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Well I just finished up all the maps in Heroes V. I downloaded a random map generator but either its going to take hours to make a map, or it just isn't working. I'll check it tonight (left it running) I'm thinking that 24 hours should be enough time to generate a map! If that doesn't work, I'll try out Europa Universalis III and then keep an eye out for the two expansions for Heroes V.

Update: I hope to win the Heroes V expansion on Ebay. I installed Europa Universalis III last night but I have no idea what I am doing. The music and pictures are cool. I think I'm going to raid the resources of the app and then uninstall it. I will stop by the store today hopefully find something I can play. Next week I'll have to see about getting a video card.

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I found out why Fallout 3 wouldn't work on Windows 7 for me. It had nothing to do with anything I posted before. I was bored yesterday (bye week in NFL) so I thought about playing Oblivion again. The first thing I did was look up if anyone had problems on Windows 7. The biggest thing I found is that Oblivion would not open if you had multiple monitors. So on a whim, I looked up Fallout 3 on multiple monitors and found it had the same problem.

So I reinstalled Fallout 3 and migrated my save file over. And then disabled my second screen and YAY it works! The sound is a little goofy (its using the wrong surround channels) but besides that it is fine. I hope that New Vegas doesn't have that problem... I will need to upgrade my RAM for that anyways.

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Fortress Forever, I highly recommend this Source engine mod. It's basically TFC (Team Fortress Classic) using the Source engine, but with upgrades and really cool updates.

It's a small community, but with more players coming towards the game because of TF2's mediocrity (myself included, but I play it from time to time), it's been getting more players, so I suggest to anybody who's an FPS/Team Fortress fan to give it a try.

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