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  1. hmmm.. You CAN edit the source.. well not the entire source but the GUI like Doggie said... Use ResHack to edit msnmsgr.exe.. from there you can extract all the PNG-img's, Bitmaps UIFILE's and more.. well, try it out.. You'll be able to change almost everything... even the places were the graphics will be shown.. anyway.. I still have my problem, so if you find out how to edit ANYTHING in the buddylist please tell me... Peace
  2. [Desktops] 2003

    To postpone your planning of tomorrows procrastination?
  3. Best Compression Utility

    I used winACE for a long time but figured out that the good ol' winRAR still owns winACE has better compression, but has problems reading RAR-files... and a couple of other general errors... so everybody: KEEP THE BEST FILECOMPRESSER ALIVE! USE WINRAR!
  4. Limp Bizkit-Results may vary

    I've just heard it... Myself I haven't liked any of LB's production since Significant Other, so I'm glad they've gone a bit harder on it again.. It's nothing to be to :excited: about, but it's definately worth hearing at least once..
  5. If you could see any band live, who would it be?

    Metallica Rocks! therefore they should be the opening act... and for the main act? how dare you ask... The legends themselves.. Death!! though it isn't possible... :cry:
  6. [Desktops] 2003

    oops.. sorry guys.. Didn't notice it... But somebody else did it for me, I can see... Actually I thought I did put up a link...
  7. [Desktops] 2003

    Here's my desktop for October... It took me pretty long time to draw all the graphics myself (actually my windowstheme was premade but i mod'ed it quite a bot)... The worst thing to make was probably the messenger skin.. what a hell.. but pretty at last Anyway.. I like it a lot.. Have to love that gradient! http://www.looney.dyndns.dk/~looney/Window...ull%20Theme.jpg Peace!
  8. Thx... I don't know much about programming besides HTML That's pretty much the only thing... But I just don't get it... why I can't find that mainwindow, when I can find the chatwindow?
  9. What u playing at the moment?

    ggtyh... Don't be too :excited: about Worms 3D.. I've tried the demo, and off course it's fun.. It will bring some new topics to the game "Worms" but it's definately not something to shout "HURRA!" for... It's pretty lame actually.. It'll be fun the first times you try it, but the grapichs and idea could be a LOT better... But, then again.. It's worth trying.. It's still worms
  10. Which OS do you think is/will be the best?

    Well then you should probably vote for the latest release?
  11. Does anybody know how to change the text-color in the buddylist/mainwindow? I've used ResHacker to edit the PNG's, BMP's and UIFILE's.. I've succeded in changing the look and text of the chatwindow, but I can't find a THING to just TOUCH the buddylist... :cry: help me.... Peace \\DeeHawk
  12. Dad's Wallpaper

    :offtopic: From Ugly Colors to Webhosting
  13. Mac MSN Messenger Icons

    Hey FWM... Synes du ikke de ikoner sutter?? Yeah I know... English is the language.. Anyway, you can't use those icons for MSN 6, unless you convert them to PNG's.. In different sizes.. Then you have to ResourceHack msnmsgr.exe and find out which of the 150-200 PNG's to replace (by extracting each of them seperately) and replace 'em.. Save, and you are done... Then again, theses icons are made for windows, not messenger... BTW, nice icons (They are also used in the Dope-MOD for MSN 5)
  14. Best Photo Editing Software

    :excited: 8 !!! That's gonna be da BOMB!! Anyway.. I agree.. Photoshop 7 is the best app ever... untill 8 off course
  15. 1600x1200 wallpapers?

    Hmm... I make my own ones