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  1. read first post..... uhmm....boooogy, I don't see any answer/info about this subject in the first post. Am I missing something?.....my browser not painting the page right? I've never installed, used, or even seen wmp11 so far.....so I would like to know...what were the 'tweaks'?? Is it worth me burning up life's-hours to chase down the 'tweaked' version that disappeared?....or not? thanks!
  2. Me neither......which leads me to ask... Is it possible to disable all the nasty intrusive phone-home crap? And can this 'addon' do that?.....has the right 'switches' or whatever built in? thanks!
  3. hi Iuli ! Thanks much for your kind, and informative, reply. So it wraps an installer around the existing installer... I guess I'm still missing something....I thought that nLite provided for specifying switches for each installer I tell it to run after XP-setup finishes and XP restarts...yes?...no? Please understand that, although I'm quite familiar with PC's, and have been installing NT since the NT3.51 days...I have -not- used nLite yet. I am right now in the 'research' phase....learning how to use it...especially, how to unpack these #@$#@ Lenovo T60 drivers and arrange them in a way that I actually get a proper automatic installation of them all (oh my, what fun we're having now... ). Anyway, I might well be confused, or simply ignorant, about the apps-install portion of the nLite process. If so...if I'm asking something 'stupid'....go ahead and laugh...or lambast me....I don't mind. You said... "Just think how much time you can spare if applications will install by them self, of course, with the default settings, but sometimes configurable through the silent switches. This is applicable to Windows installation process (if you want to include your favorite software)," oh yeah dude....I AM thinking just that!!...that's why I'm on this thread in the first place, eh? My goal in this... I want to end up with an nLited XPsp3 for a Thinkpad T60 which automatically and unattendedly installs XPsp3, all the T60 drivers (chip, imsm, hotkey/smif, power-manager, g945 video, uaa, soundmax, pro1000 enet, 3945wifi, bluetooth, ultranav, etc), AND a set of about 10-15 apps.... (All in 'cleanest' possible config....no phoning home, no auto-updates, etc) Tbird email Firefox 3.6.28 JRE FDM aka free download mgr CDXP ImgBurn Emule Mirc WinRar MediaMonkey3 Mathcad Foxit Filezilla Audacity CodecPak WMP uTorr Nirsoft collection SysInternals collection and a handful of XP utils 2nd goal... I'd like to be able to take this finished set of nLite/others configs-profiles that does all that, and twitch the drivers folder so that it makes the same install but for Thinkpad T61....and then again for an Acer X1200 mini tower....and then again for a few others... Like....without having to do all the config stuff from scratch again. I'm essentially a hardware guy, not a coder. Don't know C, don't know scripting, etc.. Most of the 'guides' I've read so far have post after post and page after page of script-writing etc.. I get disheartened, ya know? Especially, I have yet to find a truly step-by-step and FULLY explained guide for the Lenovo thinkpad drivers. Like, how to unpack the "hotkey" package and nLite it so that the SMI (system management interface) driver gets installed early, but the rest of the Hotkey package (like OnScreen Display etc) not until after all the hdw drivers. Well, I will keep looking. Thank you again Iuli.....appreciate your kind and quick reply. B) B) Grubstake
  4. OK, color me confused....what is this program FOR ?? I couldn't find anything in the first post that explains what it DOES....in other words...WHY I would use it. I went to Iuli's website for a description, but couldn't find it there either. Does this take an already-installed App, configured the way I like it, and repackage it back up into an silent-installer? If so, that's cool and something I'd really like to have! If not.....then what do people use this SFXmaker -for-? thanks!
  5. hi col, Did you just try 'appearance', or bill's program?.....I wasn't sure which you meant. Yeah, resolution pretty much has to be set 'right'...i.e. so that an inch is an inch. Apps that make their own windows are mostly fine, because I can set font-size inside the app.....e.g., Firefox etc.. But many many programs, especially useful utilities from individuals, use the oldest, simplest OS calls for windows it seems. So they all are screwed up, and unfixable by any simple OS setting. From my reading, it sounds like XP uses a whole new GDI 'core' which allows scaling -everything-, including the size of these little windows....but I'm still on win2k....I guess I'm a dinosaur...LOL... While my own 'main' machine is still win2k, I do now have another machine here with XP-sp2 on it, and will start experimenting when I get time, to see if it really solves the whole problem......but stubborn me would still like to have a 'fix' for win2k if I can ever find one...
  6. hi Bill, I've been reading through this thread because I've been searching for something to fix the 'tiny text problem' on high-res laptop LCD's.....and I saw you mention in a post on the 18th that you were running on a laptop now. The problem I'm talking about is when running win2k on a 15" 1600x1200 UXGA laptop LCD, and the text in all the system-generated popups is freaking TINY. Increasing the DPI setting helps a -little- bit, but isn't really a fix.....especially if one is trying to maintain accurate on-screen dimensions in CAD and drawing software. I'm very computer-literate, but not a programmer, so my own efforts at mods have been very limited. I've tweaked some reg settings to use a better font (Tahoma, and in some places bold), but the problem is that the size of the text -fields- in the popups isn't increasing to hold the longer line that results from increasing the font-size. Also, those changes only seem to affect text in locations like the title-bar and buttons of various windows.....without fixing the text contained -inside- many windows/fields.....which still displays tiny and very thin stroke-weight. I originally began reading this thread because I've always wanted to be able to at least try on win2k the kind of font-smoothing that XP has.....but after reading a little of the thread, I started thinking maybe you've conquered the font -size- problem too! Although I didn't understand many of the programming-related notes in your version-history and other posts, it -did- sound like your program does a whole lot more than just smooth fonts. I don't care at all about fluff like 'skins' and 'themes'....but I'd dearly love to have win2k use larger and darker-stroke fonts everywhere, without having the text in fields run under the edge of the windows, etc.. If you could give an 'summary' of how much your program might fix the 'tiny text' problem, that'd be most appreciated! Or, if I've made a mistake, and your program doesn't touch that aspect of things at all, it'd be great if you could advise the best strategy and utils/drivers/etc. for solving the problem as much as possible. (and if that's the case, perhaps move this post to a new thread if you think it appropriate). thanks very much! dozer
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