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What u playing at the moment?


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Doggie Posted on Sep 18 2003, 11:40 AM


QUOTE (Captain Nellie @ Sep 18 2003, 03:45 PM)

HALO!!  for my pc i picked back up commander keen, i beat 1 and 2 now i'm doin 3. 

commander keen it owez

:) wish i cud play Halo on my PC :rolleyes:

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Desert Combat :) The coolest mod ever.. try it out guys.. for those who don't know.. It's a mod for Battlefield 1942. With up-to-date weapons, planes, tanks, humvees and helicopters... WOOHOO...

About the FF thing.. FF VII is definately the best game ever, and I'm looking forward to get it back from my friend who borrowed it.. I haven't heard of any recent or upcoming releases for the PC, but Nintendo just bought the rights ('bout ½ a year ago?), so I don't think so..

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