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[RELEASE] Boooggy's WMP 11 direct integration solution


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I can host it if boooggy and n7Epsilon don't object. The links don't expire on a paid MediaFire account.

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boooggy you should think about adding KB970159 to your slipstreamer to replace the older one in the WMP11 installer

Edit: If you need them you can get them from here

the links to obtain KB970159 on there have expired kinda recently. therefore the KB970159 downloads no longer exist.

darn :(

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What happened to the 'already-tweaked' version? Bummer.

read first post.....

uhmm....boooogy, I don't see any answer/info about this subject in the first post. Am I missing something?.....my browser not painting the page right?

I've never installed, used, or even seen wmp11 so far.....so I would like to know...what were the 'tweaks'?? Is it worth me burning up life's-hours to chase down the 'tweaked' version that disappeared?....or not?


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RaGhul and boooggy are referring to obsolete addons. They were replaced by the slipstreamer application which can apply the following tweaks if desired, but it will not let you pick and choose which tweaks to apply; it's all or none.

Tweaks list:

  • Classic menus
  • Disable refresh on protected files
  • Disable scripts commands
  • Display media info from internet
  • Don't show popup on minimode
  • Media guide
  • Retrieve info from internet
  • Rip mp3
  • Shortcuts
  • Skip files smaller than 1024 on add
  • Volume maximized
  • Accept privacy statement
  • Disable all streaming protocols
  • Disable autoadd music to library
  • Disable automatic codec download
  • Disable automatic saving of DRM type music files
  • Disable license backup prompt
  • Disable metadata retrieval
  • Disable Most Recently Used tracking
  • Disable silent aquisition
  • Disable starting with Media Guide
  • Don't show anchor in designmode
  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • No visualizations set

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the links to obtain KB970159 on there have expired kinda recently. therefore the KB970159 downloads no longer exist.

darn :(

KB970158, KB970159 and KB971286 all versions in one package uploaded (link fixed)

thanks rick.

I was gonna mention earlier that I found KB970159 (x86) for WinXP/Win2k3 here.

found it almost midnight, last night. looks like an official MS UMDF 1.9 package for XP/2k3.

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Thanks for your hard work boooggy to create such a nice tool!

Would it be possible to donate the tool to the nLite project, so that it can maybe integrated into nLite, or at least hosted on their site? It would be very sad if your tool is lost forever...

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I'll be using boogy's slipstreamer since I'm localising the addon to ESN.

My question now is what are the updates.

I have a few of them I'm sure are in:


Another set I was actually using, but now I'm not sure:


and a few others I read somewhere lately (around RyanVM IIRC) that also need to be included, but I'm not very convinced:

KB970159 (with the aforementioned KB970158 and KB971286)

Should I add any of them (last 2 lists)?

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