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[RELEASE] Boooggy's WMP 11 direct integration solution


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WMP11 Slipstreamer installed in XP Pro w/SP3, XP Pro x64 w/SP2, and Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1.

RVM_Integrator_1.6.1 beta 2.1 being used to update XP Pro x64 w/SP2 with 5er_UpdatePack_XPx64SP2_2011-09_1.7z, various addons, and wmp11-windowsxp-x64-enu.exe and hotfixes for WMP11.

The source is folder: Windows XP Pro x64 with SP2 CD which is a copy of the CD.

The RyanVM Integrator is in its own folder and used by all operating systems.

RyanVM Integrator > Advanced > Check mark in box for Run a Program After Integration > \WMP11Slipstreamer\WMP11Slipstreamer.exe > check mark in box Leave Integartor Open.

RyanVM Integrator > Main > Integrate completes succesfully and WMP11 Slipstreamer is started.

Basic options > are filled in as appropriate for slipstreaming the 64-bit version of WMP11 and hotfixes > Integrate > Error message appears: WMP11 Slipstreamer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience; Close > WMP11 Slipstreamr exits the scene.

Problem occurs in all operating systems listed above so I would conclude it must be a WMP11 Slipstreamer problem as opposed to a glitch in the operating system involved. No log files created.

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I'm sorry for the delay in answering - I had been checking the Ryan VM discussion forum and was looking for an answer there. The updates I was including are:















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Still no reply to my problem so I decided to try and use the WMP Slipstreamer without hotfixes; just opted to have WMP 11 itself integrated. So using wmp11-windowsxp-x64-enu.exe I tried again - stll failed. Tried in XP Pro x64 w/SP1 and in Win7 Ultimate 64-bit w/SP1.

So, the problem appears to be with the WMP11 Slipstreamer itself - all indications are it's not even starting.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Can you upload the WMP slipstreamer to Mediafire or something so that people can still download it when you close the site?


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