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New VM - VirtualBox


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"Over 800 improvements"! :thumbup

Little warning: when I installed this it locked up my mouse and I had to restart.

Also drag and drop between host and guest is not supported yet, I tried.

Performance is much better than VMWare

VirtualBox 1.3.4 (released 2007-02-12)

* General: fixed unresolved symbol issue on Windows 2000 hosts

* General: added warnings at VirtualBox startup when there is no valid Linux kernel module

* General: fixed problem with unrecognized host CDROM/DVD drives on Linux

* General: fixed compatibility issue with SELinux

* GUI: improved USB user interface, easier filter definitions, menu to directly attach specific devices

* GUI: added VM settings options for VRDP

* GUI: fixed GDI handle leak on Windows hosts

* GUI: worked around issue in the Metacity window manager (GNOME) leading to unmovable VM windows

* GUI: show an information dialog before entering fullscreen mode about how to get back

* GUI: several fixes and improvements

* VMM: fixed occasional crashes when shutting down a Windows guest

* VMM: fixed crash while loading Xorg on openSUSE 10.2

* VMM: fixed problems with OpenBSD 3.9 and 4.0

* VMM: fixed crash while loading XFree86 in SUSE 9.1

* VMM: fixed Debian 3.1 (Sarge) installation problem (network failure)

* VMM: fixed crash during SUSE 10.2 installation

* VMM: fixed crash during Ubuntu 7.04 RC boot

* VMM: fixed crash during ThinClientOS (Linux 2.4.33) bootup

* ATA/IDE: pause VM when host disk is full and display message

* ATA/IDE: fixed incompatibility with OpenSolaris 10

* VDI containers: do not allocate blocks when guest only writes zeros to it (size optimization when zeroing freespace prior to compacting)

* CDROM/DVD: fixed media recognition by Linux guests

* Network: corrected reporting of physical interfaces (fixes Linux guest warnings)

* Network: fixed IRQ conflict causing occassional major slowdowns with XP guests

* Network: significantly improved send performance

* Audio: added mixer support to the AC'97 codec (master volume only)

* Audio: added support for ALSA on Linux (native, no OSS emulation)

* iSCSI: improved LUN handling

* iSCSI: fixed hang due to packet overflow

* iSCSI: pause VM on iSCSI connection loss

* Linux module: never fail unloading the module (blocks Ubuntu/Debian uninstall)

* Linux module: improved compatibility with NMI watchdog enabled

* Windows Additions: fixed hardware mouse pointer with Windows 2003 Server guests

* Linux Additions: compile everything from sources instead of using precompiled objects

* Linux Additions: better compatibility with older glibc versions

* Linux Additions: when uninstalling, only delete the files we put there during installation, don't remove the directory recursively to prevent unwanted data loss

* Linux Installer: added support for Slackware

* Linux Additions: added support for Linux 2.4.28 to 2.4.34

* RDP: fixed sporadic disconnects with MS RDP clients

* RDP: fixed race condition during resolution resize leading to rare crashes

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I wonder if AutoPatcher will work in this yet.

The AutoPatcher team has zero interest in even attempting to resolve the issue.

I've had too many problems with autopatcher on real hardware before (and other annoyances I won't bother getting into), I've LONG given up on it. So problems on nearly experimental virtual hardware with a nearly non-existent user base...

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wow VirtualBox is better than Ms Virtual PC 2004 imo :thumbup its fast & it supports usb like vmware.

hoping for drag and drop support! :rolleyes:

Only thing I miss is com port support.. I tried to use a USB/Serial adapter through VirtualBox.. That was a no go.. USB Pen drive worked though..

Virtual PC 2007's direct access to the com port from the host works. :thumbup

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Hmm.. I know what was triggering CRC errors for me in VirtualPC 2007 (well, at least turning this off did the trick)..

Hardware Virtualization.. Turned it off for a boot.. Ran Autopatcher fine. Just going to re-enable it when I am done. :)

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hi! i've tried this recently & it's good! perhaps i won't even be enticed to use the freely offered VPC2007! it just takes a while to get used to this as i'm a VMWare user ;) btw, there is a new release:

New Feb 20, 2007

VirtualBox 1.3.6 released!

InnoTek today has released an important update to VirtualBox featuring numerous improvements.

Edited by Kiki Burgh
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Thanks for the heads up! :)

VirtualBox 1.3.6 (released 2007-02-20)

* Windows installer: perform installation for all users instead of just the current user (old behavior still available)

* Linux installer: fixed license display to not block installation

* Linux installer: added RPM for openSUSE 10.2

* GUI: fixed problems with several keyboard layouts on Linux hosts

* GUI: added online help on Linux hosts (using kchmviewer)

* GUI: fixed handle leak on Windows hosts

* Graphics: increased VRAM limit to 128MB

* BIOS: fixed CD/DVD-ROM detection in Windows Vista guests

* VMM: fixed incompatibility with OpenBSD 4.0

* VDI: fixed issues with snapshot merging

* Network: fixed incompatibility between Vista UAC and Host Interface Networking

* Network: fixed issues with Windows NT 4.0 guests

* Audio: fixed problem with ALSA on Linux before 2.6.18 causing system reboots

* RDP: added support for MS RDP 6.0 clients

* RDP: fixed issue with PAM authentication on certain distributions

* RDP: fixed sporadic disconnects with MS RDP clients

* RDP: fixed memory leak

* iSCSI: improved behavior when pausing a VM with iSCSI connections

* iSCSI: improved read timeout handling

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Mar 14, 2007

VirtualBox 1.3.8 released!

InnoTek today has released a maintenance update to VirtualBox featuring numerous improvements.

VirtualBox 1.3.8 (released 2007-03-14)

* Windows installer: fixed installation problem if UAC is active

* Linux installer: added RPM for rhel4 and Mandriva 2007.1

* Linux installer: remove any old vboxdrv modules in /lib/modules/*/misc

* Linux installer: many small improvements for .deb and .rpm packages

* Linux installer: improved setup of kernel module

* GUI: Host-Fn sends Ctrl-Alt-Fn to the guest (Linux guest VT switch)

* GUI: fixed setting for Internal Networking

* GUI: show correct audio backend on Windows (dsound)

* GUI: improved error messages if the kernel module is not accessible

* GUI: never fail to start the GUI if the kernel module is not accessible

* VMM: fixed occasional crashes when shutting down Windows TAP device

* VMM: fixed issues with IBM's 1.4.2 JVM in Linux guests

* RDP: fixed color encoding with 24bpp

* BIOS: zero main memory on reboot

* BIOS: added release logging

* USB: fixed parsing of certain devices to prevent VBoxSVC crashes

* USB: properly wakeup suspended ports

* USB: fixed a problem with unplugged USB devices during suspend

* Audio: fixed crashes on Vista hosts

* NAT: allow configuration of incoming connections (aka port mapping)

* Network: hard reset network device on reboot

* iSCSI: fixed a hang of unpaused VMs accessing unresponsive iSCSI disks

* Linux Additions: support Xorg 7.2.x

* Linux Additions: fixed default video mode if all other modes are invalid

* Linux Additions: set default DPI to 100,100

* Linux Additions: fixed initialization of video driver on X server reset




Still no drag and drop support, and I had it lock up my logitech mx518 mouse while installing.

Runs Vista much better than VMWare 5.5, no mouse tearing, not choppy at all.

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OSX support and everything now :) but no 64bit support yet :( 64bit will be coming soon, they're working on it. they were prolly doing OSX first to get that out of the way.

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Version 1.4 is out.

Jun 5, 2007. innotek today released VirtualBox 1.4.0 for Windows and Linux. This new version brings hundreds of improvements, more than any update since the first official release in January 2007. Among the new features are full support for 64-bit Linux hosts, RDP session shadowing, clipboard synchronization, serial ports and easier Linux host interface networking. In the storage department, VirtualBox now supports VMware disk images (VMDK) natively and can give virtual machines access to physical disks and partitions ("raw disk support"). The graphical user interface has received more polish and has now been translated into 12 languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Chinese). Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) and Xandros Desktop 4.1 are now officially supported; support for FreeBSD and OpenBSD guests has been improved. For details, see the Changelog. As with its predecessors, VirtualBox 1.4.0 is available both as Open Source under the GPL as well as under a commercial license which, in most cases, allows you to use the product free of charge.


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