandros Desktop 4.1 hang

* VMM: fixed VT-x/AMD-V hang with newer versions of gcc (Linux hosts)

* VMM: improved stability of VT-x

* VMM: check for disabled AMD-V when detecting support

* VMM: fixed AMD-V issue when running OS/2 guests

* VMM: fixed application startup regressions (e.g. VideoReDo)

* VMM: fixed regression that broke disk access in OS/2 and OpenBSD guests (possibly much more)

* VMM: fixed crashes if memory allocation failed (Linux)

* VMM: fixed enabling of Local APIC on AMD hosts (fixed Ubuntu Feisty installation kernel hang during boot)

* VMM: fixed XFree86 4.3 (Debian/Sarge) segfaults when switching to text mode

* VMM: refuse to start when KVM is active (Linux Host)

* VMM: fixed bootup hangs with ReactOS

* VMM: fixed out-of-memory errors under certain environments with enough appropriate memory available

* API: fixed occassional crashes of the VBoxSVC server during VM shutdown (Linux host)

* API: some components were not notified when mounting a CD/DVD

* VMDK: improve geometry compatibility with existing VDMK images

* IDE/Floppy: optionally make non-available host device non-fatal

* IDE: improve emulation accuracy of the IRQ line between master and slave drive

* IDE: guest could freeze when unmounting the CD/DVD drive

* VGA: several text mode fixes in particular with Windows DOS boxes

* USB: fixed some issues with Windows hosts

* USB: fixed race condition between udev and USB filters (Linux host)

* Shared Folders: reversed network provider order to increase mapping performance (Windows guest)

* Shared Folders: browsable from Windows Explorer (Windows guests)

* Shared Folders: stability fixes (Windows guest)

* Shared Folders: case sensitivity fixes (Windows guest and Linux host)

* Audio: fall back to the NULL audio driver if no voice could be opened

* NAT: fixed crash

* Guest Additions: reworked the shared clipboard for Linux hosts and guests based on user feedback about problems with individual applications

* Guest Additions: don't allow to disable mouse pointer integration for Linux guests as an Xorg hardware mouse cursor cannot be turned into a software mouse cursor

* Guest Additions: Linux guests shipping Xorg 1.3 (e.g. Fedora 7, Ubuntu Gutsy) are now supported

* Guest Additions: added DirectDraw support to the Windows display driver


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Wow !

I had vmware server and never really cared about the difference.

However I recently formatted and didn't feel like downloading a 110MB installer which takes tens of minutes to proceed.

I installed windows without problems from a CD I and then set up shared folders with more ease then under vmware.

Finally I installed ocaml : mingw, msys and a big compilation which took the same time than outside the virtual machine !


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Until they support the .vhd format, I probably won't use it. It's nice and fast, but I can't run my current VM images in it without imaging them first or reinstalling completely, and that wasted time offsets the benefits of the additional speed for me.

Nice product though :).

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@crahak - Sure... but for someone like me (and I'm sure I'm not alone here), VirtualBox does exactly what I need. I don't make use of scripts, remote administration, etc etc. I want something that I can test my latest XPlode config, or a new Linux distro, or something like that. A computer within a computer - nothing more - nothing less. Many people here like to use VMware to test out their nLite ISOs before installing them on their real PCs.

I don't think that anyone would argue that VirtualBox is a replacement for VMware, but it's a pretty good freeware alternative. :yes:

you took the words right out of my mouth :D i dont need all the advanced stuff, actually i hate it when vmware installs all of those services and virtual network connections. all i want to see is if my stuff installed correctly and go from there! i keep on forgetting to buy DVD-RWs for the final product, i gotta remember to buy them.

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