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  1. System restarts randomly

    when the temprature is fine check the ram often they are responsible for such symptomps
  2. New PC making help needed

    i agrea with puntoMX only the monitor acer is in my opinion not realy good, i prefer lg more contrast an better picture the processing of acer is not realy good lg or samsung are much better.
  3. Which OS are you using?

    i use at the moment windows xp Pro SP2 and Xubuntu gusty both work realy fine
  4. RAM

    the ram should be ok but check the other cards have you a nic card next to your graphic card? or some other cards they can disturb the graphic card
  5. what is the name of this card

    it seems to be a pc video Card have a look at http://www.conexant.com/products/ search vor fusion 878a
  6. Problems connecting to computer

    try to logon with an other user to the share like the administrator of the share computer
  7. Imaging Software

    from my own experience i can say acronis did a realy good job. The build in tool from windows is not so good but it works.
  8. New PC making help needed

    puntoMX say all give us a upperlimit for the pc the question of which board is realy hard to answer because i think each person prefer his producer. I can say from my own experience ASUS does a good job but gigabyte too. A QuadCore is only usefull when your operatingsystem supports the 4 cpu but first give us a upperlimit for the pc and what kind of games you prefer
  9. new system

    i think when you will play new games you should chooce a nvidia 8xxx serie with full dx 10 support. At the moment i think intel is better from quality even i prefer amd.
  10. TV Cards - What to get?

    i think a haupage is realy great my last did a good work but try to use zattoo a tv player only a good connection to the inet is needed nothing more
  11. Buying Monitor

    i have a LG L204WT and can say it is realy creat and the price is creat too. So have a look at this model or look to a Samsung they great too.
  12. Which Vista ?

    Hi, what will you do with your pc? Ultimate has more function like home premium but is more expensive. So you have to make a choice which function you need and which not. You can have a look at Vista Business too. So first look which features you realy need and then look which version you need. 32 Bit or 64Bit good Question at the moment there are a few application that use 64 bit, but i think the 64 bit is the better choice, most 32 bit Application will run under 64 Bit but not in the other way. so long darph
  13. VMWare

    google should help you too
  14. Internet and two computers

    you can buy a router like this the other said. or you plugin a second networkcard into your computer and share the internet connection over this card. the problem on this solution is that your pc have to run the hole time you will go online with your laptop. the best solution is a router with wlan so you can use a wlan card with your laptop